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2017. december 27., szerda

Cezar Cortezzooouhh

Interview with Cezar Cortezzooouhh
(Resurrecting the Demo[n]s) 
Hail my friend, Cezar of Resurrecting the Demo(n)s, Hellcome to Archangel’s Lantern! When and how did you get introduced to underground music?
- Hi George thanks for the invitation.. I discovered this kind of music thanks to some old friends back in early high school times.

Which were your very first stuff (cassette, vinyl)? Which metal-band did you see live for the first time?
- Maybe it was some Metallica or Manowar but only some recorded tracks on an old tape, but I do remember that someone gave me at that time Black Sabbath – "Master of Reality" and man I tell u I was blown away with that heavy sound.
I saw a bunch of local bands in my home town Tulcea but nothing great. There were some local projects. My first gig that I do remember was more later back in 2001 at a festival called Metalheart in Constanța. I saw a bunch of cool Romanian bands other shitty ones but my big goal that night was to see Negură Bunget [the old formula].

I like so much your excellent group on facebook, called Resurrecting the Demo[n]s, I’m proud to be a member there. When did you start with it?  Would you be so kind as to tell us all the important things about Resurrecting the Demo[n]s?  What is your main goal with this awesome group?  
- Thanks for being a part of Resurrecting the Demo[n]s mate. I made this group at late February 2015. This was mainly a continuation of my old group Worship Demo[n]s that I started some years before. This is about sharing ancient demo tapes photos or links and some new ones. My main goal with this group was to find and discuss with the other contributors about those very obscure bands that were at some point releasing some great demos. Is a good way to find such obscure music for the ones who are true worshippers of the UG scene. Of course there are some shitty demos out there but at least u can find what u want by lurking on this group.

How was the Romanian metal scene, in your opinion, back in the day? What is the current situation with Romanian underground nowadays? Would you be so kind as to recommend a few small underground places and hordes from Romania?
- The Romanian metal scene was never too big and great. Well in the 90’s were some good UG bands of corpse but the majority after releasing 1-2 demos vanish into obscurity. They were not promoted by no one back then. The very few promoters from here just wanted bands that sound little modern and are more easy into get by others. So this was promoted instead of the true UG spirit and for the most bands was a fatal thing regarding the financial issues in our economy back then. I would kindly recommend some good old hordes from here. Ultimatum from Timișoara [very solid Death metal], Necroticism from Resita they made Exces Morbid a self financed album back in '94. With a better production this music was much darker and the vocals were in Romanian. For Black metal I would say about Mercy’s Dirge from Suceava [probably the first band that record like a professional demo tape of this genre "Another Hell" back in '93 and they sounded very bestial in the Blasphemy vein. They are not so well-known even here]. Also I would recommend some old bands from Banat region like Negură Bunget [the emperors of Transylvanian BM] Argus, Vokodlok or Makrothumia [a side project of 2 Negură Bunget guys]. There were some others that were good but they never manage to find a way and release important materials]. I like to mention a new band also by the name of Rotheads. They play very good ancient death. Their demo was killer and their debut CD will be released next month by a Spanish label, so keep on eye on them.

Did you play in a band and write any reviews, make interviews for ’zines ever?
- I was planning to make a band in my high-school times but the lack of interests by others made me to quit rapid, but  were cool times when we meet for practice and finish drinking much beer or vodka haha, fun times. Some years ago used to write some reviews at a local zine but never was my kind of stuff that I liked so I write few bad reviews and quit this after some time. From march 2017 I have a radio show at a local station here Radio rock 89. is an online show once a week but we promote only oldskull extreme metal bands well-known or very UG.
I’m always so fascinated when I see your music posts about underrated/ unknown bands.  Could you please name 5-10 of your favourite underrated bands and their albums?  What are your favourite stuff from well- known bands? Which hordes do you like from Ukraine and Hungary?
- Thanks that u follow my posts with more obscure bands. Here are a few Death metal albums I would recommend for any fan of oldskull sound.
DVC [US] – Descendand Upheaval [1989]
Delirium [Hol] – Zzooouhh [1990]
Funebre [Fin] – Children of the scorn [1991]
Miasma [Aut] – Changes [1992]
DAI [Cze] – The Advent [1993]
Tenebrarum [Mex] – Alta Magia [1994]
Maleficarum [Ita] – Across the Horizon [1995]
For the more classic bands I worship much early materials from Morbid Angel, Immolation, Deicide, Dismember, Burzum, Mystifier, Master’s Hammer, Rotting Christ, Sarcofago, Possessed and of corpse the mighty Slayer. "Hell Awaits" being an absolute favourite and a major influence for many extreme bands that came after.
From Hungary I like much Tormentor for the godly "Anno Domini" release [pure Hungarian blood!!!], some hordes from the '90s like Monastery, Extreme Deformity or early Sear Bliss for releasing good albums. I totally worship that early sound of blasphemy from the demos of Fantom, Detonator or Exhumator they sure deserved more attention by some labels back then.
From Ukraine used to listen more early stuff from Nokturnal Mortum, Castrum, Infected, Innercell, Bleeding and some others but I never was very impressed with this particular scene. I know is a strong NSBM scene in this country but I’m not that interested in things like that.

Unfortunately I’ve never been in Romania but I really hope I can visit it in the near future. Constanța, where are you living, is a pretty old and very nice city. What places are your recommendations to visit in Constanța?
- Well Constanța is an ok city for visiting. Has the largest port from the Black Sea we have the seaside here more for the tourists that come every summer.. It has couple of bars and pubs some ok restaurants for eat and drink. Being is the past centuries under the Ottoman Imperium there is a somehow Turkish feeling here and tradition at least there are some delicious foods but the Turkish customs are not my type anyway.

Which foods, drinks, and tobaccos do you recommend to us from your area?
- As I speak before we have some Turkish style foods like shaorma or kebab if u like fast food. We have good fish of course, those sea foods specialities and as for drinks we have wine I would recommend dry white wine when u eat fish and light meat. Here we do lots of bbq also and especially pork and chicken. U can find many drinks like usual but the beer remains my fave hehe.

Do you have any special hobbies besides music? What are your favourite  books, movies? 
- Besides music I like watching movies I’m a fan of old horrors some comedies also. Like much discover some obscure things about life and the things are going on in this world that are forbidden to mass media and thanks to the internet u can find much of those. I enjoy history also, I like to know more and more things of the old times and not what that we are told in school cause is a big difference I also like gather with friends, make bbq go travelling. I like mountains a lot but unfortunately I not manage to go very often.

Archangel’s Lantern is eternally dedicated to Jon Andreas Nödtveidt. What are your favourite bands/stuff of His heritage?
- Yes Jon had that genius evil spirit from the early 90’s I enjoyed his music on the first 2 Dissection albums and also that album from 94 "The Priest of Satan" with his project The Black. I even like his old band when he was a teenager and played some kind of thrash Rabbit’s Carrot, haha what a funny and innocent name for this kind of stuff.

Mersi/thanks so much, my friend Cezar, it was a pleasure. Unleash please some thought from Resurrecting the Demo(n)s.
- Thanks my friend for thinking doing this interview and sorry for answering not so quick. It was a big pleasure unleashing some unholy thoughts with the readers of your wonderful zine.

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