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2019. szeptember 19., csütörtök

Stéphanie Sørensen

Art of Stéphanie Sørensen
Self taught artist and black metalhead since 1992, I enjoy expressing my passion for music through my artwork, it is dark and powerful like my favourite musicians.

Jon Andreas Nödtveidt is one of my favourite painting subject, you can never have enough of Jon's pictures. I particularly like this pose, I have used only a thin black ink pencil with dabs of silver and gold pigments. This portrait is featured in my Black metal book collection which was released recently.

My tribute to Jon  Andreas Nödtveidt (R.I.C.), Dissection, fan since the early nineties, I have used different techniques for this DINA4 portrait. Two types of charcoals, China ink and gold pigments to create a unique shine.
This portrait is a a present to my friend Raquel, illustrating artist at Nekroticism Illustrations, she is based in Spain.

This is another charcoal china ink portrait of legendary Jon Nödtveidt from his Wacken performance in 1997. I was lucky to be there, drowned in a typical 1990s metal crowd, awesome memories!

This is a portrait I made exclusively with a charcoal pencil, Quorthon is an important figure in the Black metal scene and I'm a fan for so many years. 'Blood Fire Death' is always spinning on my turntable.

Portraits of Erik Danielsson, Watain's frontman. I have used China ink and charcoals for these. Watain performances on stage is an experience you will never forget. Fav albums are 'Wild Hunt and 'Lawless Darkness'

DINA3 portrait of a young Euronymous, I have used gold pigmented ink, a black Faber Castel ink pencil which I use very often and charcoals. This portrait to me reveals the real Øystein, a cool friendly guy.

DINA3 format, watercolor based and ink portrait of Euronymous. The red pigment that I used and mixed with ink is actually my own blood to create a rich poignant red shine. Euronymous is an important icon to me, he is the main source of my artistic inspiration. The past is still alive.

DINA3 portrait of legendary Dead former Morbid and Mayhem singer. With such an iconic status, that legendary Swedish unique black metal performer deseved to be painted. Gold ink is my signature, since Per Ohlin had beautiful long blonde hair I wanted to enhance the hair shine with pure gold to give a more dramatic effect. Rest in Chaos.

I have used and abused gold pigmented ink and silver China ink for these 2 portraits of Dead. They are my 2 favourite Dead faces, you can see his real self right there, a sweet intelligent dreamer.

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