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2021. december 15., szerda

Tobias Fongelius Jormundgand/Burning Eye Productions (29.XII.2011)

 Interview with Tobias Fongelius 

(Jormundgand and Burning Eye Productions) 

Encomium, 29.XII.2011 

(Questions compiled  by Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

"Nowadays there's really just a few record labels left true to the underground spirit and its former magic. So I am really happy to introduce you Burning Eye Productions from Sweden, a young label, which definitely follows the path of the true underground spirit. All the latest news & future plans were kindly transmitted to us by Tobbe (who also appears as guitarist/vocalist for Jormundgand)!"
Cornelius of Castrum/Encomium

Is there any special reason for forming Burning Eye Productions? Tell us in short the story behind your label.

- The main reason to start Burning Eye Productions was because we, Tobbe and Erika, felt that we refused to compromise with our material. One label didn't like our cover art and told us to change. One label didn't like the name "Jormundgand". Another one didn't like the "Occult Sacrifice" and "By the Grace of Death" songs and asked us if it was possible to skip those hymns! (Assholes!) So that was a huge reason for us to start our own label - Total control of the product and our creation without compromising with some fuckheads ideas about how it should look or sound like!
The other reason is that we have a great interest in arranging gigs. So when we had just started Burning Eye Productions we decided to arrange a gig straight away. We wanted it to be a gig to remember and it ended up with a killer lineup! Vulcano, legendary black/death from Brazil, (on their first tour outside South America). The black metal gods Nifelheim and one of the best fucking heavy metal bands around - RAM! We named this magical night to "Thunder Metal Massacre".

Enlighten us the plans Burning Eye Productions for the forthcoming years.

- We will split up Burning Eye Productions in two parts. One part for arranging gigs (with bands that WE think is kicking ass with all other bands) and it doesn't necessarily have to be a big and famous band, as long as the true spark and dedication is there, it will catch our ears! The other part will search for bands that we want to give the mark of Burning Eye Productions. And we won't force the bands to erase tracks, change bandnames or logos! We feel and appreciate the music and the true art behind it instead of just looking at the surface, counting money.

You've done a gig under the banner of Burning Eye Productions with the following bands: Vulcano, Nifelheim, RAM. How did it turn out? Do you have similar actions planned for the future too?

- To return to the question about "Thunder Metal Massacre"; It was truly a great success! It was almost sold out even though the gig was to take place on a Wednesday! All the bands were 100% on top and it was a hell of a great time as well as in the audience as backstage between the bands! The bar had never sold so much beer on a weekday before!!!
We have plans to arrange a gig again in the near future. But first we have some other stuff to take care of... You will see...

Now some other kind of question. Does the Viking heritage influence you in one or other way? Or Satanism is above all?

- Well, I guess that the "Pagan" or "Folk" tunes influence us in one way or another. But the direction of Jormundgand is very clear to us. It's all an obeisance to Satan and the dark depths in our within, where the black flame grows stronger for each day! Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! Ave Lucifer! 

You play in Jormundgand. Can we expect your band's materials to be released on Burning Eye Productions?

- Yes. The thing is that we have some more material to record and after that we are going to release a 12” EP trough Burning Eye Productions.

What Black Metal means to you?

- Black Metal to me is total devotion and dedication to the dark. A tool to place a seed in the inner self of the listeners, and hopefully they will let it grow and find the strength to search the truth and to explore the undefiled paths that is, for the blind, covered in shadows and darkness!

Do you play live with Jormundgand? If so, do you use Satanic symbols or effects to decorate your live performance?

- The thing is that we had some gigs, more or less ready, to play in the beginning of 2011. But as it always has been with Jormundgand, everything just felled apart in our hands and it was total chaos! We had to put the band aside for a moment and catch our breath. But now we rehearse more than ever before and we hope that Jormundgand will be ready for the stage in the end of 2011! The marks of Satan lives in myself and in my flesh. I guess that’s enough, at the moment. But we will have a great amount of bones and bone relations with us on stage! 

For your previous materials you had guest appearances (both for cover art and for backing vocals too). Please tell us about that.

- Well, on the first demo "Satanic Attack", it was just me and Erika that played in the band. But our friends of the great band "Vornth" was helping us with the instruments that we needed. It all ended up with a full band for a while! Something that's quite rare in the history of Jormundgand! When it was time for the vocals I felt that we needed something more in the song "Satanic Attack". I asked "Hellbutcher" from Nifelheim if he wanted to put some backing vocals and he liked the material so he agreed. He helped us a lot with that demo. He painted the cover art, took the band photos and made the T-shirts as well! For the next coming release it will be "Tyrant" from Nifelheim doing the cover. I told him what I wanted and he delivered the most impressive piece of art! Both Tyrant and Hellbutcher are true artists!

If there would be a chance to invite a Ukrainian or Hungarian Black or Death metal band, which would it be?

- Hm, hard to say. It would be a great honor for us to have Tormentor if they started up again! Then we have Pokolgép, Nocturnal Rites, Domhring and Castrum.
I'm not that conversant in the Hungarian and Ukrainian metal scene and I'd really like you to recommend bands that you think I should listen to! 
(I would definitely recommend you to listen to these Ukrainian bands: Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Ulvegr, - Cornelius)

Tack!!! Hail Satan! Hail Azerate! Last Satanic rites for the end...

- Thanks my friends! If there is anyone who thinks that Burning Eye Productions sounds like the label for YOUR band, send a mail to our myspace: 
www.myspace.com/burningeyeproductions. An email to burningeyeproductions@gmail.com 

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