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2016. március 2., szerda

Art of Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon)

Drawings of Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon) 
"I started drawing at an early age and drew all kinds of devil-like stuff through school my teacher once said i only drew pentagrams and inverted crosses, and i guess there where a lot of them too. I got the highest grade in drawing back in school. But i kind of lost it. Stopped doing pictures somewhere in my late teens, when i worked more and more on music and Taetre back in those days. I have always loved the ink style black/white. I found a inkpen 0.5 by coincident back in 2014. That led me to start doing some small stuff, which led me to surf YouTube for different tutorials. I think that has given me very much and i think it's easy to see that i have progressed a lot during these last few years of doing it."  - Jonas Lindblood 

This is a cabin in the mountains. I wanted to do something that wasn't so horror-inspired like most my stuff is. Like all the rest i have used only black pens. Mainly using 0.8 pen in the foreground and details in 0.1-0.3. 

Mainly a skull and a rose. The rose was a big challenge for me. Not really 100% happy with the skull either but i guess it's ok. I also wanted a different angle on the skull than I usually do.

This one started out like it mostly always does i start doing the head and then it all evolves,wasn't really sure what would become of it in the beginning, but in the end I'm happy with the results. 

This is one of my Game of Thrones pics i made. This one is the Night's King. I am pleased with the end results on this one. I guess i did it within 2 days, drawing now and then. I always get a bit scared to fuck up everything since i use ink and paper and there is no way back if you do something wrong. But this one turned out good.

This is a pretty new one. It kinda just happened. I think I was practising doing proportions on the guy and it developed into that cultish guy with fire and snakes. 

This picture came out of the idea of framing a picture in a different frame more or less and i think it turned out pretty ok. Zombie guy in front of a graveyard with some smoke and trees. 

This was the first pic I did in 2014 after a very long break in sketching. Some people think it is inspired by Pungent Stench's album "Been caught buttering" but that was never my intention. I just wanted some kind of disturbed love. Love of tentacles hehehe J

A pretty recent skull I did. I had a photo of a skull that i tried to redo, and I think it turned out really good. In my eyes this is one of my best drawings. 

Another skull, this one more devil-like. I think this one is pretty cool as well. Very Death metal, a bit in the vein of Entombed's "Crawl" motive I wear onstage. 

This one is a bit "The walking dead" inspired. A guy being eaten alive by zombies. 

This one turned out pretty good as well I think. It's the chatterer from the movie "Hellraiser". Clive Barker has been a inspiration for very long and the novel "The Hellbound" heart which the movie is based on is awesome. My absolute Clive Barker favorite is probably "The great and secret show" which has inspired me in writing both songs for Taetre and Puteraeon. 

Don't really know what this is. It's not a flower but it has some flower-qualities. I like it though. 

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