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Daniel AverX

Interview with Daniel AverX  
(Morbid Funeral, AverXu AtrIum,  
Zwarte Vlam)

Salve Daniel! How did you become a metalhead? Tell us about the bands you played in and the activity in those bands! 
- Salve my brother Georgius thanks for taking your time for this interview.
Actually the history started with my father, uncle and cousin. Since I was a young kid, they always put me rock and roll music and some heavy metal stuff, like: Kiss, Black Sabbath, Dio, Iron Maiden, old Helloween among others. I was very young but they always gave advices for buying music like: "support the real matter" , and  "if you wanna support any band, you must buy the material, no mp3, support the real music"  they said.
During all these years since i knew the knowledge of the instruments and the music I have had many bands, many mates and well, some stupid kids on the way. The working with those bands in most of the times was great, i was very proud of played the things that I really like. 
The first band was called : Children of the Grave, the sound was very heavy, inspired of old heavy metal, we recorded a couple of songs and two gigs in my country: Costa Rica. The band disolved very quickly, the other members wanted to "continue" with their lifes.
Later i began to worked with my own project, yes, a black metal project, the name was Vedar Gal ( 2006 )  We record an split with : Khephra (Italy) and Al-Azif (Costa Rica) and one demo calls : S.L.S., later I decided to finish the band and begin with a new one. During all these years, since that I founded  Vedar Gal, many of the ex-members had problems with me, I suppose because they always had another point of view different of my kind of knowledge. By now, the problems have been solved but I decided to iniciate another project. These days the name of the main band is: AverXu AtrIum.

In which bands do you play nowadays? Share us please all the important infos about them!
- Well, now I’m playing with 3 bands: 
1. Morbid Funeral  2. AverXu AtrIum 3. Zwarte Vlam.
1. In Morbid Funeral I am the lead guitarist, I compose the most of the songs, I'm really proud of play with this band, is one of the most older black metal bands in Costa Rica, since 1995.
I entered in the band in the latest days of 2009, we start to recording the first “7 EP of the band and the first of the black metal scene in here, the “7 EP was called :"Lord of demons". Thanks to Shaxul (ex-Deathspell Omega, Manzer) and Legion of Dead Records for this opportunity, the working  process was great and the final material was great too.
After this we started to playing in some gigs, one of them in Panamá (Brother country land) with one of the most brutal black metal bands that I heard, almighty Equinoxio. The shows in foreign lands were great, nice people, nice scene on that country. I was very happy.
Later we began to worked for the new split with Equinoxio and yes, working with these guys is always awesome, the recording session in my house was great, the composition was created by me and Samael  (main guitarist) and Balpehor H.C. (main founder of the band , and vocals from hell).
The split was called: "Fuck you all in the name of the goat", the release was very rude, black metal without mercy, directly to the brain.
By now, we are working on the new album, it will be called: "Sumerian Rites" almost of the composition songs are by me and Balpehor. If you are maniacs- followers want to more news of the band , you can contact wit us in the facebook page: www.facebook.com/morbidfuneralcr
The current line up of this moment:
Balpehor - vocals, Samael - guitars, Thomas - bass, Arnold - drums and myself - guitars. 
2. In AverXu AtrIum, I am the main founder, in the composition thing  I do everything, lyrics and music and I play all the instruments but now with the help of one of the most oldest warriors from Costa Rica, is Lord Amarok (R. Fexur VI) member and founder of  Amarok (1995). We are going to prepare a new upcoming demo I will be called:"Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω". The band is recently new, I’ve formed in 2013.
Current line-up of this band:
R. Fexur VI: vocals, D. AverX XI (all the instruments) 
3. And finally, in Zwarte Vlam, I am the main founder too, and I play all the instruments, the band was formed in 2009, we have two splits, the first one is:
A. Walking Down Through the Path of Desolation (With Necrosadik and Balpehor)
B.  Satanic Victory and Glory (with Amarok) 
And now the first demo: it’s calls "Let the serpent reach you" total devotion of the "SANTA MUERTE" and the ancient serpent.
Sometimes I give help to a couple of bands, like Paganus Doctrina, Amarok and Zyanide.

Would you be so kind to introduce us in scene of Costa Rica? What bands would you recommend us?
- I do not really regret to say it but the Costa Rican scenes SUCKS, most of the "metalheads" want downloaded music, they do not support the real stuff, I rarely  see a guy buying music in here, the funny thing is, here in Costa Rica WE HAVE many stores for buying music, doing trades and everything but they prefer to download music, fuck with them.
With the Costa Rican bands, well , I like few ones, like Insepulto, Paganus Doctrina, Chemical Devastation, Necrolisis, Eternal, Despair, Amarok but the rest, I don’t know, they do not complete myself , I don’t care if there are good musicians but the sound is not for me. 
This scene is very poor in my point of view, no one goes to the country concerts, no one support the bands, is very rarely to see people supporting music in here, only a few ones, we make the difference.

What is the situation with live shows?
- The situation with the gigs , well, like I said before , no one supports the bands in here, actually , with my another band Morbid Funeral , the gig in Panamá was great, that people always support, and BUY MUSIC, the funny thing is, IN PANAMA there is no METAL STORES but they buy music via internet. 
This year, Morbid Funeral, we had two gigs in here, few people, few support  but the concerts were great, we always play loud, we do not care, if is a full concert, we trying to do our best, nothing more.

Enlight us about lyrical conception of your past and active bands!
- The lyrical conception is very primordial in any band, bands without true lyrics, without feeling are nothing, when I started to write in 2006, I always liked dark and occultism topics, I really like to read books and drown  in them – Life without reading is a wasted time.

The lyrics of bands are very occultism we have read many books , all the members of the band has the need to read. 
- In the case of Morbid Funeral, the main founder writes about the ancient occultism while in AverXu AtrIum I have more devotion for the cult of death, The santa muerte, one of the best books I ever read is: The Liber Falxifer part 1 and 2, true message, beyond the flesh.
We always trying do things to be proud of ourselves, the lyrical concept are many experiences of life, personal, professional, etc. 
Thess days I’m very proud to read and writing this kind of stuff, most of the people do not care about the lyrics …  and for me is the best escape of this carnal temple.

From where do you take inspirations for your music?
- The inspirations come out from my room, before I started to do music or lyrics, I always put my candles and I read a book, later, I take my guitar , I'm relaxing, I put some ambiental music and I start to write,  in the most of the cases je je. 
But the true is, that I always practice, day and night, I study music, I love music in all its aspects, is an art, is the best way to escape from this plane.
Thanks to Jon Andreas Nödtveidt! 

Did you play any covers with your bands? If yes, which ones?
- Yes I did bro,  in Morbid Funeral, we always play :"The Gate of Nanna" from Beherit, in some shows we playing a lot of songs from Celtic Frost.
In Averxu Atrium, last year I recorded a cover from the BEST BAND in metal history, it was Dissection , and the cover was: "Black Horizons."
Now I’m planning to record a Watain´s song, from the elder albums. 

What is your opinion about Jon Andreas Nödtveidt and heritage of mighty Dissection?
- What can I tell you about Jon? … for  me He is a total inspiration, a great man without a doubt  it, his music, his knowledge about the life and death were great. Buying his music, reading the interviews... I have no common words to express myself, Jon was great, he always will be great! 
I'm glad for you Georgius, you have the opportunity to spoke with him, a total support of this great brother! Dissection is one of my favourite bands in metal history, actually I have all the albums, his mind was beyond of this flesh, he is always one of my inspirations he was the true master, his legacy will live forever,  his music is always going to go beyond, HAIL TO JON! 616 218.

Do You have any hobbies or interests beside music? What are your favourite albums, books and movies? 
- Of course my dear friend, besides music, I like to read (a lot).
 About favorites albums, well, I have many, like: Wall of Jericho from Helloween, ALL DISSECTIONS ALBUMS , the first works of Watain, Beherit, Black Witchery, Mystifier  etc.

About books and movies, I have declared a  fan of the Lord Of the Rings history, those movies, books and everything, for me are great.
Beside I really like to enjoy books like Pandaradox, The Liber Falxifer, some Aleister Crowley books, etc. 

What do you recommend of Costa Rican national food and drink to us?
- The Costa Rican foods are amazing, and the beer too jeje, nothing like a rice and beans with a good beer (Imperial Beer of course).  In here we always eat things like with rice, chicken, meat and in some cases with fruits jeje.
What are your plans this year? (new releases, live shows)
Well brother, by now, we are working on the new albums, with the three bands I have a lot of things to do, with the gigs, I do not know, cause we are working a lot with recording sessions, by now we are centering to record and everything but the idea of to do a show, is not too far.

Muchas gracias, Daniel! At the end send us some thoughts…
- It’s always a pleasure to speak with you, a true brother, thanks for your time, for your support to the band and everything, it was an amazing and funny interview. 
Thanks , I will keep inform you about the progress of my bands.
I would like to thank so many brothers, to Jonah From Evil Shepherd and of course to you Georgius, stay in contact!
Daniel AverX XI

Official facebook-page: facebook.com/averxuatriumXI?fref=ts

(AverXu Atrium - Jentyamentiu Averni)

 Morbid Funeral: facebook.com/morbidfuneralcr

(Interview with Daniel has taken by Georgius and Sorin Necrotrooper)

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Mickael Broberg

Interview with Mickael Broberg 
(Unanimated, Born For Burning,  
The 13th Passenger, Daemonium Regni)

Hail, Mickael! Your legendary band, Unanimated, relesead a LP last time in 2009. Please tell us the latest infos regarding Unanimated! (actual line-up, new, possible recording, concerts)
- Hail Georgius and to you who´s reading this! 
Well, there has been some ups and downs with Unanimated since the reunion 2007/2008. 
When we decided to get back together after 13 years of silence, we did it with a believe to stay. With the members from when we ended, exept for our lead guitarist Jonas Mellberg. Who´s got fired from the band back in the 90´s. So we started the reunion with Peter Stjärnvind, Johan Bohlin, Richard Cabeza and of course with myself, Micke Broberg (I changed my last name from Jansson to Broberg, Broberg was my father’s last name. He passed away at the age of 57, and to honour him I felt it natural to wear his name). In the 2008 we played our first gig since the 90´s at Stockholm, a few days later at "Party San Festival". With the same line up, exept for our old friend and live session member Erik Wallin (Merciless, Trash Amigos, Harms Way etc.) on the lead guitar. After that short but intense "tour", we went to the studio and recorded " In The Light Of Darkness" in 10 days. There has been a lot of request about gigs and tours, but we seemed to fall back to the 90´s somehow. 
The focus were once again with side projects and other bands, there just didn´t seems to be any time over for Unanimated.
But as old friends we all are, we always seems to find back to each other no matter how long the time passes. Even if years goes by, we are as it was just yesterday.
We did one more gig in 2010, a headline in a underground black metal festival in Speyer, Germany. Since Erik left the band after our gig in Party San, Set Teitan (Dissection etc.) joined us at the guitar. We were asked to play at Maryland Deathfest 2012 but then Peter decided to go seperate ways, and the time was to short to find another drummer and Set had problems to get a visa to enter USA. And we did not want to just take in more live members just for the gig. So we decided not to play that year. But we have now another drummer, Anders Schultz (Unleashed) which will stay with us as far as we know. So now, we are writing songs to our fourth album. Which will be our first priority now. But nothing is for sure, and we have not yet found a suitable label (since Regain falled into the abyss). But we do want to continue our work, we are not close to finished with Unanimated. 
The line-up for today is:
Richard Cabeza - Bass
Johan Bohlin - Guitar
Micke Broberg - Vocals
Set Teitan - Guitar
Anders Schultz - Drums

Back to the past a little bit. When You engaged with metal and which was your first band?
-"Bathory" was naturally an important side of me that opened my eyes wide at that time and still are.  I heard some German thrash metal bands in the mid 80´s, Kreator was among the first thrash bands I heard and I was hooked of course. After that the nowadays classic metal bands and death metal was just around the corner to open my eyes even further. And then of course even black metal. Still listen to old thrash bands though, that will never die. When I was 17, I started a kind of death/thrash metal band called "Twisted Flesh" and we recorded a rehearsal "one song" demo "Twisted Flesh Of Death". Never been released though, for the best I am sure, we sounded like crap. 
One year later I ended up in the same school class as Peter Stjärnvind, and together we formed "Damnation" and I was playing the bass and vocals. In that same time, I learned how to play drums and also formed the thrash metal band "Celestial Pain" back in the early 90´s with my old friend Johan Sandberg (John Blackwar, also guitarist in the bands as "Incursion" and "Unpure"). Later on, Cabeza quit Unanimated and there was not really a question who they wanted on vocals. The rest is history you all know. 

Unanimated as musically as lyrically has a very dark atmosphere. Enlight us about the lyrical conceptualism, please!
- I think it just comes to us naturally, its nothing we work on or make an effort to do. Even more natural now since our "Light Of Darkness" release, we are darker than ever. Older than ever to, so I think we are more balanced as people, and has found our way. It is nothing rebellious as it could have seemed to be when we were much younger. Nowadays we know our place, our beliefs are clear. Even though I would not call myself a "true" satanist at all, I am more than familiar with evil and that do has a special place within me. 

On the latest The Pete Flesh Deathtrip album, „Mortui Vivos Docent”, You have been as a special guest in vocals. How many tracks did You shared with Pete? (I’ve just heard "Fallen Bliss” and I must to say it is an awesome song)
- Yeah, I think the whole album is really great. He has captured more than just a good album, it has many different styles and depths, and I can’t see how anyone can’t love this album. It grows stronger the more you listen to it. I was asked by Pete to sing just one track "Fallen Bliss", but he found my vocals very suiting and asked me to sing some more. I had very free hands to do the vocals my own way, and I also wrote the lyrics on those I sang. After "Fallen Bliss" I did "The Eternal Dawn", and "Suicide End" we sang together, which brings a special depth to it all with both of our different styles in vocals.
"Ravens Reborn", did not wrote the lyrics on that one. "Bleed", a different song on the album. A heavy piece with a vocals I did in the moment of recording, felt natural to do it that way. And I did some lines at "God Of The Crawling Whore" and the dark talking voice. Working with Pete was very simple and I enjoyed working with him and Peter Bjärgö in the studio, he let me do what I do best with no strings attached and I think the outcome was great working that way.  I don’t know if we will ever work again, but it was great and fun doing it. 

You have an amazing band, called "Born for Burning". Tell the readers all the important things about this horde!
Yes, "Born For Burning" is a solo project of mine. A project I’ve been thinking about to do since the early 90´s. It is very much inspired by the almighty "Bathory", and it is kind of a tribute to him and his work. Which I have lived by so many years. I recorded three songs, which will be released as a 7" Ep at "Hammerheart Records" in January 2014. This project may turn out as a live band as well, depending how the interest of live shows it will give. More songs are in the making, and we´ll see how things go. Or maybe I will stop at this 7" and lay to rest at it is, somethings it is for the best to quit it if you don’t know if you will do better. Because this project is to honour Quorthon, I would not release anything half done if you know what I mean..

Would you be so kind to give us some information about your another band, The 13th Passenger? 
- "The 13th Passenger" are close to me, this it what makes me really burn. Also a "solo project" for the time being, but this I have plans for to expand with more members.
Not sure yet, if I want just live members or more than that. This is not any extreme metal band, more like occult stoner metal Black Sabbath kind of, perhaps. I am going to let the listener decide that one. 
It started back in 2004, and was more likely Black Sabbath. I recorded one demo "The Arrival", but never did release it. Because I was not completely satisfied with the performance both musically and vocally. I am releasing a 7" EP in the mid September 2013, with two songs. In the near future there will be more serious recordings and a full- length album, with a label I can not reveal just yet.
I think my influence to "The 13th Passenger" mostly comes from a band I played drums in at that time called "Harms Way" (with Erik Wallin, Fredda Lindgren and Dimman. We released a single with 3 songs). Terra Firma and Black Sabbath with "The Devils Blood" has influenced me a lot too.

Did you ever played with Your bands in Eastern-European region and what do You think about Hungarian and Ukrainian scene? (I hope we will see you at live there soon)
- We never did play in that regions sadly, I think that would have been awesome. And I believe the audience is something extra, and would like to experience that. Still, it is not too late and absolutely not impossible for us to come over there and bring you the Firestorm! With Unanimated I can’t say for sure where the future will take us, first of all we will record our fourth album and after that the gates are open..There are something special with Eastern-European metal bands, something mysterious and darker way over it that I cant explain. Like the legendary "Master´s Hammer".
I think the Hungary and Ukrainian scene is as good as any, many great bands and musicians from those regions, I actually googled and found so many great bands. The future looks good for Ukrainian scene, many "young" bands are coming forth. 

What Swedish bands do you recommend us and what do you think about the Swedish scene nowadays?
- I think the Swedish scene has always been great, even nowadays. But maybe some bands do sound to much alike and need to find something of their own. I believe the scene not to be as "magical" as it used to or maybe I have grown older and things have changed in ways I am not familiar with. I am not so "into" the scene at all but I think the industry has always a negative impact at the scene as we know it.
The commercial and money-making labels are in fact destroying the true music, and at the same time they are needed to get the scene what it wants. It is complicated, even to explain. (Or I am just full of shit and have no idea what I am talking about, haha).
But I do, if I could be a selfish bastard for a moment, recommend my own bands "The 13th Passenger" and "Born For Burning". Even if I would not play it, I would listen to it.
There are numbers of metal bands I could recommend, but I think you´ve heard them all and you would feel just bored to read them. But I could give you some bands anyway, I saw a couple of months ago a band called "Serpent Omega". I was drunk at the time, but it had an impact on me and I was surprised by the live performance. 
"Atlantic Tide" is another stoner band I enjoy much, it is the same music-writer (Fredda Lindgren) behind "Terra Firma" and "Harms Way". He inspires me so much.
I must also give a word for "Witchcraft", a great 70´s inspired band. 
Many people might high their eyebrows and think "thats not metal", and no, it is not metal. But you have to go beyond that, its not all about metal. True evil has no genre or style. (Or I am just full of shit again). 

Apart from the music, do you have any interesting hobbies? By the way what is your opinion about P.H. Lovecraft and Al Azif/Necronomicon?
- Interesting hobbies? No, not very interesting hobbies really. 
I like to do various of things like writing poems in the woods in front of a fire slowly burning, just kidding, haha. No, I don’t have much time to do anything else. Except for my family and my kids it’s all about the music for me..
I try to teach my children the true evil, and the hard way in life and death. That death is a natural part to life, nothing to be afraid of. But to respect and embrace when the time comes, for the fear has no meaning to the unavoidable. But they are still very young so when the time is right I will give them my wisdom. (Yeah, I am full of it). 

Recommend us please some Swedish foods, drinks, especially from your region!
- Absolutely, we have the Swedish meatballs, worldwide known. A classic, but tasty and I just could not get tired of them.
We do, specially at summertime, barbeque a lot.. I mean a lot! We fucking barbeque everything, but we like it. Meat with potatoes and brown sauce, is always served in the Swedish homes. Meatloaf with bacon, and all kinds of wieners are on our tables.
Pasta, like potatoes, is always a popular dish. 
We drink milk a lot, always milk. I like milk, I used to enjoy beer and every alcoholic beverage. But I have slowed down these days. Age thing again, I guess. 
I am from Stockholm but I moved up north where I live nowadays, up here they enjoy something called "Surströmming". It is rotten fish in a can. Repulsive, but they like their rotten fish in a can. You should try it, for the evil sake. I don’t think I can say more about food than that. 

What are Your favourite all time LP-s?
- I am just putting them down here without any ranking or alphabetic order, this is my short list of those which are meant most to me personally. Both metal and non metal.
-Bathory "The Return".
-Bathory "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark".
-Death "Scream Bloody Gore".
-Kreator "Endless Pain".
-Kreator "Extreme Aggression".
-Metallica "Kill Ém All".
-Metallica "Ride The Lightning"
-Slayer "Hell Awaits".
-Slayer "Reign In Blood".
-Slayer "South Of Heaven".
-Iron Maiden "The Number Of The Beast".
-Iron Maiden "Seven Son Of A Seven Son".
-Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath".
-Black Sabbath "Paranoid".
-Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath".
-Morbid Angel "Altars Of Madness".
-Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon".

 (I could go on forever, and I know some bands and albums I´ve forgotten. But I could not steal any more of your space here).

 Tack så mycket, Mickael! Send to readers, please some thoughts in the end… 
 - Thank you! I have enjoyed this interview very much, even though I am full of shit! Haha. Hope to see you soon on tour, if not with Unanimated, hopefully with one of my other shit. A special thanks to our fans, you know that we are nothing without your burning flame. Hails to you! Watch out for our forth album! And of course my own solo releases.

Links about Mickael's bands:




(Interview with Mickael has done by Georgius and Sorin Necrotrooper) 

Update:  Daemonium Regni was formed in the Winter of 2015. It is an unsigned Black Death Metal project, and is made in a Dark and Cold way..

Facebook page: facebook.com/Daemonium-Regni-752006401594952/ 

Daemonium Regni - Daemonium : 

Daemonium Regni - Mortuus Est: 

Daemonium Regni - Spiritus Inflammo: