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Luiz Carlos Louzada

 Interview with Luiz Carlos Louzada

(Vulcano, Chemical Disaster, KillMister, 

Hierarchical Punishment, Front Attack Line, 

Putrid Hope, Violent Records,  Bagaça Records) 

Hail Luiz, I’m so honoured to make this interview with you for my small own inferno Archangel’s Lantern. Let’s start with your latest news of Vulcano:

The band recorded a new full-length in October. When will be released your new masterpiece? Tell the readers more about the recording process. Which label will be unleashed it? 

Luiz Carlos Louzada – Hey, Georgius! What´s up? Yeah, Vulcano recorded another studio album during this fucking pandemic times. No tours to support alive our albums, but we have health, so let´s work in new music! This time our new album “Stone Orange” will be out through Emanzipation Prods, from Denmark, a label from Target Group. We released our last studio effort “Eye in Hell” in 2020 through Mighty Music, a company also from Target Group. Emazipation Prods released 2 singles from our upcoming album (you can listen this stuff on Spotify, Youtube Music and a lot of others choices). We´ll have a 3rd single to be release soon and finally, we´ll have “Stone Orange” available on stores and streamings. We were working on this stuff since mid 2020 when our agency in London cancelled our European tour because the pandemic. We started to record on 2021/February and finished the mix on 2021/May. I think this new album is the most fastest Vulcano stuff from the last decade, and if you´re like Blackened Thrash/Speed bands, you´ll enjoy it!

You sent me an awesome track from Australian horde Putrid Hope, where you are involved as well. Enlighten us about this awesome alliance.

LCL – Putrid Hope is a new Death Metal band that starts activities in 2020 and the “boss” is my friend Pedro Bueno, Punctured Wound guitarist. He lives in Gold Coast, a city in Queensland Estate, Australia. When Zhema was working on new riffs to Vulcano, the others guys of the band had a lot of time to do another projetcs. So I was talking with Pedro about the bad times with covid and he told me that have a bunch of songs that he wrote but was no used in Punctured Wound. He send me 3 or 4 songs and I asked him to put vocals. He did a mix in his own studio and after that we planned to do an entire album. So he joined forces with other 2 Australian musicians and I invited my friend Ricardo Lima to do some guitar solos (he played with me in bands like Chemical Disaster, Predatory, Front Attack Line  and Repulsão Explícita). With the line-up completed, we finished 10 songs, and released 3 singles (check it on Bandcamp and Youtube). Pedro are dealing with a Canadian label to release our debut album, soon he finish the mix.

Would you be so kind to talk about other band where you are playing, namely Hierarchical Punishment? 

LCL – This band was formed in 1994 and always did a mix of Death Metal and Grindcore. I joined the band in 2001 as vocalist and in a few months we recorded our 3rd demo “Res Derelicta”. At that time we worked to spread our stuff in a lot of compilations through many underground labels. In 2006 we released our 4th demo “My Life is a Torture” and still being part of compilations-CDs and before our 1st album, we released in 2010 a 3-way split-cd with Forbidden Ideas… (Brazil) and Agathocles (Belgium). Then we finally released our debut-cd “The Humanity Walks This Way” in 2014. But in the end of  2014 the band had some line-up changes, and I went to drums. Our 2nd album “The Choice” was released in 2017 and it´s half studio songs (with me singing in 4 old songs), plus a live gig we did in 2015 (with me on drums). Our 3rd album “Psychotic Disorders” was released in 2021 and it´s our best stuff, totally into Death Metal! Check it out on internet!

Brazilian Front Attack Line will release its debut album. (You told me, you were their drummer some years ago and now you are the vocalist) Share with us all the important information of Front Line Attack.

LCL – I knew Front Attack Line when Allan Farias (guitar and founding member) give me a copy of the 1st demo “Mass Destruction” from 2007. In 2010 I played drums together Allan and André (Front Attack Line bass player) in a band called Intrisicum and some months after I leave this band, Allan asked me to join Front Attack Line to record a 2nd demo. So in 2011 we start to rehearse the songs to be part of “Conflicts of War” demo, that was released in 2012. In 2014 we start to record a 3rd demo, but Allan decide to move to another city far from Santos (where I live) and he reformulate the line-up with another musicians. At the same time he enter Circle of Infinite (a Thrash Metal band from Limeira city) and Front Attack Line was on hold. In the end of 2020, Allan asked me to rejoin the band as vocalist, so he bring back the songs he wrote in the past for the unfinished 3rd demo and wrote some more new stuff. I recorded all vocals in my home studio and the mix and mastering was done by Ivan Pellicciotti (ex-Vulcano bass player). We just release our 1st single “Brainwashing” from our upcoming debut-album and everyone can check the 2 demos and this new single on Spotify, Youtube…Thrash Metal as its best!!!!

What is the current situation with Chemical Disaster? (Your latest release was a split material “Pain of Chemical Sufferings” with Swedish old schoolers of In Pain 2 years ago). By the way what is your opinion about In Pain’s full-length “The Sound of Death”? 

LCL – After the release of the split-cd with In Pain, we changed our drummer, and during the 1st pandemic year, Chemical Disaster release 2 songs in different tribute albums through Armadillo Recs (from UK): we did “Watchin’ You” (from 1974 Kiss 2nd album “Hotter Than Hell”) and “Wrathchild” (from 1981 Iron Maiden 2nd album “Killers”). At the same time we wrote 8 new Death Metal songs for our 5th album and recorded a pre-production of this stuff. In the end of 2021 we recorded a version of “More Than a Feeling” from Boston debut album (1976) that will be released in another tribute album through Secret Service Recs (also from UK) maybe in the middle of 2022. But things are harder, and we had some line-up changes after this recording process, and now our bass player are with covid-19, so we need to stop rehearsals. I hope we come back to finish 2 more new songs, and start the recordings. Let´s see… And about In Pain debut album is amazing! I love their typical Swedish sound. These guys are pretty awesome! 

You’ve found a Brazilian Thrash/Death record label Violent Records in August 2004, if I’m not mistaken. How many stuff you’ve released through the years? Are there any plans for new ones in the near future? 

LCL – I always was a tape-trader in the past, so when I start with Violent Recs I continue to promote underground music, releasing bands all over Brazil and as you know we are a country with more than 210 million people here, so we have a lot of cool bands to promote. With Violent Recs I released 84 pro-done albums and released demos (cd-r format) of my bands. But in 2012 I decided to starts a new label with a different approach (as Violent Recs runs to a more Death/Black/Thrash direction), so Bagaça Recs was born to release some bands in the vein of Punk, Stoner, Metal/Rock, Grind, Heavy styles, and we did 17 pro-done CDs. Both labels together, we released 101 albums. It´s a good number to an independent company.

According to Encyclopaedia Metallum, you are playing in such hordes, as KillMister (vocals), Predatory (drums), Preguh (drums) Repulsão Explícita (drums). Would you be so kind to tell some thoughts about these bands?

LCL – Yeah! I do the vocals in KillMister and we mix Heavy Metal with R&R but it is on hold since pandemic starts in 2020/March. Gerson Fajardo (guitar player) told me that he pretend to write new stuff. We released 2 cds with some killer bonus live tracks from a session tribute that we did for Motörhead. Gerson plays with me in Vulcano since 2016. Predatory was a Thrash Metal band that I play drums for 11 years; we recorded 3 demos and a “full-length” but this band no exist anymore since 2015. Preguh is a band that mix Hardcore with some Grindcore and Thrash influences; I was their drummer and we recorded a demo (“O Império e a Favela” from 2007) and participate in some compilations-cd. In 2013 we released a 3-way split-cd with Agathocles (Belgium) and Archagathus (Canada). I´m not playing anymore with Preguh, but the band recorded new stuff with another line-up. Repulsão Explícita was formed in 2001 and I was their drummer until 2015, recording all stuff that was released. We start doing Punk/HC with some heavy riffs, but after our 4th demo “Terra e Vida” (from 2006) the songs had more Grindcore and Thrash Metal influences. We released 2 albums (1st in 2011 and 2nd in 2014). After some years on holding, I was invited to rejoin the band and now we´re working in songs to be our 3rd album.


Which vocalists and drummers influenced you back in the day and what are your favourite ones nowadays? 

LCL – I start as a young fan of Bruce Dickinson, Bon Scott, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Paul Stanley, Klaus Meine as singers, and Ian Paice, Nicko McBrain, Vinnie Appice, Nigel Glocker, Neil Peart as drummer, in the beginning of ‘80s. But when I start my own bands I was 100% into Death Metal, listening bands like Bolt Thrower, Grave, Obituary, Dismember, Morgoth, Unleashed, Pestilence, Entombed, and listen a lot of Brazilian bands such as Vulcano, Sarcófago, Panic, Mutilator, Korzus, Chakal, Attomica, Sepultura, Taurus, Holocausto, Psÿchic Possessor… Well, nowadays, I still listening all this bands but of course, as a musician, everyday we can discover on internet good new singers or drummers.

Almost 12 years ago (on the 27th of October, 2010) my good old Swedish friend Tobias Fongelius (ex-Jormundgand, Voodus) via his Burning Eye Productions organized in Gothenburg/Göteborg a massive metal evening when Swedish RAM, Nifelheim and Vulcano played. How do you remember that awesome event? Which Swedish bands are your personal favourites?

LCL – Maaaaaaan, this was our 1st time playing in Gothenburg and it was so fucking cool; a sold out gig!!!!!!! Vulcano & Nifelheim released in 2007 a split-ep but this time was our 1st gig together, and the guys was so crazy and friendly that we build a great true friendship. I think I had see about 36 Nifelheim entire shows from this 1st time in 2010. We toured twice in Europe with this motherfuckers (2013 & 2014)! About Swedish bands, I mentioned some cool bands in my previous answer, but I can include now In Pain (of course!), Dissection, Candlemass, Bathory, God Among Insects, Hypocrisy, Those Who Bring the Torture, Dark Funeral, Witchery, At the Gates, Krux… Sweden rules!

I’ve watched today Vulcano’s brilliant live performance (Live at Black Winter Festival) in Gliwice, Poland 21.XI.2019. Are there any memories from that evening? Did you play in other countries that year? 

LCL – This gig in Poland was amazing! The festival was full of true headbangers! We played together Profanatica (from US) and I remember that we drink a lot of shots of Vodka ‘cause was a freezing night! 2019 was our 6th European tour and this Poland gig was in the middle of the tour. We also did gigs in countries like Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Spain, Portugal… We did the tour between November/December 2019.

As far as I know you are from Santos. I’ve seen some beautiful photos about your nice city. (Unfortunately I’ve never been in Brazil so far) What interesting places could you recommend me to visit in Santos? Brazilian cuisine is very rich and tasty. Which local drinks and foods are your recommendations? 

LCL – Santos is a city in an island, so we have cool beaches and a lot of sunny days. In our region (called “Baixada Santista”) we have 9 cities and Santos is the city with most inhabitants (about 434.000 people lives here in Santos) in 281.000 km2. We have one of the most important ports of the Latin America. But about tourism there´s a lot of cool places to know like museums, aquariums, tours across the island, or boat trips, and if you like football, you should visit the Santos F.C. team stadium (where Pelé played for many years). Brazilian cuisine is influenced by the many different nationalities of the immigrants who colonized our country. If you like chicken you can try “Frango à Passarinho”, that is crispy pieces of fried spices chicken, with French fries. Or you can taste any fish options, that is very common here.

Perhaps you know that my small blog is dedicated to the memory of Jon Andreas Nödtveidt and  after the departure of Lars-Göran Petrov I put a dedication to poor Lars as well. 
What is your opinion about them and share with us your favourite tracks and albums from their heritage. Did you meet and play with them live? 

LCL – I didn´t have the chance to share the stage with Jon or Lars, but their extreme art will live forever in the hearts and minds of fans around the world. Lars recorded a lot of stuff, with different bands, but his most important album for me is “Left Hand Path”, from 1990 (the title track is incredible). And 5 years after this classic album, Jon released the 2nd Dissection album “Storm of the Light’s Bane”, an amazing full-length that mix melody and mid-tempo parts (like in “Where Dead Angels Lie”) and brutal stuff with insane vocals like in “Soulreaper”. Jon also recorded many work with different bands, but I think he was so young when decided to finish his time on Earth… Just 31 years old…

Brazilian underground scene is has a lot of amazing bands. What hordes are your favourites since the beginnings and in our days? 

LCL – Wow, another question that I already listed some cool bands before, but l need to say that I like very much bands as Dorsal Atlântica, Paura, Tortured Squad, Ação Direta, Krisiun, Oligarquia, Sociedade Armada, Infector, Clamus, Suffocation of Soul, Rotten Penetration, Mata Borrão, Atropina, Thrashera, Daimonos, Morfolk, HeadKrusher, Justabeli, Visceral Slaughter, Evil Empire, Reffugo and many other bands!

Obrigado/Thank you very much Luiz. Send please some thoughts in the end to complete this interview.

LCL – Georgius, I really enjoyed the interview! And I like to say to everyone that read this, to check on internet all my bands and the releases I did with Violent Recs and Bagaça Recs. You can find a lot of stuff on Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and social medias like Facebook, Instagram… 

Keep the fire burning!!!!!!

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