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2016. június 23., csütörtök

Hendrik (Henne) Bruns and Christoph Weerts

Interview with Hendrik Bruns and 
Christopher Weerts

Hail Henne and Chris, very Hellcome in my small blog again! First of all my best wishes and congratulations to Obcenity for your new album, called Retaliation. Tell us more about your new album, I mean about songwriting process, lyrical themes, cover-artwork etc.
- Thank you Georgius, good to talk to you again.
The birth of Retaliation was a long process. The Songs were arranged beforehand by Christoph and me and later finalized in collaboration with the whole band. We have discussed a lot about the lyrics, which are deeper cuts into personal matters. Finally Tobias was responsible for the realization of the lyrical themes. Cover artwork was painted by Paolo Girardi. We have sent him individual text fragments of Retaliation and thereof he created this spectacular artwork. The Recordings were partially made in the studio (Art temple) and at Christoph's home. Stefano Morabito (16th cellar studio) was committed for the mix and mastering of the album, since he has convinced our ears with his earlier productions such as Apophys, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hideous Divinity. The result speaks for itself.

I think it’s an awesome feeling for you as Trevor of Black Dahlia Murder recommended Retaliation album. Would you be so kind to share some thoughts about it? Enlighten us please about your common shows with  Black Dahlia Murder in October, 2015. Any memories? What about your latest live-performances since 2014?
- Trevor is a cool guy. I don’t know anybody who knows about the scene. Unfortunately we had to cancel the tour, because of difficulties in the line-up. We played less show lately. The reasons for that were, above all, the recordings for our last album. But hey, now we’re done.

Obscenity changed label, you are at Kolony Records right now. Tell the readers more about this new  Infernal alliance.
- It took us a long time before we actually decided to sign with Kolony. The label made a serious impression and came up with our expectations. We finally recognized that everything ended up in Italy. Funny, isn't it?

I’m absolutely fascinating about your solos since early Obscenity- stuff. Where did/do you get inspiration from? Have you any favourite guitarists from past and nowadays?
- Oh, thank you. Solos are an important content of a song in my opinion. It reflects the soul of a song, and on the other side it can be a standalone within the song. I am playing for more than 30 years now. I started playing as an autodidact by hearing  and playing. I had no notes or YouTube videos at this time. Had some guitar lessons and that's all. I just like these harmonic minor tunes like for example James Murphy did. He is actually one of my faves.

What are your plans for Summer (live shows) and later, this year? Maybe we could see Obscenity in Slovakia or/and in Hungary?
- At present, we are in a planning phase as to upcoming shows. Our first show will be in September at the Nemossos Festival in France near Lyon. We are planning to play some more shows across Europe and will keep you guys updated. At this time we are also  in contact with a booking company . So, let´s see what the future will bring for us according touring and live playing.

Have you any plans to make a new video or two for the Retaliation?
- Yes, why not. We already thought about that. Perhaps for the 10th anniversary album.
Btw, Kolony Records made us a small Lyrics video for Retaliation and maybe there will be a second one . It depends on the label. Sure we know that videos are a very important sign for a band, but for Obscenity as a small European band it is not really affordable. Maybe there are some guys out there who wants to do some video stuff with us, hahaha..

OBSCENITY "Whore Of Secret" [Lyric Video - Official]:

Since our last conversation ”Suffocated Truth” and ”Perversion Mankind” could be re-released through Dutch Vic Records in 2014. How was the reception of re-released  these old gems among fans? Roel and you put there any special bonuses? 
- VIC Records made us an offer to re-release Suffocated Truth. Of course we noticed the interest in previous works. Suffocated Truth simply got the new band logo and some liner notes, apart from that nothing’s changed. 

Indonesian Smoke Merchandising Company and Obscenity had/have a great co-operation of Obscenity T-shirts. What we should know about it? 
- Smoke Merchandising, a small Indonesian handcraft manufacturer, contacted us to create some nice old-school long-sleeves. He also produced some shirts for Benediction and Brutality with a really great design. His shirts are only available in a very limited edition. Will be 35 pcs worldwide strongly limited , only . I guess they are already sold out now..

Retaliation album is also available  at the Sevared Records (that was founded in 1997 and is based in Rochester, NY, USA), let’s speak about this Hellish pact, please.
- It’s a kind of collaboration between Kolony and Sevared Records. Sevared Records seemed perfect for us to open up the US market. As you already mentioned, he’s in the business since 1997. That’s quite convincing. 

What are your favourite releases yet this year and which bands would you want recommend us? (not only from Germany).
- I’d like to summarize this and the last year: It’s really good to see that the old guard is still that active. There were a lot of good outputs the last two years. Among these are
Malevolent Creation, Firespawn, Sinister, Cut Up and Suffocation to name a few.

Danke schön/thanks so much Henne and Chris, it was my pleasure as always to make with you an interview and  perhaps you know, I’m a big fan of you since early ’90-s, so You will be welcome in my small Archangel’s Lantern always. Send some Death metal Retaliation thoughts for complete this conversation...
Thx Georgius, it was a pleasure for us as always, man! For everybody who is in classic Death Metal, try out “ Retaliation” and you won´t be disappointed strong and honest piece of shit... Taste it! Stay obscene......
Chris / Henne

Official Obscenity Facebook-page: facebook.com/Obscenity.DeathMetal 

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