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2022. január 26., szerda

Mickael Broberg

 Interview with Mickael Broberg 

(Unanimated, Born For Burning, 

Massive Destruction, Contempt Of The Light,

The 13th Passenger, The Demon's Way)

Hail Bror, first of all let me to congratulate for Unanimated LP “Victory in Blood”. As I’ve written in my Hungarian review in Kronos Mortus, your newest material will be my favourite release for 2021. How went the recording process? Who has/have been the main song- and lyric writer(s)? Italian painter Daniel Valeriani created a brilliant artwork for you. How did you meet him? 

- Hey man! Well, it has been a long process for us. It has taking a great deal of time, the road has been difficult and hard. Nothing was easy. Just the studio time alone was over a year, mostly because of the Corona. The writing of all the music has been going through layers, sending songs and ideas to one and another, tearing it down and building it up. I think we all have a part in every song written, in some way. Also in the recording aspects, there´s a process going through.
We were so lucky we had Daniele Valeriani making his artwork, that was just perfect for the album. Richard contacted him, that's all I know really. 

It's just awesome that Set Teitan has been involved on 2 tracks of “Victory in Blood”, namely “As the Night Takes Us” and Sarcófago cover “Satanic Lust”. How did happen that demonic alliance between Set and Unanimated? I joined a lot Unanimated lyric videos. Do you have any plans to make new one(s)? 

- Yes, Set has been with us for some time now and involved in many ways for many years. He did a great work on the album as well, as he always do.
Yes, We have two videos out now, 'Victory in Blood', (visualizer video) and 'As the Night Takes Us' (Lyric video). And there will be a third video, coming soon.. 

Your awesome on-man Black Death band Contempt Of The Light’s “In the Darkest of Times” is another my favourite release of 2021. Where could buy the fans this excellent LP and in which formats? 

-Well,  At the moment the label and COTL is not working great together. There are some disagreements about copyrights etc. and so on. Nothing more needs to be said at this point except that COTL will probably look for another label to work with. 

What is the situation with your other one-man band Born For Burning? Did you write any new tracks last time? 

- Yeah, that is correct! Two new tracks has been written, and a new single will be released at Critical Mass Recordings sometime under 2022! 

I’m so thankful for sending me your amazing songs of another project Daemonium Regni. When we could to listen to all the tracks of that Infernal creation? 

- Oh I don’t really know anymore. I guess you can find some old tracks on Youtube, actually Contempt Of The Light is a further development of Daemonium Regni. 

You sent me last time the link from Youtube where I could listen to all the songs of your The 13th Passenger’s “The Way of the Daemon” and I must say all of them are just brilliant ones. When and where will be released this excellent LP? 

- Yes, I have finished the album. 13 tracks of Stoner/Metal/Rock/Psychedelic/Black Sabbath kind of sound. Its the same with this project, I need a label. Or maybe I don’t, and I just release it all by myself, and fuck all of you! Haha

Swedish Iron Fist Productions released on tapes of your killer Massive Destruction 5 tracks demo in August 2020. How were responses about it so far? Do you plan to write more Thrash songs and release then a full length in the near future? 

- Yes I do have plans for that, I want to release a full length album for Massive Destruction! In progress..

Artwork/logo made by: Thomas Väänänen

In our latest conversation you mentioned my good old Swedish friend Tobias Fongelius’ Voodus. What is your opinion about their latest releases? Which hordes do you listen to nowadays? 

- Yeah, their new album is great! Actually, I don’t listen much to anything new these days. It is very limited, I just can’t find anything that is as great as it was before. I don’t care for the new waves of BM at all, very few is great. 

Do you have any favourite books/authors and actors and movies?

- Well, yeah I like old books about mythological creatures. And I read a lot about old Norse literature, and folklore. 
One of my favourite author and illustrator is Swedish, Johan Egerkrans. 
One of my favorite movies are Hannibal and Bram Stoker's Dracula, great movies. 

Perhaps you know that I dedicated Archangel’s Lantern for the Eternal Memory of my poor bride Kate (who was a huge fan of Unanimated/Celestial Pain) and also to Jon Nödtveidt and this year Lars-Göran Petrov.  I’m still so honoured that you were the first musician who answered me back in the day, 9th of August, 2013. 
What are your favourite tracks/releases of Jon’s and Lars-Göran’s heritage? Are there any memories about Lars-Göran? 

- Well yes. The obvious answers are of course everything recorded by Dissection and for me the 'Left Hand Path' by Entombed. I did not know L-G that personally, I have met him hundreds of times through the years, always happy and smiling. But we were not close. 

Tack så mycket Micke, it was a pleasure to talk to you again. Your message to the readers…

 - Dyrka döden och lev livet.

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