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2016. szeptember 27., kedd

Balpehor and D. Averx XI

Interview with Balpehor and D. Averx XI (Morbid Funeral)
Hail Brothers, Balpehor and D. Averx XI, welcome to Archangel’s Lantern! 
First of all tell us, how and when did you enjoyed underground and metal music.Which one(s) was/were your first musical stuff? What band did you see live first time?
Balpehor: Hail Brother, it’s an honor to be in Archangel’s Lantern!! My love for Metal music began in 1991. Had a friend (R.I.P.) who listened Punk and a lot of Hardcore/Oi Music, he taught me many bands, at that time I discovered in his collection some tapes of Metal music,Which surprised me because I usually listened only punk.The only metal music I listened was what sounded on the radio(glam and Heavy),that's how I listened for the first time (thanks to those tapes) the " Helloween"  Ep  from Helloween and I became to a crazy metal collector since that time. The first band I saw was a local band called Necro Soul Grinder (Amarok), that gig was in 1994.

D. Averx XI: Greetings my dear brother, as always, its a pleasure to talk with you.  Back at the time, I remember my uncle and father, they always listen some stuff like: Iron Maiden, Kiss, old Helloween, Megadeth and Metallica. My first experience with a band, was very awful, I was a kid, so, the other members doesn't had any love to metal, lyrics and etc. only for be famous. After that experience, I became an outsider, and I began to work with Kaintorment at my home. (2004). By now, I really don't remember which band I saw first, I think it was Kreator (2003) I was only 14 years old.

Balpehor,  What was very first band? Would you be so kind to share some information about the Costa Rican scene back in the days?  What musicians/bands influenced you in the beginning? When did you start to play musical instruments and vocalize?
- My first band was Mortal Throne in 1996. Then it  changed to Morbid Funeral, Morbid Funeral is technically my son, who I have seen grow up hahaha, Costa Rica scene in that time was so great, with very good bands, the gigs were totally sold out and the tape trade and CD trade was huge, influences at that time was Rotting Christ, Hypocrisy (old), Deicide, we listened a lot of Death Metal at that moment. But, also Black Metal, when I started to play with Mortal Throne, I started to study music and learn to play an instrument, so take double bass classes, Piano and Bass Guitar , in that same period Mortal Throne had no vocalist and I started singing, six months later I only play bass.
Congratulations to Morbid Funeral, as 7th of June the horde celebrated 20 years of Puro metal del diablo. Balpehor, any memories from the beginnings? How did you met and start to work together?
Balpehor: Thanks, brother!! Memories are many, initially when we started the band we not have instruments and we had to rehearse with a very damaged drums and acoustic guitars, our first demo that came out in 1997. Was recorded with the entire equipment of Amarok band, was a difficult situation for the band. Daniel met me through Myspace in 2008. I had a health problem and I was hospitalized, many friends support me in those difficult moments and that's how I started talking about music and projects with Daniel, by 2010 the band had a mini tour in Panama and I contact Daniel to ask him if he wanted to play bass in the tour with us, he accepted and from that moment he is member of the band.

D. Averx XI: Basically, i met him in myspace so many years ago, but as a person, I met Morbid Funeral long time ago, because in here few bands play black metal, the other ones, I don't really like it. So, back then I was a true fan of Morbid Funeral, later I became one of the members. 

Balpehor, I’ve seen as you played in a lot of hordes, Amarok, Cold Grim, Exacerbación, Paganus Doctrina at past as vocalist/bass-player, keyboardist and alongside Morbid Funeral you are playing  the bass in the band called Versvs Cristvs and other ones. Tell us more/or briefly about these hordes, as we don’t know too much unfortunately about them...
D. Averx XI, what is the situation with Averxu Atrium and Zwarte Flam? Is there any new stuff in progress? 
- I was so lucky to play with several bands and different styles. Amarok was the first Black Metal band from my city (Cartago), I started to play with them in 2000 and the band split up  in 2015, with them we release 5 Rehearsal demos and several split, with Cold Grim I played 6 months in 2007, when I played with them were a Depressive Black Metal band and then it changed to a popular  genre with orthodoxies’ trends,the band doesn’t exist anymore. Paganus Doctrina was the first Black Metal band from Costa Rica, I enter in 2006 and retired in 2009, but I was collaborating writing lyrics in 3 songs and some riffs in the last album, that’s made me feel  with pride and gratitude. 
Exacerbacion is a Grindcore / Noise band, I entered in the band in 2010 and we recorded much material, unfortunately I had some serious problems with the drum player.  I was fired from the band in 2013, the band is still active. Versvs Cristvs is a Black Metal band with a mix of punk and crust, I entered in 2013 and I still play with them, I love playing with the band because is the only one that i can play bass, and I love playing bass.

D. Averx XI: Averxu Atrium is going to record the new album very soon, I have all the songs, music and lyric terms already done. We are going to have a lot of musicians, friends around the world, for being part of this material. 
As always, our sound is the same, but we are now, studying other manifestations of the mind, in other cultures, so, the lyrics are very very unique. According with Zwarte Vlam I already have the material ready to make a physical copy, this band is very very exclusive, for those individuals who always support my arts etc.,  I don't care about fame, money or etc, I did this only for one reason, to connect my thoughts with the Dark Gods, because, we are only a part of the message, we are like a transition, all our music and lyrics stuff  are only for the Dark Gods, nothing more, nothing less.

How it’s going your process of creation music? I mean, who is the main songwriter and what should we know about lyrical conception of Morbid Funeral? Who writes the lyrics and where do you get your Inspiration from? 
Balpehor: in the beginning Samael wrote all the music. After that the music was written for several members of the band, currently the music is written by Samael and Daniel LB, all the  idea of the songs are based on the lyrics, the idea is that music sound perfectly with the lyrics, so that created an atmosphere for each song. Now,the lyrics of the band are written entirely by me and all my inspiration has always been the occult and esotericism, since childhood (thanks to my father) I had in my hands many texts of esotericism and study a lot of theology and that led me to discover the left hand path, so it is easier to find inspiration in that kind of topics, in some cases handling a concept of Satanism but seen from another personal perspective, as well I still written anti-Christian lyrics because  I always attacked the Judeo-Christian church.

D. Averx XI: The creation of the music in Morbid Funeral, depends from all band members actually.
I always try to put my effort in high limits, that's why Morbid Funeral, changes a lot of his sound, of course we maintains the main objective, but in the end the music is quite different comparing to the old material. 
The lyrics process became more mature, with a little bit of other cultures, in our last album, the lyrics are basically and invocations of the Sumerian dark gods, few people will understand that kind of meaning, but in the band, is really grateful to start this kind of topics. More creative and unique. 

I’ve listened to on your page and through YouTube latest full-length, called "Summerian Rites", excellent work! How was it’s reception among fans, mags? What is the situation with European promotion of Morbid Funeral? (an of course Costa Rican bands).
Balpehor: Thank you for your words, the reception here in Costa Rica was great, quickly sold out, which was a surprise for us because we thought that people is no longer buy CD-s, we have a good reviews in several zines, we thought we were going to mistreat especially the album its different to our  last album, but people really liked the new sound. 
In Europe, the band promotion was good but thanks to other releases, unfortunately "Summerian Rites" had a dreadful European distribution (because the label really sucks in that way), but it is something that is out of our control. Now in the last years some Costa Rican bands have had good impact in Europe, because many European brothers love Latin American metal music, they call it"Metal Exotic" (a bad name by the way).

Your last release, called ”Devotion to Dark Sickness” has been a split with Deformity, February, this year. What we should know about this Infernal alliance? 
Balpehor: Charlie Noise (bass and vocal from Deformity) has been a great friend for years, his label New Order Records is one of the few responsible and reliable form Costa Rica, we talk about making a alliance between the two bands and we love the idea, the reception of the split was brutal and best of all with a great worldwide distribution , the mix of Black Metal with Death Metal on the split makes that a lot of people listened Morbid Funeral, we are totally grateful with Charlie for everything.
I’ve noticed, Morbid Funeral is very active with live performances (I’ve watched out some life stuff of Morbid Funeral, it was awesome, I must say), enlighten us, please about your past shows, local scene and new ones as well. Where did you play outside Costa Rica? Did You play in Europe ever? 
 Balpehor: Initially we almost haven’t  activity in shows , in 2002 we stopped all the concerts, taking just 2 presentations (one in 2006 and another in 2007) , but in 2011 many people in our country began to call us a "cult band" so we decided to return to the stage with a serious proposal and with a best quality than the 90's, our last show have been with bands a little away from our musical style, we have played with many hardcore and punk bands but I think the band complement perfectly with those styles. In the past we received several offers to play in Europe, in 2007. We received an offer to make a tour with Morbosidad but unfortunately for legal problems of some members it was difficult leave the country, in 2011 we  had two shows in Panama, it was one of the best gigs we ever had.

What are your future plans? New full-length, live-shows, videos?
Balpehor: The next month wegoing to have 3 concerts. they are going to be brutal and extreme. Right now we're about to enter in the Studio to record our side for the Split 7" EP with Paganus Doctrina via Vicerla Vomit Records, we are also writing what will be our fifth album in studio. We are also having a bass audition in the next weeks because our brother Tomas has left the band.
Balpehor, as far as you know, my blog totally dedicated for Glory of Jon Andreas Nödtveidt... Share please some thoughts about Him, as person/musician...
- The first time I listened  Jon's work was in 1993, thanks to a Promo tape  which was 2 songs, I think those songs latter appeared in W.A.R. Compilation Vol. I, the first song of that tape blew my mind, the mix of melody and brutality are so perfect, I think that's what I liked about the old works of Dissection, they drove a perfect balance, when I learned of his dead, really affected me because it was a person that I admire, his latest album is a complete masterpiece. Hail Jon Nödtveidt !!!

Which places you could recommend us to visit in Costa Rica?
Balpehor: Here in Cartago I recommend visiting the Irazuvolcano, the Prussian National Park and the Sanatorium Duran (Haunted House), all in the mountains of Cartago, the weather here  is perfect, it is cold and rainy , in Costa Rica have many beaches to visit, I recommend to visit the Caribbean in Limon that  is great province witch beautiful beaches, and also you can  learn about our indigenous and Afro-Caribbean culture.

What is your daily job and  do you have any special hobbies? 
What books you’ve red and reading currently?
Balpehor: Hobbies? I collecting music and zines, and watch a lot of  football(Soccer), I'm addicted to that, I love Football, I work as a Sales Consultant for Samsung and I give service to Walmart in Costa Rica, previously had a small DIY Label with which generated a little extra money, because live is very expensive,as I can see my life is that of a normal metal head with a job that sucks hahahahaha.

D. Averx XI: Well, my job is really great, I am a graphic designer, computer engineer, also I spent my time making drawings for people and etc, I work at home sometimes but recently I started with an agency of publicity, very close to my home. 

By now, I am collecting music, very according to my personal life, bands like: "Thy darkened shade" (the most serious band after Dissection) are for me, a total inspirations, I live my life with a very serious matters, I do not take things for fun or hobby, all my actions are for something. Recently, i am very curious about new occult books, I always support my brother Edgar Kerval  (Emme Ya) he is a great writer, with a lot of creative stuff, and the books are totally masterpieces, by now, i very interesting to obtain a book call: "The Mark of SamaeLilith" i need to continue for expand my knowledge through experiences.
Muchas gracias, brothers, Balpehor and D. Averx XI! Wish You all  the best with your all of hordes and really hope to meet and see you at live somewhere in the near future. Please, send your message of Morbid Funeral! 
Balpehor: Thank you, Bro for supporting the band, have always been honest and appreciate that, and hopefully at some point you can visit us and we may visit your land with our liveritual, thanks and expect the new Morbid Funeral release!!

D. Averx XI: Thanks brother, for all these years of support and true friendship, for your kind words and everything. I hope, we can share a conversation in the real life.
S.B.P. V. N. 178

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