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2021. december 17., péntek

The Magus/Magus Wampyr Daoloth

 Interview with The Magus/

Magus Wampyr Daoloth

Hail to Thee The Magus, I’m so honoured to talk to you on my own small Inferno Archangel’s Lantern.
Yoth Iria unleashed a magnificent old school LP ‘As the Flame Withers’. Would you be so kind to enlighten us all the important information about that album and Hellish Hellenic Alliance between you and Jim Mutilator? What is your current line-up?

- The funny thing is that in the beginning I was hesitant to join the band. Jim called me and asked me to sing, I told him: “I am so busy right now, but because it is you I will make a guest appearance. Pls send me the music to see if I like it. If I like it , I will do it.” After I listened to the material I LOVED it. I decided to join the band as a full member. And together with Jim and George Emmanuel we composed the full album of the band “As the Flame withers”. The basic material was already there by Jim but I added my personal touch here and there, made a few changes and George worked a lot in the orchestrations. Yoth Iria combines the old school feeling with a new and dynamic spirit.

Necromantia released a new and sadly final album ‘To the Depths We Descend’ on the 15th of October this year, a great Tribute to the memory of your friend, band mate Baron Blood (R.I.P.) When I listened to that amazing farewell LP, I felt sadness in my heart but from other side I clearly understood you to close activity with Necromantia. I marked 10 ’To the Depths We Descend’ in my Hungarian review (thank you very much for sharing that on your official facebook-page). Tell us more about the songs, lyrics and fantastic occult artwork.

- Thank you very much for the 10! We are honored/.Well a farewell album is never something easy. I felt the need to honor my brother and co-musician for 30 years. 30 years we made music together. His sudden departure affected very deep emotionally. I had to externalize this wrath and sorrow somehow…..and the best way was to write music. I found two excellent musicians to help me make my vision a reality: George Emmanuel on guitars and Yiannis Votsis on drums. Without them the album would not be that great. And of course I did not dare to touch the 8-string bass. This belongs to the Baron. It stays with him forever….

Share with us some of your thoughts about Lord Baron (R.I.P.) …

- As I said I lost a friend who I knew since high school. Besides music I always treasure the moments we did vacation, drinking, discussing, researching and testing the occult world. Baron Blood was a very intelligent person, an excellent musician but also very reluctant. His small circle of friends was enough for him. He did not need more. Traditional heavy metaler, cognac drinker and pipe tobacco smoker. The great moments we had together are too many to share…..

My good old metal brother Innominandus made a drawing of Hecate in 2020 and the new version of your Dragon sigil which marks Necromantia departure this year. Will you cooperate with him later then as well?

 - Yes, but I cannot reveal yet. The highly talented, and very well versed in the occult,  Innominandus has designed for us 9 daemonic entities. I cannot reveal more yet. Time will come…

Which keyboarders, bass-players and vocalists inspired you at the very start? Name us your favorite ones please.

- I am a bass player above all. Steve Harris, Joe Di Maio are two of my main influences but the persona who influenced me more than anyone is Cronos of VENOM. I really love his chaotic bass playing and his vocals. He was one of the few extreme vocalists of the time who knew how to color his voice according to the song and lyrics. I also do this with my vocals. Or at least I try! Martin Ain, Timi Hansen were amazing bass players. As for vocalists: Quorthon, Tom Warrior and King Diamond are some of my old time faves together with Ronnie James Dio and Eric Adams.

You played as a guest on Ancient Rites’ track “From Beyond the Grave, Part 2” (keyboards/organ) and on tracks of Danse Macabre: “Psychopompos” and “Dream Within a Dream” (bass). How did happen that amazing cooperation between you and Gunther Theys back in the day? What are your most preferred songs/albums of Ancient Rites?

- Gunther’s wife is Greek. He met her while he was here for live shows. Therefore after this he became a more frequent visitor to Greece. We were good friends so it was inevitable to work with him in a musical level. Danse Macabre was Gunter’s idea. I love to try different things so I joined them for this EP! “The Diabolic Serenades” and “Dim Carcosa” are my favorite albums by Ancient Rites.

Thou Art Lord are other great Greek horde you are involved. I like a lot all of the albums (since demo and split EP with Ancient Rites) you released through the years but for me ‘Thou Art Lord’ debut “Eosphoros” is absolutely a brilliant masterpiece where have been invited Gunther Theys and Mika Luttinen as special guests. What is the situation with Thou Art Lord nowadays?

- THOU ART LORD was always a band that we simply played the music we love. There was no originality or creativity, simply playing, jamming extreme metal music. This is why it is a band which is always in hibernation. We may release an album in two years or ten years. Whenever we feel like it we shall do it. It is just a band to channel energy and enjoy playing.

Give the readers a share in your thoughts of Andrea Meyer (R.I.P.) please.

- I was really shocked when I learned about her murder. It was totally out of the blue…..this is what shitty religions do to people, they make them fanatics, lunatics or sheep for manipulation. Fuck! Her death was like a fist in my face! She was a very intelligent and talented person. I loved her music projects and in the past we had long talks about the occult, witchcraft, ancient lore and the metaphysical. We have shared our experiences like to travelers on the same path. This led to our collaboration, when she did the lyrics for “The Arcane Light of Hecate”. My deepest sympathy to her family. I will always remember her she will have a special place in my heart.

You are a rapier maestro and I’m just so fascinated to read your posts about your passion and adore your notes about historical fencing. Tell the readers more about it.

- I love historical fencing and HEMA in general for two reasons: it connects me with my past and my cultural inheritance through historical research and it something that involves swords! I love swords; they are my passion since I was a kid. So the opportunity to learn actual sword-fighting as they did in the past was too good to pass. I do this for 15 years now….and I love every minute of it.

What are your most preferred poets, writers and philosophers (and their works), sculptors/sculptures of Ancient Hellas?

- Plato “Politeia”, Pythagoras for his thought on mathematics, metaphysics and music, Epicurus for his practical view of things. Fedias was the top sculptor of all times.

Which newcomer Greek bands are your recommendations?

- Lucifer’s Child are top notch and Synteleia and Drakon Ho Megas for the old school spirit.

Thank you very much/ευχαριστώ πολύ The Magus! Send your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern to complete this interview please.

- Support great music whenever you find it. Be true to yourselves. Create not copy. Embrace the wonders of the Dark. 

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