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2017. augusztus 4., péntek

Patrizio Marco Giovanni Mameli

Interview with Patrizio Marco Giovanni Mameli
(Pestilence, Moordzucht, Neuromorph)
(Questions compiled by Cornelius of Encomium 'zine and Georgius of Archangel's Lantern)

Cornelius: You've just finished the recordings of your 8th studio album, called "Hadeon". How was it to work with Christian Moos at the Space Lab studio? Please introduce to us the recent PESTILENCE line-up and how the musical chemistry looked like during the recording process.
Patrizio: Well, I knew Christian already from the C-187 and "Obsideo" recordings. I really like the way he works. Pretty old school, but really intelligent. He has a great ear and can adapt really fast to problems. The line up is: Santiago Dobles (guitars), Septimiu Harsan (drums) and Tilen Hudrap (bass).

Cornelius:"Hadeon" will be released by Hammerheart Records at the beginning of 2018. Will you plan an extensive European or US tour in support of it? If so, can you enlighten us more details?
Patrizio: The idea is to tour extensively for not only "Hadeon", but also for the whole catalogue. PESTILENCE will be flexible and can offer different sets. All "Consuming", all "Testimony", etc.

Cornelius: From September till December Hammerheart Records will also re-release your first 4 full-lengths in different formats and with special bonus materials. Great news, for sure! Would you please tell us exactly what bonuses should we expect there?
Patrizio: You will just have to wait and see/hear. The full-lengths will be all totally remastered and will sound so much better. Demos will be included. Exclusive pics, etc.
Cornelius: I know that you admire and pretty inspired by the musical heritage of the great Allan Holdsworth. How was it to meet him in person? Which are your most favorite albums and songs out of his discography?
Patrizio: Met him twice, and he seemed very shy and soft spoken. He didn't feel he was a good guitarplayer most of the time. Very humble indeed, but full of humor. As far as discography... I really like it all. But to be more specific; I like the Allan Holdsworth band the most. Where he really is featured as the main composer and not hired in musician. The album "Secrets" is my all time favorite.

Cornelius: Alessio Strallo from Lucifero Guitars made you a superb custom guitar, a signature model, a handmade one. Tell us the specs for it and about your co-operation with Alessio. How and when it started? How it sounds compared to your other guitars? Which are your favorite guitars out of your personal guitar collection and why?
Patrizio: I'm not really a guitar guy. I tend to play on everything I can get my hands on, until I bought my Steinberger. Then the rest was kind of not good enough anymore. I played them all, from Gibson to Ibanez, but nothing can beat a Steinberger. Oh wait, and then there was Lucifero Guitars. Alessio contacted me and asked me if he could build me a top custom made headless guitar. I told him about my Steinberger and that this guitar had to be better than this guitar. He said he could pull it off. This guitar he made for me is just a dream come true. 1 mm action!!! I am a really soft player. I don't hit the strings too hard and I need a tool that can give me this! The wood used is very expensive, Honduras body and neck. EMG 89 and 89R with never used before electronics inside, designed by him and his friend. Custom Headless Research tremolo system. I feel very honored to have this guitar. You will be able to see and hear it on tour.
Cornelius: Actually, besides PESTILENCE you have 2 more active musical projects, namely MOORDZUCHT and NEUROMORPH. What kind of music should we expect from these projects of yours? In what way will they differ from PESTILENCE?
Patrizio: I like to be able to express myself musically in different ways. PESTILENCE can only give me this Pest direction, which is fine. For my more jazz fusion approach to music I have my NEUROMORPH project. MOORDZUCHT will be the most brutal stuff I can come up with. The only guy that will be present in all those projects is Septimiu. This guy is so good that he can adapt to any style.
Georgius: What kind of food would you recommend to us from the Italian kitchen? List us some of your beloved ones and also talk us a bit about the Keto recipes you prefer the most.
Patrizio: That's a real hard one. The Italian kitchen is too big to pinpoint just a few. I'm not even talking about the different pasta's one can eat. All kinds of soups, meat, sausages and fresh vegetables can do the trick. I hardly ever have to inject insulin, but on my vacation to Sardegna, I was not able to handle myself. It's a bad country to be in being a diabetic, hahaha. Keto-wise, I'm a spoiled brat really. My girl made it her mission to feed me with healthy foods. I have to stay under 20g of carbs a day. So I can eat meat, eggs and vegetables. Not so much fruit. Keto pizza is among my faves. It's made mainly of almond flour and has regular pizza topping.

Georgius: Italy and the Netherlands are very rich and famous by their historical & cultural heritages. Which landscapes of Italy and the Netherlands impress you the best and why? Are there any tempting places you try to definitely visit each year?
Patrizio: I just love the roughness of Sardegna. The mountains, etc. But I also really love Rome and just outside Rome. Nothing can beat this. Although I'm sure there are a lot of other places on earth that are really high recommended. In Holland I love the Veluwe. I have already been to a lot of places in the world. I love South America, but this time I really want to check out Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Georgius: Do you have favorite painters/composers or just a historical era from Italy and The Netherlands? Pick us a few, please.
Patrizio: I have to disappoint here. I am not too much into that at all to give a good example and not sounding too simple with answers like da Vinci or Rembrandt.

Georgius: Which football clubs and teams do you support lately? Do you frequently visit football matches? If you do, you go alone or with your kids and other family members, relatives?
Patrizio: I used to go to FC Twente, of course, but once you get older, this becomes less important to me. Both my kids are not too interested in soccer, although my oldest plays soccer himself. He likes Twente as well. I do love to work out and do body building. This takes up all of my spare time anyways.
(an old letter from Marco Foddis with Pestilence-signatures (Patrizio Mameli, Marco Foddis, Patrick Uterwijk, Tony Choy) back in time May, 1992  -GF)

Georgius: Let's talk a little bit about books & movies. Please name us some of your favorite authors and books of all time. What movie you watched the last? Which genre of movies you prefer to watch with pleasure and why?
Patrizio: I hate to read really. Such a waste of time. I just don't have the patience really. I'm more of a visual guy. But even with movies, I tend to not being able to find the patience. Yesterday I watched "Life" with my kids and my girlfriend. Anything about aliens and futuristic stuff has my attention. I used to love horror movies, but I tend to go more towards simple comedy. I'm getting old I guess.

We really do hope you enjoyed our questions. Please finish the interview with your multidimensional manifestations towards the worldwide PESTILENCE army.
Patrizio: Those were some great questions to answer. Thanks for that. I hope that you all will enjoy the times to come regarding PESTILENCE. We are going to be really busy the next few years. A big shout out goes to Ukraine!!!

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