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2021. december 28., kedd

Johan Jansson

 Johan Jansson

In Memoriam Lars-Göran Petrov

(17.II.1972-7.III.2021 R.I.P.)

When and how did you meet Lars-Göran the very first time?

- I don’t remember exactly but it was in the late 80’s or early 90’s probably at some gig. We were often at killer gigs in Stockholm at Fryshuset and also in Fagersta at Rockborgen and Bergslagsrocken.

Morbid was (and still is) a cult horde among the underground fans and Lars-Göran as Drutten made a killer job on drums. Did you see them live back in the day? Have you any preferred tracks from Morbid-heritage?

- I didn’t get the chance to see them live unfortunately but I heard of them at that time. Yeah, it’s definitively a cult band and he was a great drummer! John in Interment had the demo tape that we listened to many times.

Nihilist demos and Entombed: ‘Left Hand Path’ are both milestones not only in Swedish Death metal scene but globally as well. When did you see them at their shows first? Which songs are your favorite ones from Nihilist-era and ‘Left Hand Path’? 

- Like with Morbid I unfortunately didn’t see Nihilist either, think it was because we didn’t know about all the small gigs in Stockholm in the beginning. We live in a small city but sometimes you saw and got flyers for that kind of gigs. The Death Metal scene and the underground gigs were growing fast and were now more announced in fanzines and flyers and posters everywhere.

I would say that all of the songs are my favorites! The Left Hand Path album really blew me away when I heard it. Same with the Carnage album that came afterwards. The old Nihilist demo tapes are so evil and raw, destroys everything! Unbelievable that they could do such killer songs so young! Some of my favorite songs are definitively: Abnormally Deceased, Face of Evil, Severe Burns, Supposed to Rot, Drowned, But Life’s Goes On… as I said, all of them!

Lars-Göran was the vocalist of Swedish Comecon for a short time (in ‘91/92) and their debut LP is just an excellent one in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts on ‘Megatrends in Brutality’?

- Yeah, that’s right. I think it was a great band with the guys from Krixhjälters (later Omnitron) with LG on vocals. Really like it and I have the debut on vinyl of course.

 However, Entombed changed its style from ‘Wolverine Blues’ but I must say I never had any problems with that and I like a lot all of their later albums. Do you have any favorite LPs/EPs/songs from their Death’n’Roll period?

- I think all of their albums are great! The “Same Different” album was odd but still a killer album, it still sounded Entombed. Today I will say that the last album they did, “Serpent Saints…” is the weakest album. I heard that they were not so satisfied with that album, with the sound and the songs. As I said earlier, I like them all.

Johan, you joined the forces of Entombed A.D. as a guitarist on their live shows in 2014. Would you be so kind to tell the readers how that awesome alliance happened?

- Well, I actually thought that they were on the edge to put the band on ice because it was a bit quiet from them. They separated with Alex Hellid and then he and LG was messing around about the rights of the name of Entombed etc. But anyway it was Victor who called me in the summer 2014 and asked if I wanted to play guitar for them. I actually said no first because it felt strange to play with one of your favorite bands with only LG as an original member and take over after Alex because I’m not an excellent lead guitarist etc. But Victor persuaded me to give it a try at least. So I went down for rehearsal and we tried like 8 songs, both old and new, that worked out very well. I choose some of my favorite songs of course! They said that I was 100 times better that Alex but I didn’t agree, of course I was flattered… Well so after that rehearsal I was in.

For me it was an awesome experience to see Entombed A.D. live with you and to talk a bit with Lars-Göran after that unforgettable show in Kosice/Slovakia on the 16th of October, 2014. What would you say were the most successful performances of “Back to the Front European Tour”? Are there any interesting or funny stories?

- Well, I think all of the gigs on that tour were awesome! Of course some of them were better and worse but overall it was a killer tour with Grave and Repuked. (Implode on the second half) Too many crazy and funny stories that would be a book if you ask me haha…

What is your opinion on Entombed A.D. and Firespawn albums?

- I really like both bands and all their albums. Firespawn is brutal as hell and with LG’s vocals it kills! Sadly it wouldn’t come any more albums now…

Lars-Göran was a huge fan of Swedish Mefisto and he was asked to put his infernal vocals on the track “Let Go of Life” in 2017. In my opinion it’s just a brilliant song, what do you think about it?

- I totally agree. When LG sings it’s always brilliant. I prefer the old demo tapes with Mefisto but the new stuff is great too.

Your band Interment played with Entombed A.D. in your hometown Avesta on 13th of March, 2020. How do you remember that concert?

- It was a really fun and awesome gig at a really small venue here in Avesta. The venue was packed and it was total support. This was their second last show because the pandemic restrictions. Their last show ever was in Uppsala the day after. Sad but true. I’m grateful that I met LG that evening without any knowledge that he was in bad shape and sick.

Johan I’m so thankful for this special interview. And to complete our conversation, could you share a joke or funny thoughts from Lars-Göran as He was a very cheerful One? He will be in our hearts always, R.I.P.

- Thanx Georgius for the interview. I hope to meet you someday so we can drink some beers and vodka. Well, as you say LG was very cheerful and was joking all the time. Many jokes were so bad that you couldn’t resist laughing anyway. Another thing that is well known is that he always asked for cigarettes. - Do you have a smoke? Another thing is that when foreign bands, big as small, played in Stockholm he was always on their guest lists. Well, he will live forever in our hearts and never forgotten, He was one of a kind and with his personality and amazing voice! But life’s goes on…


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