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2021. november 17., szerda

Pedro Anthares (Jumalation)

 Interview with Pedro Anthares (Jumalation)

Questions compiled by Jukka Räyskä Räsänen, 

November 2021  

How and when did your start your Thrash metal horde? 

- Somewhere in the late 90`s, we wanted to play Thrash metal. We had just one time changes in our line-up: the drummer has to be replaced because of his health problems; Thrash metal is a brutal game!

How would you describe your music? 

- Metal, metal and metal... 

What kind of music you´re listening to and where you´ve been inspired from? 

- We listen to all the old school Thrash metal bands, fuck to modern shitty bands! We are playing with punk attitude,  just because we´re not perfect musicians.

What is the situation with live shows? 

- We´ve done some gigs, a few of them went better and few others were worse... but for us it´s not so important because we are playing just for fun! Some people like us and someones don´t really.

What is the meaning of your bandname means? 

- Jumaleisson , Jumalaton, Godless ..just fooling around with words. 

What your horde are doing if you have free time? 

- We are going to work, drinking alcohol, playing cards. Everyone of us also involved in other bands and some members are have families. This band is just a hobby. 

Who is the main song and lyric writer?  What should we know about your lyrics? 

- About lyircs: antichristian-stuff , drinking alcohol, hangovers and everything weird. I usually write the riffs for songs and sometimes we create them together, the lyrics are our common work.

Is there any plans to release a new material in the near future? 

- 6 new songs have been recorded and mixed in the last year but I better do not promise anything. Let's see when we will be ready for a new release...

Country of origin: Finland 
Location: Helsinki, Uusimaa/Lahti, Päijät-Häme/Riihimäki, Kanta-Häme  Formed in: 2004 
Genre: Thrash Metal 
Lyrical themes: Horror, Lizards of the Night, Madness, Terror, War. 
Current label: Metal Warning Years 
1997-2004 (as Pedro Anthares Group) 

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