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Peter Karlsson

Interview with Peter Karlsson 
(The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, ex-Maze Of Torment, ex-Deceiver)

Hail brother Pete! Regarding your kindness, I had fortune to listen to The Pete Flesh Deathtrip new material, called ”Svartnad” and I must to say, it is a brilliant album. Would you be so kind to tell all the important information about it? What means the word/phrase Svartnad? (please, share with the readers the actual recording line-up/guest musician(s) as well) 
- Thank you very much for those words regarding the album. I would say that the most important thing about the new album is that it´s not a ”Mortui Vivos Docent” part 2. I wanted to create an album that would be a contrast to that one, but still with the same kind of honest and personal dark - atmospheric ingredients. I also changed studio, drummer and producer for this album. ”Svartnad” means ”Blackened” in Swedish. I had that word for a long time in my head, and when the music started to form around the vision I had for this album it became more and more obvious that I would use it, just felt right. I played all the instruments expect the drums. This time it was the producer Henrik Borg that handle that part. We both also did some layers here and there. Henrik also did some guest vocals on two parts on the album. Not so many guest musicians on this album, just Henrik.

What lyrical themes include ”Svartnad”? I’ve watched a lot of times new The Pete Flesh Deathtrip video, ”The Sun Will Fail” and in my opinion is awesome job. Share some thoughts about circumstances of clip-making process. It will be a new video then? 
- It´s is hard to be really objective sometimes when you are in the middle of creating an album, specially when you are writing all the music and lyrics. I read through all the lyrics some days ago and it was easier to be objective when it has gone some time. The lyrics has a really strong suicide, hopelessness, misanthropic atmosphere over them. A lot of past stuff. To get as personal as possible when I write them I just let the pen flow. I think you could say that I am more abstract in a sense when it comes to lyrics, than for example a historical correct writer. It´s more about personal views, experiences and dark emotions. The video has no deeper meaning than that I wanted to create a vibe with so little as possible, no story line etc. Just me and Henrik trying to capture the atmosphere of the song, letting the song doing all the work. But it´s always harder to get something less and abstract to work in the bigger sense. But I am satisfied with the result. Yes, there will be at least one more video. I film a lot on my own and have a big interest in that form of creative work, to bring music and film together. Actually I create my music more through pictures and films in my head than from a clean pure theoretical correct musician point of view.


The track "The Suicide End" from TPFDT debut album "Mortui Vivos Docent" will feature in a German underground horror movie this year. Tell to the readers about this infernal co-operation more, please.
- To be honest I have not heard any news regarding that project in a very long time. Like a lot of creative ideas, visions and goals in life a lot of it ran out in the sand because of financial problems. I´m not saying that this is the case here, but it would not surprise me.

TPFDT - "Demons Nor Zarath" (an excellent track as for me) was recorded for the CriticalMass.se volume 2 LP compilation in 2015 among a lot of another great bands and you signed a contract with this Swedish label for the releasing ”Svartnad” this year. How many releases you will plan with Critical Mass or You only signed for ”Svartnad”? 
- We have only signed for one album deal right now. The music business today is like Russian roulette, so it´s better to work like this.

What is the situation with live shows of The Pete Flesh Deathtrip? (it would be great to see your band at live near my area) 
- There are plans and I´m working on it. I´m sure it will happen one day. There are only some details left to be solved.

Back to the time a bit. What was your very first band? When did you start to play guitar and which guitarists inspired you at that era? Have you some favourite guitarists nowadays? 
- My first band was called Leprost, of course inspired from the Death album ”Leprosy”. No recording or anything like that, but we did one live show. Chuck/Death was of course a big inspiration. Also James/Metallica and Jeff/Slayer. At the beginning you had a more physical approach towards the guitar and making music than the more mental personal vibe you picked up during the years of your own development, that you form your own style with all kind of different influences. I have listen to for example Pink Floyd from an early age, but it took me many years before I really understood the brilliance of David Gilmour´s playing.

I like a lot your previous bands as Harmony, Maze Of Torment, Deceiver. Would you be so kind to talk about these hordes briefly? It is possible, that you with your old mates will do something together again in the future? (maybe a show, or re-release some old stuff with bonuses) 
- Harmony was the seed that led to Torment and then Maze of Torment. I think we had that Harmony name for around two years, did some demos and promos. Maze of Torment was my life for 12 years before I decided to quit. We recorded five studio albums together. They did one more after I left. I forced Deceiver directly after, a band I am really proud of. The albums maybe not always got the proper recording, if we recorder them today they would be a lot better with a better focus, but we were a really good live band and the energy was shown better there. We recorded three full-length albums and one mini album. No, I don´t think I ever will play with any of those bands again. I don´t say that in a arrogant way, it is just the reality. For example, I would never do Deceiver again without the original line-up, when Destormo sang, not me. And for that to happen I see as impossible. We have all different bands and lives today. But if would pick one of my old bands to do anything with, then that would be Deceiver. I would not have any problems with re-releases with any of the old albums, but there have never been any interest from a label. One thing that I really would like to happen is to have the debut album from Maze of Torment ”The Force” out on vinyl. I know that there is a big interest for that from MOT fans.

The first album of The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is one of my favourite releases in 2013. Among the great music your and with Micke Broberg’ vocalizing has totally „killed” me on the good way. What is your opinion about his new project, Daemonium Regni? Maybe in the near future you will work again in some common material? 
- I´m very proud of Mortui Vivos Docent” and also that I had Micke is on there as guest singer on half of the album, he also did some killer lyrics. He is a great creative musician and I like all his stuff, also Daemonium Regni. I would not say that it´s impossible that we would work together again depending on the material etc. The purpose for me with TPFDT is to have different approaches towards every new album. The source and ground is my creative visions, then I try to ”color” them with different elements, could be guest musicians that I not have worked with or something else. But I don´t see it as something impossible. I have tremendous respect for his own work.

(there are  some awesome gifts, which ones Peter sent me) 

Is there any news with the band, BLOOD ON THE AXE, where you are playing together with your son? 
- I guess you could call that band ”Blood on the Ice” right now, not much have happen. He is the leader and chief there, I don´t know if I´m kicked out of the band. I have not been invited to any band meetings in a very long time. It could be that I´m bold, fat and old.

Tack så mycket, brother! Send to the readers some thought of Deathtrip……… 
- Check out the new album ”Svartnad”, out now on CD/LP/digital on Critical Mass Recordings. Thanx brother for the interview and endless support.

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The Pete Flesh Deathtrip: 

Release the first MAZE OF TORMENT album "The Force" on vinyl now Facebook-page:

Critical Mass Recordings: facebook.com/criticalmass.se/?fref=ts

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Infernal Commando Necromansy

 Interview  with Infernal Commando Necromansy
(Horda Profana, Morbosus, Morbid Frost,

Hail brother, Infernal Commando Necromansy, Hellcome in Archangel’s Lantern! When and how did you enjoy extreme music? What bands influenced you in the beginnings? What was your very first band?
- First of all THANX  for your interest and support, Bro! I entered the Metal Realm around '83 with KISS, MAIDEN, JUDAS, etc... watching their videos from a local broadcast here in Argentina ....and in the extreme Path when I've found SLAYER, CELTIC FROST, EXODUS, DEATH, POSSESSED, SEPULTURA, etc.. my main influences  were  always  SLAYER, BATHORY, DEATH AND early SEPULTURA...when I've heard "BESTIAL DEVASTATION”  for the first time, I knew there's NO RETURN! HAILS!!  My first band was MY FIRST BAND WAS BAXAXA at early 90's.

As far as I know, You were a former member of an Argentinian black metal horde, called Baxaxa, as Necrostorm (vocals) in the middle of ’90-s.  Tell to the readers more about your past activity in this band!
- Yeah, I’ve been there for a couple of years. I sang and play drums with my partner Soulripper. We released a pro demo-tape in 1995 called "ERSCHEINUNGEN” via SOUTHERN HELLISH PROD...Then we disappeared from the scene when Soulripper left the band searching other musical PATHS...I’ve been frozen for almost 17 years from the scene for lack of partners to create what I’ve always wanted to create: BLACK METAL OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION! Last year BLACK KAOS DESCENT released a pro tape COMPILATION with unreleased songs and demos from BAXAXA with a better booklet and stuff..REST IN HELL BAXAXA!

What should we know about your Black/Death metal horde, Morbosus? You’ve released an EP, ”Black Death Commando”  through Sons of Hell Prod. in 2014. What is the situation nowadays with the band? Any plans to record new stuff, live-shows in the near future?
- You're right. Luckily for us it's sold out! We recorded at the Fall of 2014 three songs for a demo but never released it. Nowadays we started to rehearse new stuff in order to record our full-length at the end of  2016. No plans for live shows in the near future. 

You are playing in another band, called Horda Profana, as vocalist. Share, please all the important information about this horde! 
- That's right. We are about to release our first ASSAULT in a couple of weeks. We started the band with two close friends, with the INTENTIONS to play a REAL AND BLASPHEMOUS BLACK-DEATH QUOTING PROFANATICA, ACHERON, SARCÓFAGO, as main   INFLUENCES,  you know. The record it's a  RECORD IT’S a BLACK DEATH STRIKE with a firmly SOUTH-AMERICAN ROOTS. I’ll send you the stuff, when I've got it!! We play at live a  couple of shows, and in the near future we will record a mini EP to be released ending this year.

You played in a band, Morbid Frost, as a drummer. How were things in this band?
- Yeah, it's a band with a HELLHAMMER/FROST vibe..We recorded a 5 songs demo to be released, I hope, this year... we played only one show and then  the singer/bass-player was kicked out from the band..Now we put the band on hold. 

Unfortunately I don’t know too much about the Argentinian underground scene. Would you be so kind as to tell us more about it?  Which bands are your recommendations from your land? What are the things with live-performances?
- Here the scene it's almost dead to be honest...Just a couple of bands raise the BANNER OF REAL BLASPHEMOUS BLACK METAL OF DEATH... Down here, to name a few: GEVURAHEL, ESPIRITISMO, MORTÍFERO, BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR, GENUFLEXIÓN. There's little activity with live shows ...Here, less is better, you know. Worth a few bands to see on stage.

When did you start to play the drums? Do you have any favourite drummers? What are your favourite vocalists?
- I started on drums a few years ago (almost 4 years), so I'm a total rookie...I play with my guts, THERE’S NO OTHER WAY...I commit too many mistakes, but I don't really give a fuck! My fave VOKILLS of all times are QUORTHON and WAGNER ANTICHRIST,  and nowadays  I like a lot Drakh from KATHARSIS and Angelslayer from the Mighty ARCHGOAT!

Who has written and writes the lyrics in your past hordes and active ones? Did/do you have any special lyrical conception?
- I write all the lyrics..My main lyrical approach was always my DEEP HATE towards religion, especially the Christians...But I’ve had turned that direction upon other TERRITORIES such my profound contempt toward the human race and the certainty, that TOTAL ANNIHILATION it's near! 

Argentina is a very nice country in my opinion. Any drink/food recommendations from your land?

Do you have any hobbies besides the music? What are your top favourite albums? 
- I like football a lot, that's my fave thing aside the music.
This is my Top 10 records ever:

My small blog is eternally dedicated to Jon Nödtveidt. What is your opinion about him as a musician and person?


Have you ever been in Europe? If yes, share with us your experiences.
- I’ve been in  MUNICH for job, nothing really special ’cause I couldn't seen any bands.

Muchas gracias, brother! Send your thoughts to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern....
- First of all ETERNAL GRATITUDE to you, brother for the interest and fully support! 

A few links for your interests: 

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Zhoth (KZOHH)

Interview with Zhoth (KZOHH) 

Hail Zhoth! Hellcome to Archangel’s Lantern!  First of all, please tell the readers all about the circumstances of the band’s creation and goal!
- Hail! KZOHH was created by Khorus and Helg. The main goal was to play music that differs from the music of the main bands and to make experiments with the styles of music we are interested in.

Your debut album ("IAOLTDOTAD", 2014) came to this rotten world in 2014. Would you be so kind as to share with us all about the important information?
- As for debut... This album was more avant-garde orientated with some unusual experiments in music and as for the second one - this album more dark and morbid...

Before the recording of the second album your line-up had some changes, Enlighten the readers about that.
- Yes, there were some line-up changes and this brought changes in the whole atmosphere of the music...

The second full-length called "Rye.Fleas.Chrismon" was released in 2015. Share with us please all the important things.
- The lyrical conception of album dealing with medieval religious obscuriantism and black death epidemic that took place in Europe in 14th century. Every song-name is various European languages to fit the whole picture of  European epidemic disaster.

I’ve seen Your live-performance in Kharkov via YouTube. Tell us about the conception of the show and about experiences.
- Our live show is visual aspect of our lyrical conception. Nothing more to say, just watch...

What should we know about KZOHH-lyrical conception?
- Our lyrics deal with death, decline and perdition, different things but the aspect is common.

What are your future plans?
- Double-vinyl release of Rye.Fleas. Chrismon on Osmose productions with 2 bonus songs, DVD release, gig on  Hell Fast Attack in Czech Rep. in Summer, 2016.

You are playing in different bands alongside KZOHH. Name them for us please.
So they are Khors, Reusmarkt, Ulvegr/Titahion, Elderblood.

When did you become a metalhead and musician?
- It happened in 1989, when I was 11 years of age. As for vox I’ve started with death metal band Prophecy in 1994, when I was 16. I play the guitar but a little bit.

What is your point of view about the Ukrainian underground  of ’90-s and nowadays?
- Today underground is on European level... I mean the quality of bands' music, labels, gigs etc... In 90-s it was only the beginning, just like DIY if you know what I mean.

Could you please name 5/10 of your favourite books, movies bands/albums? 
- Too Many to mention here! I prefer death/thrash black metal, Traditional Doom Metal...
As for other stuff - H.P. Lovecraft and various horror movies.

Thank you very much! Your message to the readers of Archangel's Lantern....
- Death is inevitable!

Official KZOHH facebook-page: 

KZOHH - Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. (2015), YouTube : 

Mozz (Metal Mates)

Interview with Mozz (Metal Mates) 

Hello, bro Mozz of Metal Mates, welcome to my small blog, Archangel’s Lantern.  How and when did you get introduced to metal music?  What were your very first stuff (cassette, CD, vinyl)?  Which metal-band did you see live for the first time?
Hello bro Georgius.  From  the early 1990's, I basically started out with classic rock bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, and then to Black Sabbath, Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and so on.  The transition goes on to more extreme forms of thrash, death and some black metal but I'm not much into more of experimental styles.  Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe is one of my first heavy metal albums which i bought it on cassette and vinyl.  I started seeing live on local bands or lesser known acts and Accept was the first among the well-known bands. 

When did you create your facebook-group called Metal Mates?  Would you be so kind as to tell us all the important information about Metal Mates?  What is your main goal with your excellent facebook-group?
- I created the group in June, 2012 with the name Metal Maniac but soon after I renamed it to Metal Mates.  Our mission is to help the good unknown bands for better recognition, to help each other and discover the worthy acts from the underground scene.  I wanted to support Heavy Metal music on every possible way, by sharing the forgotten gems, promoting good new releases and so on. 

Did you write any reviews or do interviews with bands for magazines ever?
I didn't write reviews nor interviewing for magazines. But on Metal Mates group, i do reviewing albums and band presentation through a Pin-up post.  

I’m always so glad when I see your music posts about underrated or unknown bands for a lot of people.  Could you please name 5-10 of your favourite underrated bands and their albums?  What are your favourite materials from well- known bands and favourite musicians (singers, guitarists, etc.)?
- I have many favourite musicians, singers etc.  including the solo instrumental players but I can't name them all. Here are some of my favourite albums. 
Culprit - Guilty as Charged
Tension - Breaking Point 
Lords of the Crimson Alliance - Lords of the Crimson Alliance
Oz - Fire in the Brain
Warrant - The Enforcer
Anthracite - Plus précieux que l'or
Steel Angel - And the Angels Were Made of Steel
Magnus - The Gods of Crime
Torture - Storm Alert
Dream Death - Journey into Mystery

Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destinny  
Accept - Balls to the wall
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings
Metal Church - Blessing in Disguise
Sodom - Agent Orange
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Megadeth - Rust In Peace

You have a chance to create  a super metal group. What will be your line-up?
- Imagine the band is playing Power/Thrash Metal, that would be Mike Howe (Metal Church) on vocals, Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) on guitars, Jeff Waters (Annihilator) on guitars, D.D. Verni (Overkill) on bass, and Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament...) on the  drums.

What are your favourite album releases so far this year? 
- My favourite album releases so far this year :
Paragon - Hell Beyond Hell
Protector - Cursed and Coronated
Striker - Stand in the Fire
Metal Church - XI
Anvil - Anvil Is Anvil

What is your opinion about downloads?
- I hate illegal downloads. Even if you don't have a chance to see them live, buying their albums is the best way for showing support to your favourite bands.

What are your favourite books and movies?
- I like some fictional movies, barbarian fantasy or adventures which is based on a book or novel, like  Conan the Barbarian and so on. I enjoyed those books as well. 

Do you have any special hobbies besides listening to music?
- I enjoy Facebook online, watching television, traveling and some sport activities.  Football is my game. 

What are your favourite football teams? 
- Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United.

Thank you very much for the interview bro Mozz!  Wish You all the best with Metal Mates and please send your thoughts to the readers in the end...
- Thank you bro Georgius, It was great pleasure to answer your questions. Long live Heavy Metal. Hail to you and Archangel’s Lantern.

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Darianth (Andartar, ex-Domhring, ex-Angerseed)

Interview with Darianth 

Hail my old mate, Darianth, and Hellcome to Archangel’s Lantern! First of all tell us briefly about the beginnings and rising from the ashes of your black horde. What does Andartar mean by the way? Which bands have influenced you the most back in the day? When did you start to play the bass? Do you play the other musical instruments as well? 
- Greetings to you and the readers, and thanks for this opportunity.
For me Andartar is, essentially, that private, inner world present in everyone in some form that protects you from negativity around you.
It would be hard to pinpoint which bands have influenced me the most, as there are many to choose from. I was about 14 when I got to know the bands Marduk, Mayhem and Dark Funeral. Even back then I felt that black metal has such a charge to it, so to speak, that it will become a constant presence in my life, that it will be more than a passing flicker of rebellion. After that I did my best to widen my knowledge about the genre and the bands (eg. Dissection, Naglfar and Ragnarok). As far as Hungarian bands go I’d have to say that Christian Epidemic has been the most influential. Even after all these years I still listen to their music.
I was 16 when I first tried my hand at playing the bass. I went to a Napalm Death concert beforehand, and it basically blew my mind. That was where I decided that I’d like to take up music, more specifically playing the bass. Besides the bass I’m somewhat familiar with the lead guitar, although I haven’t quite mastered it as of yet.

I’ve watched Andartar’s first official live-video, called ”Folyók útján” (On the Path of the Rivers), the one which you have recorded at the I. Blackened Mysticism Festival. Congratulations, great job! Enlighten us on the process of clip-making and tell us some more about your performance at the festival.
- First of all, thank you for the compliment.
Peti and I have thought that that we needed something before the release of the EP that would serve as a kind of “sample” for our audience. That’s when we got the idea that we could create a video from the footage of our first concert which would be an introduction of both our music and our stage performance. 
About the festival, or – I should say – festivals: the first one was on the 11th of March and the next one will be on the 10th of September, to which we are expecting bands not only from Hungary and the surrounding countries, but from further away as well. Those who work in the underground are well aware that it’s not easy to organize events like this, but at least this way they are organized only by those of us who work on this wholeheartedly.

You are using Hungarian language in the lyrics. Will Andartar remain strictly Hungarian, or it is possible that you’ll release songs in both Hungarian and English in the future? Who is writing the music and lyrics of Andartar? Do you have a special conception for the band?
- In my opinion Hungarian is quite a colorful and expressive language, so I’d prefer it to English as long as we stay intranational, but I also know that if we want to go international it would be easier to establish ourselves with English lyrics.
Writing the music is a complex process. I write guitar sections and lyrics and then usually have a get-together with Peti to compose the structures of our songs from my ideas. 
To tell you the truth, there’s no real conception to talk about, as my lyrics have no specified themes. I think the best thing about lyrics is that everyone can decide what they mean to them individually. Reading a specific line, for example, can stir up deep emotions in one person who can connect it to something from their past, while another person maybe just sits there thinking “what the hell is this crap?”.
How was the reception of your first fest, I. Blackened Mysticism Festival? (I really hope that you will organize new ones very soon )
- As I’ve mentioned before, the next festival will be on the 10th of September. At the moment there are two confirmed performers besides us: the band Order from Transylvania and the Morgon from Germany. According to our plans the festival will be organized once or twice every year and we’ll try to make improvements as we go along.

How would you characterize the underground movement/scene of Debrecen? (back in the day and now)? Which bands/fests/shops would you recommend to the readers?
 It’s a sad fact that nowadays there are less and less people attending these types of concerts/gigs. About 10-12 years ago there were about 300-400 attendees at such events, today it’s considered good to have about 100. There are fewer youngsters to whom live music appeals. Instead they download music, or watch a music video on various websites and spend the price of a concert ticket on something else. This attitude is regrettable if you ask me, but my experience is that it’s quite typical.
However, it’s great to see that there is considerable effort put into livening up the scene. In regards to Hungary I think for example Rockmaraton is top-of-the-line, as they are known to bring world-renowned performers to their audiences. Then there is Rockpart where you can also encounter some big names. If we are talking specifically about underground I’d say the most prominent events are Inner Awakening, Full of Anger and Total War Fest, and I very much hope so that soon I’ll be able to mention Blackened Mysticism Fest alongside them.

What should we know about the future plans of Andartar? What about new releases and live shows?
In the last weeks of May we’ll start recording our EP which will have 4 songs and which will be released in July if everything goes according to plan. Also, the first Andartar T-shirts and sweatshirts will be produced soon. After that, from autumn, it’s concert season for us. In September we’ll attend Uzhgorerot festival, the II. Blackened Mysticism Festival and recently we’ve been invited to the X. Transilvanian Deathfest in Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca.

With your previous band, Angerseed you’ve played perhaps 3 times + one time with Nigromantia in my hometown. Were you satisfied with our headbangers? Any memories from live performances in Uzhhorod/Ungvár
- That’s true; I’ve had the privilege to visit Ungvár both as a performer and as a guest more than once, and I had a great time on every occasion. We had a fantastic atmosphere on every concert and I had a blast each time. The audience was great, they really outdid themselves. We’re really looking forward to getting on that stage with our current line-up. 

(Darianth and me in September, 2014, in my hometown, Uzhhorod/Ungvár)

I know it is a hard question but what is/are your favorite track(s) of Bloodlust (yes, I remember your old band ;)), Angerseed and Domhring? 
- I do have some favorites, for example the Pass of darkness from Domhring and Society Slaves from Angerseed’s new album. 

Do you plan on playing some covers with Andartar at live in the next concerts? Please name your favourite bands/albums (5-10). Have you got any special hobbies alongside music? 
- I think covers are great, but we can’t overdo them as we’re not a tribute band. In our last two performances we played two covers: the 12th rising from Naglfar and the Hail Murder from Dark Funeral. We’ll see if there’ll be any more in the future.
My favourite albums are:
Marduk - Heaven shall burn
Dissection - Storm of the lights bane
Mayhem- Mediolanum Capta Est
Christian Epidemic - Eltörölt világ / World erased
Mgla - With hearts toward at none
Naglfar - Diabolical
Dark Funeral - Diabolis interium
Ragnarok - In nomine Sathanas
Immortal - At the hearts of winter
Slayer - Show no mercy

With my day job and the band I have a limited amount of free-time which I like to spend by simply relaxing or travelling.

Archangel’s Lantern is Eternally dedicated to the Glory and Victory of Jon. (It was a great feeling for me to play Dissection’s mighty ”Night’s Blood” at live with Andartar in January, 2010, thanks so much for that!) Share some of your thoughts with us about Jon Andreas Nödtveidt, please.
- That really was a long time ago... Of course it’s a great memory for me as well. It’s a pity that I couldn’t see Dissection at live. Because of that I had no opportunity to get to know Jon in person. But from my point of view he always seemed like a very strong-willed individual who stood by his ideals and opinions, and who created something great as a musician. Both his work and his character influenced and will continue to influence many people.

(Dissection: Night's Blood cover by Andartar: 
youtube.com/watchv=6BzWlSckIZE )

Nagyon szépen köszönöm/Thanks a lot brother Darianth for your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern.
- Again, it is me who has to thank you for this opportunity. I wish you the best of luck with the magazine. 
My final message to the readers is: Keep the flame of the underground alive!

Official Andartar Facebook: facebook.com/andartar/?fref=ts

Andartar: Folyók Útján (official live video):  youtube.com/watch?v=6BzWlSckIZE