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2016. május 24., kedd

Zhoth (KZOHH)

Interview with Zhoth (KZOHH) 

Hail Zhoth! Hellcome to Archangel’s Lantern!  First of all, please tell the readers all about the circumstances of the band’s creation and goal!
- Hail! KZOHH was created by Khorus and Helg. The main goal was to play music that differs from the music of the main bands and to make experiments with the styles of music we are interested in.

Your debut album ("IAOLTDOTAD", 2014) came to this rotten world in 2014. Would you be so kind as to share with us all about the important information?
- As for debut... This album was more avant-garde orientated with some unusual experiments in music and as for the second one - this album more dark and morbid...

Before the recording of the second album your line-up had some changes, Enlighten the readers about that.
- Yes, there were some line-up changes and this brought changes in the whole atmosphere of the music...

The second full-length called "Rye.Fleas.Chrismon" was released in 2015. Share with us please all the important things.
- The lyrical conception of album dealing with medieval religious obscuriantism and black death epidemic that took place in Europe in 14th century. Every song-name is various European languages to fit the whole picture of  European epidemic disaster.

I’ve seen Your live-performance in Kharkov via YouTube. Tell us about the conception of the show and about experiences.
- Our live show is visual aspect of our lyrical conception. Nothing more to say, just watch...

What should we know about KZOHH-lyrical conception?
- Our lyrics deal with death, decline and perdition, different things but the aspect is common.

What are your future plans?
- Double-vinyl release of Rye.Fleas. Chrismon on Osmose productions with 2 bonus songs, DVD release, gig on  Hell Fast Attack in Czech Rep. in Summer, 2016.

You are playing in different bands alongside KZOHH. Name them for us please.
So they are Khors, Reusmarkt, Ulvegr/Titahion, Elderblood.

When did you become a metalhead and musician?
- It happened in 1989, when I was 11 years of age. As for vox I’ve started with death metal band Prophecy in 1994, when I was 16. I play the guitar but a little bit.

What is your point of view about the Ukrainian underground  of ’90-s and nowadays?
- Today underground is on European level... I mean the quality of bands' music, labels, gigs etc... In 90-s it was only the beginning, just like DIY if you know what I mean.

Could you please name 5/10 of your favourite books, movies bands/albums? 
- Too Many to mention here! I prefer death/thrash black metal, Traditional Doom Metal...
As for other stuff - H.P. Lovecraft and various horror movies.

Thank you very much! Your message to the readers of Archangel's Lantern....
- Death is inevitable!

Official KZOHH facebook-page: 

KZOHH - Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. (2015), YouTube : 

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