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2017. szeptember 9., szombat

Eugene Ryabchenko

Interview with Eugene Ryabchenko

Hail my friend, Eugene! You are very welcome to my metal blog, Archangel’s Lantern! First of all tell us, how and when you started to enjoy metal music and scene. Which one(s) was/were your first musical stuff? 

- Hello Gyuri. Thanks for having me on your blog!I started playing drums in 2006, the same year I started visiting local metal shows. I was always fascinated by watching and listening to metal drummers. The first really heavy band for me was Sepultura/Soulfly who were introduced to me by my older brother Peter.

When did you start play the drums? What was/were your first bands? Which musicians/bands influenced you in the beginning? What are your favourite drummers nowadays? Beside the drums you play the other instruments?

- The first serious band I had was the local hardcore/metal punk band The Symbioz. I joined them in 2007 and were having gigs on a regular basis. I was influenced a lot by Joey Jordison from Slipknot in my first year. Later I was introduced to Death metal drummers like Derek Roddy (who was my first Death metal inspiration), George Kollias, Kerim "Krimh" Lechner, Tim Yeung. All the aformentioned drummers are still my favorite in the metal scene. I am also a big Ian Paice, Travis Barker, Eloy Casagrande, Ray Luzier, James Stewart fan. Beside drums I play flute and a bit of guitar. I did 7 years of music school playing piano.

You are on tour with Vital Remains currently. Tell the readers your experiences. 
(by the way, how was the tour in Central/South-America?)

- Sorry, I don't have the permission to talk about Vital Remains in interviews for I am a session drummer only.

Almost a month ago you played with Angerseed in Czech Rebuplic/Slovakia (AGRESSIVE MUSIC FEST & GOTHOOM FEST). Any memorable stories? 

- I love the Angerseed. It is always a big pleasure to hang out with them. We have a lot of fun. The fests are nice, but most of the time they are really stressful 'cause the lack of time. During that weekend we had almost zero hours of sleep which is really exhausting.

You are playing with a lot of bands, as a session/live musician and as a member as well. (in different styles, like Death metal, black metal, grindcore from different countries: Castrum, Polish Banisher, Locracy and Waldschrat (both Austria), Afgrund (Italy/Austria) and maybe there are some ones which I don’t know yet. Enlighten us please briefly your activity in these hordes. 

- Yeah, I do. It's not easy to play with so many bands abroad. But we all rehearse at home to a metronome/videos and then just meet before gigs and we're ready to go. Remote bands usually work like this. But since we all have some experience already it is not impossible to pull it off.
This year I did some gigs with Posthumous Blasphemer (BY), Banisher (PL), Angerseed (HU), Waldschrat (AT). Last year I had shows with Void of Madness (AT), Obliterate (SK).
Who knows what will the future bring. I really enjoyed the time spent with all these guys.
We don't play shows with Afgrund currently since we need to work on new material at the moment.

It’s always a great feeling for me to play live covers + a few old stuff with you, Cornelius and Victor of Castrum. What are your favourite tracks from Castrum’s discography? (from 3 LP-s and perhaps from old demos, I’m just  very curious, you know :) ) 

- I always enjoy your company on stage Gyuri! Wish we could play together more often. Feeling already nostalgic when I recall the cover parties we did in Uzhgorod.
I dig most of the new album from Castrum (unreleased) as well as some of the older stuff I really enjoy to play. In particular "The Gate of the Universal Mystery", "Brand", "Source of Hate".
I wanted to take a second and mention Corey and Victor to tell how much grateful I am for the time I could spend with them over the years. Especially Corey, who introduced me to death metal in the first place and was my mentor.The guys became my second family and I grew up with them. Most of what I have achieved these days and what I've become I can thank to them.

(Castrum line-up:Victor, Cornelius and Eugene, 2014)

Do you have any special hobbies besides playing the drums/music? What are your favorite albums, books and movies? 

- Lately I am very busy with music. Most of my free time I spend editing my silly videos. Sometimes when I am not lazy I do some sports like jogging, swimming or go to the gym. The last good book I read was "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, unfortunately that was a while ago. I am a big Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Lord of The Rings franchise fan and also like retro and old movies from the 70-80-90-s.

(XXth Anniversary show of Castrum, 27.IX.2014, Castrum Ungh/Uzhhorod/Ungvár) 

You are living in Wien nowadays. Which museums, art-galleries, foods and drinks do you recommend to us from that area? What landscapes are you prefer in Austria? 

Vienna is beautiful. Can't say I am a huge appreciator of art, but I visited most of the biggest museums in Vienna multiple times. My favorite one is the Naturhistorische Museum. If you look for Viennese speciality make sure to check out Figlmuller for a schnitzel, or just grab a sausage from a stand on the street. The fancy cafeterias like Mozart, Central or Griensteidl offer nice apfelstrudels.
Vienna is probably one of the few places in Austria that is located on a flat land. I recently visited Hallstatt and the surrounding areas of Salzburg for a short but lovely vacation in the mountains. The whole experience was breathtaking!
As well as constant rain, hahaha...

Share some thoughts about our beautiful homeland...

I try to travel as much as I can to see the whole world and convince myself that there isn't a better place than home.

What are your future plans for this year?

For the remaining year I have a couple of gigs left here and there. My schedule is still not final for 2017. So I can't really say I have huge plans for Autumn-Winter.

(Eugene and Tobias "Tobben" Gustafsson, Summer Breeze, 18th of August, 2017)

Köszönöm szépen/Danke Sehr/Thanks so much mein freund, it was a pleasure. Wish you all the best with all of your bands and in your personal life as well! Send a message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern in the end. 

Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in your zine and hope to see more of your work online in the future!

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