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2020. november 24., kedd

LoneHunter (Juliano and Marcos)

 Interview with Juliano and Marcos


Hail my Brazilian brothers, first of all I would congratulate to you both for the new LoneHunter-song, called War (The Fields of the Great LoneHunter), I listen to a lot of times, excellent one. How many tracks you were written yet for LoneHunter-debut and when do you plan to release it?

Juliano: Wow brother, thanks for the kind words. You were certainly one of the first to hear it and in fact you didn't hear the full track, just a rough mix. There are some details in the final edition of the track that in our opinion make it much more epic. “War” was the first track we started working on after “Beyond the Portals of Death” was released and it’s probably my favorite LoneHunter song. Basically, it tells a story and I believe that the atmospheres created by the instrumental fit perfectly with what is said in the lyrics. All the harmonic chaos created by the instruments, the changes in soundscapes, the incessant and unpredictable movement and all the textures of tones in it’s almost twenty minutes of duration make it very rich to my personal taste. It will probably be the title track for our next release. Personally, I would love to release it as a split with the Swedish band Eigenstate Zero that I love and that I met thanks to an interview at Archangel’s Lantern. Chris is crazy enough to also make long songs like us LOL. Imagine a split with a song from each band and about forty minutes long, it would be colossal. Unfortunately, Chris has other plans in mind. We already have several other tracks and ideas at various stages of progress planned for an upcoming release. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has changed the routine and plans of many people. Our idea was to start doing shows now in 2020 and to release our first album in early 2021, we already had the first date confirmed but our planning went to dust. To keep things warm we talked about the possibility of releasing another EP in the beginning of 2021 and thereby closing a cycle.

Marcos: We are working in two new tracks now. Unlike the music just released (War), they are more direct songs.

I’m so honored for your awesome gifts you sent me (LoneHunter EP and Brazilian Tribute to Bathory) and I’m so proud of it, that you put on your thank list my humble name. Would you be so kind to tell us in your own words “Beyond the Portals of Death” track by track?

Juliano: Well, if I would review our work I’d say:

 Preludium - What The Moon Brings: It’s an instrumental introduction that starts with a piano and choir in a vibe that is both classic, simplistic and disturbing and evolves with the addition of guitars, bass drums and keyboards for something more bombastic. The title is from a short story by H.P.Lovecraft and if you know the work you should listen to the track imagining the sunrise and what it brings with it.

 Under Raven’s Shadows: A track that like a punch in the face already shows most of the elements found in the band's sound. Two vocals, old school Death Metal guitars, keyboards present as an element as important as guitars and sound variation. There is a riff on that song that is purely Nocturnus and that We love. The lyrics are about death from the perspective of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and how a man or woman can surrender to irrationality before the greatness of the lone hunter with a thousand eyes.

 Interludium – Face Your Fears: This is a track created by Marcos and has a Dark Ambient vibe, something a little cinematic I would say. I think it works very well as a divider between the preceding track and the succeeding song. This track has the same vibe from some old Scott Burns productions.

 Eternal Time: That was the first track that we started working on LoneHunter. It was kind of a lab to test the limits that we would explore in the band and started as a re-reading of a track created by Marcos when he was still playing in another band called Immortal Majesty in the 90s. It starts out more raw and cold and evolves to finish in a guitar riff half Deicide, half Luciferion covered by a keyboard trip that tries to create something in the vein of a Nocturnus track called Artic Crypt. The lyrics are about how the brevity of the time of a life can be insignificant when placed in front of the vastness of eternity that the concept of Death brings with it.

 Postludium - Beyond The Portal’s of Death: An instrumental “outro” that shows  a slower and morbid theme, as if it were the soundtrack that prepares the revelation of the mystery that lurks behind the veil in the fields of the great lone hunter.

LoneHunter made two brilliant covers from Bathory (“Call from the Grave”) and Bolt Thrower (” The Forth Crusade”). Share your thoughts about it. Do you plan to make new covers in the near future?

Juliano: Thank you for the words. The Bathory track that is part of the Brazilian tribute made us very satisfied, unfortunately some mistake that was not ours and that we in the band cannot explain, made the track was put in the album come out much faster than the one we recorded and it was very frustrating for us. If someone has a first contact with LoneHunter through this cover, they may have the wrong impression about us. It was our intention that the Bolt Thrower cover would be part of the EP "Beyond The Portals of Death", Karl Willets himself supported us in that decision, but the record company that owns the music rights did not allow us to do that. In addition to these two covers that you mentioned, we did a version for "For all Those who Died" also by Bathory that would be part of a Mexican tribute and that will probably never see the light of day, and a version for "Cryonics" by Slayer that is on tribute released by Antichrist Magazine. We love working on versions of songs created by others and giving our own face to it. Now it's time to focus on our own compositions, but we've already talked about the possibility of playing with something from Death, Merciless, Pestilence, Black Sabbath, Obituary, Insane Death .... some we discard, others, well wait and who knows ...

Brother Marcos you unleashed an awesome solo-project namely Dark Kingdom and I must say the song “Echoes of the Night” you sent me to listen to it, a great job. Tell to the readers all the important information of Dark Kingdom please.

Marcos: Thanks for the kind words, brother.

I created the Dark Kingdom logo at the early 90’s and the idea was kept for several years. I am always creating arrangement and this year this kind of song starts appears in my mind. I like very much of working in different ideas.

LoneHunter goes to one direction. Dark Kingdom, Masturbator and Pesticide goes to another.

I will release a new song this year.

Marcos, what is the current situation with other hordes, you are playing or played back in the day as Masturbator and Pesticide?

Marcos: My main horde is LoneHunter. I play in Masturbator and Pesticide too. Masturbator is an old school Brazilian death metal band formed at 1987. It was the first band I saw playing live at 1990, in rehearsing. Old friends! I join forces with Masturbator at march’2019 and we played live in two local festivals last year. We are finishing the recordings of the first full length album. It will be released in Extreme Sound Records.

Pesticide was a splatter grind death metal I started at 1990. It was a project only with  bass with distortion and drums. André play drums and me, bass. We recorded 2 rehearsal demo tapes. At 1994 we changed the name to Cauterization and recorded a rehearsal demo tape and stopped the activities. I started to play at Immortal Majesty and Cauterization never played after this. I played in Immortal Majesty for one year and left the band because of personal reasons.

Last year André and I started to play again and compose new songs. We want to release 8 songs next year.

Because there is another band called Cauterization we choose Pesticide for the return of our activities.

I played in the Funeral Serenade band too. It was a project with former members of Sex Trash band. I compose the song called Extintion and participated of the creation of 2 another songs. It was for some months and I left the project this year.

Brother Juliano you mentioned in our first conversation that you were invited to do the keyboards to Mr. Ed Mowery’s great band Tiwanaku. What should we know about that cooperation?

Juliano: Well… Yes Ed called me to the keyboards and I have to say that this was a bit of an unexpected honor. Ed was part of Nocturnus and honestly, being invited by a former member of one of your favorite bands to be part of a project is kind of surreal. The first album will have special guests that were part of bands that I have always admired like Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, etc., that means that the whole thing is even crazier lol. BUT .... the fact is that I have a job that takes me more time than I have and I have a bad habit of making more commitments than I can and that would not give me enough time to do the job that the quality of the band  would demand.  In addition, the issue of distance is another factor that hinders the necessary logistics.  Ed got an old friend to do the keyboards and he will continue with Tiwanaku. Ed had some personal problems that delayed plans a lot, but he is a great guy and managed to get things sorted out and get the train on track again. Soon news will be revealed and the material is getting great.

Juliano in our private conversation you told me you started a Dark Ambient project. Let’s talk about it.

Juliano: Yes, I have a lot of composed stuff that wouldn't fit in LoneHunter’s music and that I'll use in another approach, something more Dark Dungeon / Ritual Ambient music. This material will have a more "religious" connotation, let's say and it will be something very personal. Let's say that certain things that I believe and that deserves to be glorified will be in a sonic format. This project will be named as my old zine "Crypt of Eternity" and my intention is at first to finish five compositions.

What are your favorite albums from 2019 and 2020 yet? (from Brazil and Worldwide)

Juliano: Brother I get a lot of new stuff every day to review in Lucifer Rising Magazine and a lot of things always catch my attention. There is a lot of old school Death Metal band that has caught my attention. I will name a few but I am sure I will forget a lot. From Brazil my favorite band at the moment is OPEN THE COFFIN, which is composed by a former member of the Brazilian band INSANE DEATH, I recommend to all of your readers that try to know these two names.

Bands and albums that caught my eyes and ears recently were:

Necrot - Mortal

Bismarck - Oneiromancer

Come Back From The Death - The Rise of the Blind Ones

Cursed Blood - Taker of Life

Eremit - Desert of Ghouls

Innards - Back from the Grave

Sensory Amusia - Bereavement

Sepulchral Curse - Only Ashes remain

Troops of Doom - The rise of Heresy (Keep this name, they will be giants one day)

Trident - North

Undead - Existential Horror

Wobbler - Dwellers of the Deep (a Dark Progressive band that I love) etc, etc, etc.

Which are your favorite books/writers/poets and movies/actors? (Brazilians and others)

Juliano: Anything and everything from Master H P Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, Michael Moorcock, I have tons of old science fiction anthologies from all over the world in my library. A friend named Mimi Zanetti just founded her publisher "Carcosa Editora" and through her I met an author named Anthony M. Rud very unknown and I'm in love with the guy's style. 

I'm totally in love with sci-fi movies and series, things like the Star Trek franchise, Sliders, Fringe, Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories. Currently two of my favorites are Lovecraft Country and The Boys.

Do you have any special hobbies besides creating music?

Juliano: I work a lot and in fact I am a bit addicted to it and my spare time is very limited. I love to write and I have several short stories written. Besides music, my other passion is books. I actually spend a lot more of money on books than on albums. Science fiction, art, history and mainly philosophy are my main topics.

I also have two daughters and I love spending time with them. My oldest daughter has a very different mentality and I love to discuss philosophy and things like that with her.

Obrigado/Thank you very very much, brothers! Send some thoughts to complete this interview.. Hail LoneHunter and Total Support! 

Marcos: We want to thank you for your time, brother! For this interview and all support your give to us.

Underground rules!

Juliano: Thank you brother for all the support. Your work to the underground is priceless.

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