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Stéphanie Sørensen

Art of Stéphanie Sørensen
Self taught artist and black metalhead since 1992, I enjoy expressing my passion for music through my artwork, it is dark and powerful like my favourite musicians.

Jon Andreas Nödtveidt is one of my favourite painting subject, you can never have enough of Jon's pictures. I particularly like this pose, I have used only a thin black ink pencil with dabs of silver and gold pigments. This portrait is featured in my Black metal book collection which was released recently.

My tribute to Jon  Andreas Nödtveidt (R.I.C.), Dissection, fan since the early nineties, I have used different techniques for this DINA4 portrait. Two types of charcoals, China ink and gold pigments to create a unique shine.
This portrait is a a present to my friend Raquel, illustrating artist at Nekroticism Illustrations, she is based in Spain.

This is another charcoal china ink portrait of legendary Jon Nödtveidt from his Wacken performance in 1997. I was lucky to be there, drowned in a typical 1990s metal crowd, awesome memories!

This is a portrait I made exclusively with a charcoal pencil, Quorthon is an important figure in the Black metal scene and I'm a fan for so many years. 'Blood Fire Death' is always spinning on my turntable.

Portraits of Erik Danielsson, Watain's frontman. I have used China ink and charcoals for these. Watain performances on stage is an experience you will never forget. Fav albums are 'Wild Hunt and 'Lawless Darkness'

DINA3 portrait of a young Euronymous, I have used gold pigmented ink, a black Faber Castel ink pencil which I use very often and charcoals. This portrait to me reveals the real Øystein, a cool friendly guy.

DINA3 format, watercolor based and ink portrait of Euronymous. The red pigment that I used and mixed with ink is actually my own blood to create a rich poignant red shine. Euronymous is an important icon to me, he is the main source of my artistic inspiration. The past is still alive.

DINA3 portrait of legendary Dead former Morbid and Mayhem singer. With such an iconic status, that legendary Swedish unique black metal performer deseved to be painted. Gold ink is my signature, since Per Ohlin had beautiful long blonde hair I wanted to enhance the hair shine with pure gold to give a more dramatic effect. Rest in Chaos.

I have used and abused gold pigmented ink and silver China ink for these 2 portraits of Dead. They are my 2 favourite Dead faces, you can see his real self right there, a sweet intelligent dreamer.

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Chris Ludvig

Interview with Chris Ludvig 
(Eigenstate Zero, Unchristian Christian, 
Hail brother Chris you are very welcome to my own Helvete. How and when did you join heavy metal underground?  What was your very first tape/vinyl of extreme music? Which band(s) did you see live for the first time?
- Thanks för helvete bror!
Well, I eased in from synthmusic to Vixen and a month later I was a Morbid Angel afficiniado. It was a swift conversion into the dark arts; hook, line and god damn sinker. I was friends with Tobbe from Underground Records who released the first albums with Sorcery and Centinex, he imported all the good stuff so I had a steady stream of vinyl goodness as far as deathmetal, grindcore and hardcore goes. My first tape was probably local weirdos Melissa, which I later on shared rehearsalroom with. Good times. My first deathmetalshow was Obituary when they played Pumpehuset in Copenhagen following the release of Cause Of Death. 

When did you start to play the musical instruments? I’ve listened to your two one-man bands and I must say I’ve been so impressed what you created. Which musicians influenced you in the beginning?
- I started playing drums when I was about 16, in 1988. The first Death albums were stapels of inspiration to my drumplaying, varieties of "the skank" is forever entrenched in my bones. I still love that drive, some fierce staccato or tritone tremolopicking with that and you are good to go; I use it alot in my music today. I finally quit playing drums in 2000 when Odeum broke up. By that time I had started writing a little bit on guitar, an instrument I have been playing on and off during my adult life. But I was always a composer rather than a technician and that is still the case. I like guitarists like Robby Krieger, Zappa and Guthrie Govan. Don't really care for the typical shredders of metal, it gets boring. 
According to your post I’ve been informed about your past Death metal horde, called Odeum from Hässleholm. Enlighten the readers please about Odeum. 
- Me and my childhood friend Henrik started this band together with two other friends sometime in 1996 i believe. We drank alot of moonshine and played a lot of Deathmetal during those 3-4 years we were active. Did two demos and that was that. Awesome years.

When did you establish your brilliant old school Swedish Death metal one-man-band Unchristian Christian? (very creative name) Let us know the whole story and your releases.
- Well, in January of 2018 I initiated Eigenstate Zero which was meant as a melodeath thing but since I am incredibly productive I wrote a lot of oldschool riffs as well so I figured I'd put something together. I was stuck in mixing EZ and it fucked with my head. The plan was to give myself 7 days to write, record and release 3 tunes of oldschool deathmetal just to get a break from EZ. And that was "The Ballads Of Baphomet" which I released in August of 2018. I have released one tune a month in 2019 up until September, but I recently ran out of steam due to the Eigenstate Zero album and life in general. Still have 8-9 solid unchristian tunes, it's just a matter of time and motivation to finish them. Right now I am in full progmode writing and recording new EZ-material.
You have another great one-man band namely Eigenstate Zero. What I’ve listened to yet, awesome job as well. Share with us all the important particulars about this.
- This is my main project. Started as a melodeath thing but has since developed into fairly eclectic music. My coming album will showcase some of this. The newly written stuff is plain weird though. I would like to print the next album on vinyl, that would be a dream come true. If no label shows interest I will have to do it myself, but it's a matter of money.
I saw you like a lot to cook. What are your favourite recipes? Would you be so kind to recommend some local Swedish foods and drinks?
- I have not used a recipe in my entire life, I don't operate like that. I just have fun with it, it's a creative thing. I would recommend elk meatballs, lingonberries with honey/pineshoots, rootvegetable mash and a chantarelle sauce. I would drink a californian Pinot Noir to that. Or milk. Cowmilk.

You are from Hässelby. Tell us more about your hometown (I know, that you are living in Stockholm nowadays) and Stockholm as well Recommend me some interesting places to visit then.
- I am from Hässleholm in south of Sweden. It's just your ordinary midsized town. I moved to Norrland (up north) in 2009 to study photography and then ended up in Stockholm in 2016. Stockholm is a nice town to just travel around in, drink beer and watch people. But I'm mostly at home these days, after all, that's were my guitars are. Alot of the venues that had brutal music is now closing, it's an ongoing trend in Stockholm and it sucks. We will probably move on pretty soon.

What your hobby besides creating music? Name us your favourite books and movies.
- Well, I was heavy into photography and digital art but now music has taken over my life completely again. But yeah, wine, food and our dogs that's pretty much it. My favourite movie is Apocalypse Now. I don't read many books these days but I do enjoy a good rock biography every now and then. Hunter S Thompson and Charles Bukowski are very enjoyable reads though. Gonzo!
It’ s a bit hard I know but let’s try: what are your eternal favourite albums and tracks? (from big and underrated bands as well)
- Altars Of Madness is a special one for me, especially the opener track Immortal Rites, it blew my mind. The Gallery from Dark Tranquillity opened me up to the whole Gothenburg thing. But I am a huge fan of The Doors, LA Woman is an all time fave album. Zappa and Miles Davis, I am into all kinds of weird stuff.

Perhaps you know that my blog is dedicated for memory of Jon… Did you meet him in shows and if you having ones tell us your favourite albums/tracks from his heritage (not only from Dissection, but The Black, Terror, De Infernali)...
- To be honest, Jon, Dissection, I never listened much to him and them, I was never that into blackmetal so it went under my radar. It was all Floridian Deathmetal for me at the time when Dissection released their first albums. Listened to Reinkaos a few times this last month and I dig that, very heavy metal as it were.

Tack så mycket bror it was a pleasure to talk with you. Wish you all the best with your bands and hopefully we could meet personally in the near future  Send your Unchristian Christian message to the readers to complete our conversation.
- Thanks for your interest in my music brother, it's good to see someone still carrying the flag of the underground the way you do, reminds me of the good old tapetrading era. And to the readers, well, give my music a chance. Cheers!

Horns up!
Chris/Eigenstate Zero/Unchristian Christian 

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Robert 'Thord' Granath/Robban (MEFISTO)

Interview with Robert 'Thord' Granath/Robban
Mefisto by Third Eye Design  
1.V. 2019 

Hail Mefisto I’m so honored to ask you for my small underground blog. Let’s start with your awesome news: on Friday the 13th of September you will unleash the first single "Armageddon" from upcoming album. The song features Chaq Mol of Dark Funeral on solo guitar. I can’t wait to listen to it. Would you be so kind to share some thoughts about that awesome Infernal Alliance?
- The story behind that is simple. Chaq Mol supported our last album, he really liked it and he showed up to a small show we did in Stockholm last year. He was so supporting and we connected. Our manager Roger later asked Chaq Mol if he would like to do a solo on one of the songs on our new album and he said yes. It turned out so good that he did solos on two songs. The other song is very different and stands out on the album and the solo sounds really epic. It gives me goosebumps… Fantastic guitar work I can say.

How many tracks do you plan to put for the new album, what will be released later this fall? 
- Eight songs. And when we present the title of the album, you will understand why… It is a kind of a concept album.

On Walpurgisnacht this year Mefisto unleashed Bathory's "Born For Burning", to fallen Quorthon. I must say, it’s very dark, forbidding cover, amazing job. What should we know about the recording process of that excellent one? 
- A lot of bands have done Bathory covers. But I think the problem is that they tried to sound like the original. You can never do a song better than the original. But we decided to make it our own song. We wanted it to sound like Mefisto, Not Bathory. I was there in the beginning. And I did meet Quorthon and had the chance to hang out with him a few times. Quorthon actually supported Mefisto and I don’t know any other band he did support back then… He actually had us on his thank you list on one of the Bathory albums…

Your latest releases were Mefisto:Mefisto (full-length, 2017) and limited edition EP, called I in the Sky/Let Go of Life. What are the responses to these materials from the underground media and fans so far? (my favourite tracks are Death Angel, Draconia and of course Let Go of Life).
- The album got some good reviews. But as it is a underground album not a lot of people know about it. The spreading of it was not good enough. But most important, a lot of people in the business loves it. We got a lot of creed from other bands. As for example, Chaq Mol from Dark Funeral.

To “Let Go of Life” Lars Göran Petrov has put his killer old school Death metal voice.  How went the common work with Lars Göran? (I must say, the result is just brilliant with true sound of Mefisto)
- LG has supported us from day one. He always had Mefisto as one of his favourite bands. I always loved his voice and the trademark he created with Entombed. He and Mefisto goes way back… So having him on the album was very natural. He just had to sing on one of the songs…
Lars Göran Petrov on vocals, 'Let Go Of Life'  by Third Eye Design

Roel with his amazing Dutch Vic Records re-released 2 legendary demos of Mefisto on CD, called “The Megalomania Puzzle” (May, 2014) and  Mefisto: This Is the End of It All... the Beginning of Everything...full-length (February, 2016.). How and when did you meet Roel first time? I saw in Encycklopedea Metallum, that your current label is Vic Records again; maybe your new LP would be released through his label?
- Roel re-released our demos. Then we choose him for our „comeback” album. Unfortunately that album was made in a rush with Omar coming to Sweden (he lives in the US) It was not what I had in plan and Omar wrote almost everything. It is not a bad album. But it is not a Mefisto album the way I wanted it. It is just a good metal album. Mefisto is so much more than a metal band. I want our music to be really dark. I love the Darkness in music. It must have a Heaviness.... But he is a brilliant guitar player.

What are your plans for the live performances in the near future? How were your shows after Mefisto re-union? 
- I did two shows after the reunion, with me behind the drums. But after that we kind of split up again. Then I decided to take over the vocals and write the songs together with Mogge. I really got back to the roots and we created the “new” Mefisto sound, the way I wanted it. Still true to the roots but fresh. 

How was the Swedish Death/Thrash/Black metal scene, in your opinion, back in the day? How do you hit it off with the Swedish underground our times?
- There was no scene in -86. The Swedish Death metal scene exploded two years after we vanished. A lot of great band got their breakthrough, Entombed, Dismember among others…
Fred Estby (Dismember, 2017) 

What are your favourite quotes? (from books)
-”Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement.” Mario Puzo, The Godfather.

Quorthon and Pelle Dead both are Iconic personalities Worldwide. Would you be so kind to share some memorable moments about them? 
- Quorthon had a meet and greet in a record shop in Stockholm - 87 where he posed with a Mefisto T-shirt. Never seen him do that with another band (except KISS).
- Pelle hang out in our rehearsal room. He was really strange at that time but also very true. He thought we needed to sound more Satanic and a year later when he had moved to Norway he did send a letter that his new band, Mayhem will not sound as lame as Mefisto… He he…
Mefisto, 1996 

Tack så mycket/Thank you very much Mefisto. Send your devilish message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern and Mefisto-fans at the end…. 
-Thanks for the support. We did put out two great demos back in -86. But trying to sound exactly the same and copy that sound today would be unfair. But still, I think you recognize the darkness in our sound even today.. Hail Satan!

Important links: 

Mefisto by Third Eye Design

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E.I.-M. (Lunar Chalice)

Interview with E.I.-M. (Lunar Chalice) 

Hail brother E.I.-M! Youʼve started with a new project this year. Lunar Chalice sounds for me very occult, tell the readers first of all about the beginnings and the horde name. Who created the logotheme? 
- Hails Georgius. Lunar Chalice was founded shortly after N. joined Sacrilegious Rite. Heʼs already recruited M. and asked me to join also. So we started to work seriously and hard using the concept of historic heresy for our brand. Weʼre on the same page when it comes about the image of true Black Metal or how we see it and what it is for us. Black Metal must be black, ugly and must be the essence of all evil. The breaking of taboos and the journey into they abyss of the soul.
The name Lunar Chalice can be seen metamorphic because itʼs the essence of the night from which we drink, from which we take our intellectual potential. Itʼs the ultimate force!
The logo has been created by Marcus Ludwig who also created the Sacrilegious Rite Logo. A great artist and longtime friend.

What should we know about the line-up? Who is the main songwriter? How could you define your style? Which bands are the main influences of Lunar Chalice?

- N. is the main composer in Lunar Chalice. He has written all the structures and made the arrangements. A great musician with the right hand for dark and obscure music. N. and M. are the main instrumentalists in Lunar Chalice who take care about the musical obscurity. My part is the lyrical and conceptional lead.
I think our style is old 90s Black Metal. There is nothing modern or progressive in it and thatʼs exactly the way we want it to be.
N. is influenced by old the very first releases of Emperor, Mayhem, The Black and the first Gehenna album. I am into all kinds of Black and Death metal but when it come to Black Metal in particular Iʼm very very picky! Itʼd mention old Samael, Tulus, Malignant Eternal, old Satyricon, Darkthrone, Mayhem and Mare when it comes tonowadays Black Metal.
M.ʼs influences are Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor, Dissection and Gehenna. Just to name a few.
Letʼs say, we are into old Black Metal mostly.

Enlighten us about lyrics or lyrical conception of Lunar Chalice and tell more about the cover art.
- Thatʼs an interesting topic, even for us. Lunar Chalice is mainly about historical events regarding European heresy and what has been delivered from the Medieval heretic cults. Itʼs about ancient Witchcraft and Satanism. Opposition towards christian doctrines at a time when Christianity was the one and only instance for the whole life of the individual. But Lunar Chalice is mainly not about blasphemy towards Christ but of celebrating the old masses and devotion of the cults who acted in the greatest danger of being discovered by the inquisition.
The cover art shows the classical image of Walpurgis rites who were thought to take place at the German Brocken.
Itʼs a rocky landscape in the north of Germany. It underlines our concept so we used that art for the Walpurgis Dance demo. 

You unleashed a demo tape “Walpurgis Dance” including 2 awesome raw Black metal tracks, called 
Night Eternal and Walpurgis Dance through German Worship Tapes records in August and I must to say, I like a lot this trve sound of Lunar Chalice, what catches me back to good old early 90s. What are your plans for the future after this demo?
- Thank you for your kind words. Walpurgis Dance had a great impact and the reactions so far have been pretty positive for us. There are already two more EPs in the making before we want to work on a full length!
This year we release another EP with the title “Night Poetry”. "Walpurgis Dance" is only a small demonstration of whatʼs to come and scratches only at the surface of Lunar Chaliceʼs true potential. Letʼs say that we want to release black metal which we prefer and expect it to be. Black Metal we wish for and would like to listen to by ourselves. Since we are all not in this business shortly and also not being the youngest anymore, we bring our longtime experiences together to get the best result.

Iʼve noticed that Lunar Chalice-members are involved in different German bands like Sacrilegious Rite (Hail brother!), Malefica, Nightwalker and Todesweihe. Would you be so kind to share some importantinformation about these hordes?
- Yes, thatʼs true. I think the only right information about that bands I can grant you is that all are waiting to release new outputs. Everything is ready.

Do you think to do some live rituals in the near future?
- It would be possible but we agreed that we donʼt want to play live. Theres music you better enjoy in your own 4 walls and which does not fit to be performed in front of a bunch of drunk headbangers. I think Lunar Chalice is one of them. We all do! 

Heresy, Witchcraft and Satanism are the main themes under the banner of the Lunar Chalice.
Describe please your own point of view about these terms.
- I think that there is truth beyond the truth you have to buy from authorities. I think that only a few of us are truly free. The state controls your life, religious authorities control your life. But nevertheless the three mentioned themes can be seen as some kind of rebellion. But I donʼt like the word rebellion in most topics because itʼs getting used for defining teenagers getting vegan or revolting against their parents. Rebellion is the opposition of all what defines the fitting in citizen. Religious, mental and existential.
Itʼs important when it comes to Satanism that you donʼt only write songs about it but to use it, to make it your own, to be it! Satanism and occultism especially are words which you canʼt take serious anymore today. Itʼs a sell out. In the age of social media the word occult lost much of its meaning. A young girl, who likes to listen to Satanic and occult bands smears blood on her face, takes a selfie and claims being “occult”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? By what right? You see.... ? Itʼs a sell out circus which started to take over after the death of Jon Nödtveidt.
Satanism and the gnostic within is the rejection of earthly and mundane weaknesses, the rejection of collective habits when you have to define it in the three dimensional realm which we are used to! But itʼs just more on the metamorphic plane towards the astral realm. It this requires initiation and itʼs just more than just to read some books. Preaching the word of Satan without devotion or believe is false and fake. There are too many individuals out there claiming to be “occultists and satanists”. I donʼt take that serious in the first place.
Too many self declared “satanists” use that word just to hide their weakness and mental issues. They justify their personality disorder with that word. On the other hand they hold interest in mundane things like watching TV, being into football, into a club or being about driving an expensive car. Thatʼs sick, false and weak!

Which occult and dark places could you recommend to visit for us in Germany?
- In Germany there are many old places which got a dark and tragic history. Not only influenced by heretic actions but also by medieval superstition. Wrongly accused individuals who had nothing to do with heresy, witchcraft ect but nevertheless died through inquisitorial tribunals. Trier is one place which a dark medieval background, thousands of women of had been accused of Witchcraft.
When it comes to true heresy there are also some caves where the cathars use to hide or where excommunicated Templar knights hide their secret. But thatʼs not in Germany in particular but spread all over Europe.
When you dig deeper in history you can find some pacts made with the devil for oneʼs own benefit. But thatʼs some rare and individual cases. In my area we the devils keep where a landlord made a devilish pact to win a battle, so the legend tells.

What kind of literature is your recommendation about German Witchcraft and Heresy?
- There are many under the topic “witches and witchcraft”. Due to inquisitorial tribunals about heresy had been a wide spread phenomena, one can find individual cases in archives. Most bigger towns had their tribunals.

How do you see the underground German Black metal movement nowadays?
- To be serious, the main problem today is the availability of just too many bands. The market is full and as a cause of that, true potential is rarely discovered. Letʼs say that most bands take each otherʼs oxygen to breathe.
Sadly you have more less potent bands than well potent. But I think this problem is also of a global nature. Itʼs rare that you meet “fans only”. Everyone thinks itʼs a duty to play in a band. Thatʼs the problem. But when it comes to scene related questions, I am particularly old fashioned. Maybe Iʼm not the right person to answer it.

Vielen dank brother! Send a message from Lunar Chalice to readers of Archangelʼs Lantern at the end.
- Thanks a lot for the great questions, brother. I guess I also speak in the name of all Lunar Chalice members when I thank the audience for support and the great attention we got already by only releasing a demo tape. The potential is there and we will use it, so you can expect two EPs to come which we want you to watch out for. The next one will be called “Night Poetry” and the one after that “Medieval Cults of Heresy”. All material is written and is just waiting to be recorded.


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Julien (Thyr)

Interview with Julien (Thyr)
(Iron Flesh, Agressor live-session)
Hail Julien, hope all ok with you. How and when did you get introduce to metal underground?  Since when did you engaged in using Tyr name? Are you into Scandinavian mythology?
- Hi, I am feeling really well! I get introduced to the metal scene in the beginning of the years 2000, first auto release with a band called Withdrawn.
We started doing shows with this band, then a few years later I joined Otargos forces and I had to find a name for the stage.I started using Thyr as a stage name. It was inspired by an old language meaning "the Rock" which at the time was feeting my mentality perfectly!
I am not that much into Scandinavian mythology but it could an interesting subject to read about in the future for lyrics. 

When did you start to play the musical instruments? Which musicians influenced you in the beginnings? What was your very first band?
- Way before playing drums I started playing guitar so perhaps 15-16 years old.
In the beginning I was really influenced by Chuck Schuldiner, Slayer riffing, and the entire Thrash/Death scene.
Before Withdrawn we had a band called Dawn Chaos but never released any material, the first years rehearsing summer/winter into a non isolated garage ahahah! 

You played in 3 bands if I’m not mistaken with your brother together, namely in Withdrawn (melodic death-black), Fall of Seraphs (Death metal) and Siberian XP. Tell us more about these hordes.
- We played together in Withdrawn, recorded demos and 2 albums and a split, that was our first real band, playing live and first couple of tours! We had a lot of fun during those years where everything was easier to play live.
I actually never played in FOS but my brother played bass with them, he just stopped recently, such a great old school death metal band with great influences and talented musicians!
I played during a few years in Siberian XP filling the drums due to the original drummer health problems...
I recorded an EP with them and did a few shows but with personal life, growing activity with Iron Flesh, I choose to leave cause I had no enough time to stay focused on this project.
But that was a good band experience and I progressed a lot on how to make your drum kit sound great without trigger. 
Metal Days with Otargos

You played the drums in several bands called Annthennath, Malevolentia, Otargos and last but not least Dawn Chaos you were as a guitarist. What should we know about these hordes?
- Dawn Chaos was my first band ever where I played guitar, too bad we never released any material, perhaps I still have a few guitar tabs.
Annthennath was a huge studio experience, I recorded demos, albums and split cds/vinyls/tape.
Great black metal band, really productive and talented guys, but then I joined Otargos and had not enough time for this project.
It was probably one of the biggest bands I played with.
Recorded 2 albums did a lot of shows around the world, many tours!
I learned so many things with the guys and the touring experience! Some of my best "souvenirs".
With Malevolentia I recorded one album and did a few shows live.
The main composer is a friend of mine and it was a great pleasure to do it for him, hope to work again with him one day. 
Brazilian tour with Otargos

When and how met with French legendary guys of Agressor? Along the years 2015-2016 you are playing with guys again. Share all the important information about this awesome alliance.
- If I remember well I played my first show with them in 2015.
Kévin Paradis give me a call and asked me if i could fill in because he was not available for the gig.
I had to learn 15 songs, no rehearsal and we played as headliner in front of a packed room. First time meeting and playing with the guys ahahah
Pretty crazy but I did no structure mistake and the show was great, something impossible to explain.
Then along the years I played a few shows with them like in Romania for a festival, France and Belgium.
They are great guys, awesome musicians, and really easy going people. Such an honor to play with those guys when you know 10 years ago I discovered their music. Never thought I would play with them a few years later! 
(In Romania with Agressor)

Mithras, Monument of Misanthropy and Seth are the bands where you played also as a drummer. Let’s talk about that era of your life.

Canadian tour with Seth

- I did a few shows and a tour with MOM, such intense fast and raw brutal death metal! I had to fill in the shows of Romain Goulon stuff. It was not easy but I nailed it and did my best. It was just session and as they are a touring band it was hard for me to be available all the time, but great memories especially on the tour with Suffocation/Abiotic/Cattle Decapitation.
 I did a Canadian tour with SETH, Alsvid was not available so I had to learn all the stuff. Great experience, good shows, and touring Canada in summer is just so beautiful, what a country with amazing people! (Thanks again Martin if you read those words).
 Mithras was probably my most intense experience drumming wise. I pushed myself far beyond my limits/comfort zone. Leon is an absolute genius, songs are so good but really hard to play at the same time. He was my best "boss" regarding organization/dedication but also one of the most demanding one drumming wise. We did a tour in the UK and played Brutal Assault, again an amazing human/drumming experience.

Iron Flesh is an amazing French Death horde; enlighten us all the details from the beginnings to your new album, “Forged Faith Bleeding” (excellent album!!)
- Iron Flesh is a based on a solo project I started in my apartment..After all those years playing sessions I had this strange feeling.
I wanted to play my music, stop using triggers, going back to some more rock 'n' roll attitude, simplicity, groove so I composed the first EP "worship the Necrogod". Some friends listened to it and told me to find a line up and try to play live!
It was easy to find friends (Sylver, Seb and Guilhem joined me) as the music is easier to play, more fun, don' t really need to work on your technique, to warm up. It more a plug and play band, and it feels so good to enjoy again playing live and not being stressed by backline issues, lack of warm up...
One year later I released "Scourge of demonic incantation" which was a little more melodic than the first EP. In 2019 we released "Forged Faith Bleeding" and a special song for a French compilation WAFFY2. So we are pretty active, more than 30 shows in a few years.

What is a current situation with your other bands, like Diskarial, Horncrowned?
- I recorded an EP with Horncrowned I hope he will contact me again to record some more stuff because I really enjoyed this raw black metal!
Diskarial is my first solo project, I recorded a demo and released an album.
I have another album fully recorded instrumentally but no lyrics on it if I have enough time perhaps I will finish it and release it because it was really different from the first release, wait and see. 

Describe me French scene nowadays. What bands are your favourites from golden era of 90s? I’m a big fan of French Massacra (R.I.P. Fred “Death Duval”) and I got a very kind letter from Jean-Marc Tristani in 1993including their signatures… Do you have any favourite tracks and/or albums from their heritage?
- I like those bands from this era Loudblast, Agressor,  Massacra but I am more into Scandinavian hm2 bands.
'Bloodshed' from Agressor,  'Neverending Destiny' from Agressor.
Then albums from this era are so good it's hard to name just a song.
But be sure than before 2000 if you are fan of old school music you will enjoy those French Death/Thrash pioneers! 

What are your favourite musicians/bands and albums? (Name us 10)
Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Agressor - Neverending Destiny
Metallica - Kill ‘em all
Keep of Kalessin - Armada
Dismember - Like An Ever Flowing Stream
At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus
Entombed - Left Hand Path
Cadaver Inc - Discipline
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Just make a mixture of the artists that compose those bands and you got my favorite ones..

Have you any special hobbies alongside the music?
- Yeah, I like reading SF books, Lovecraft, going to the gym, meeting with old friends, walking in the forest. 

Iron Flesh

France is a very nice country with ancient history, famous by the painters, writers, sculptors, actors and the French kitchen is world-famous. I have never been in France yet but hope I will have a trip very soon. Tell of some thoughts about your beautiful country.
- Great regions, landscape, forest, cattle, friendly people in the country sides, drunken people, assholes, pubs, like in every country of the world you have all you need, just have to choose what you want to see and be part of.
It will make your vision of the country good/bad
From my point of view it's a great country, but kind of fascinated by other countries from north and Eastern Europe.
Not even sure I will stay in France forever...

You are from Bordeaux, what is a pretty old port-city. Recommend me please some places to visit and local foods, drinks and tobacco.
- Come to Bordeaux I will guide you.
I live 15 mins away from the most beautiful part of Bordeaux
You will enter pubs but you never know when you come back home ahahah
We are pretty well known for food and wine, but I don't smoke so not even sure you could find some good tobacco.
Who cares, everyone is now smoking E-cigarette.

In our private conversations you told me that you meet Eugene Ryabchenko of Castrum, etc. How many times you met? What is your opinion about his drumming? (I remember I gave him a name Infernal Warmachine on Castrum-rehearsal place because he made me half-deaf by his killer drum-parts).
- I met 2 times with Eugene:
One time was during a summer festival (Kaltenbach Open Air  and second time during the tour with Suffocation.
My opinion is simple; he is one of the top 10 best actual metal drummers. What makes him special is that he is playing singles on the feet with a precision nobody can achieve.Really hard worker, simple person, down to earth guy, he deserves what is happening to him and even more recognition in my opinion. But I see a bright future for him if he keeps his work and perseverance in the same way!
(Eugene and Julien, 19.VIII.2016)

Merci mon ami, it was a pleasure to talk with you. Last Iron Flesh thoughts are yours to the readers….
- Thanks for this long and interesting interview, I want to give a simple message to readers, stay true to your roots, keep your ears/eyes open to newcomers, take what make you feel good, have constructive criticism, stop being assholes to each other and stab bands you don' t like in the back
Eat bananas and stay Necro! 

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2019. szeptember 6., péntek

LoneHunter (Marcos and Juliano)

Interview with Marcos and Juliano  
Hail brothers Juliano and Marcos! You are very welcome to my small inferno, Archangel’s Lantern! Tell us at first the beginning of your Death metal horde LoneHunter.
Marcos: I was always in love with composing and making music. Since 1990 when I started playing bass on Pesticide and Cauterization and then I started playing guitar on Immortal Majesty.

In 1995 I stopped playing to do some personal life projects, but in 2016 I decided to play again. Then LoneHunter started.

Juliano: Marcos and I have been friends for over twenty-five years, but at some point we parted ways, he went on to build a career, I finished college, got married, got involved in some projects and in 2017 we got back in touch. At the time LoneHunter had a slightly different approach and he showed me several songs. The conversations… the memories… the passion for Death metal that doesn't die… the fact is that things have converged and we join forces to make the kind of sound we are creating.

I’ve listened to Lone Hunter EP, “Beyond the Portals of Death” and I must say it’s just a brilliant Brazilian Death metal. Tell us all the important things about this EP (song-writing process, about lyrics, cover art)
Marcos: Thanks for your words, Georgius!
As with all kinds of artistic creation, there are no rules. Usually the songs start with some of my guitar riff that I quickly imagine possible drum and bass lines. Sometimes I can already imagine the keyboard and vocal lines at the time of this brainstorm.
I record and send this type of material to Juliano.
All the lyrics from the EP were written by Juliano. I just change some things to make it fit to the song. The cover art was created by Tiago Medeiros. He is very talented guy!
What are your future plans with Lone Hunter? Do you want to play live in the near future?
Marcos:We are working on new songs for the full length and trying to promote the band with friends, fanzines and metal radios support.
Waiting for the arrival of the EP in digipack CD format.
I play in another band, it's called Masturbator. We made some live appearances and after that I just think about LoneHunter playing live too. We are searching for musicians that want to join us in this journey.
It's too hard to find a drummer! Oh, Satan! LOL

Juliano: “Beyond the Portals of Death” is kind of a teaser for our first album. A way to introduce the band to the metalheads and show who we are. I believe the best of LoneHunter is saved for this full length and Oh yes, definitely taking LoneHunter's music to a stage is a goal.

When did you start to play the musical instruments? Which musicians influenced you back in time?
Marcos: I was just a boy when Sepultura was on the rise. Beneath the Remains was released. This was the first Brazilian band to win the world in those times. It was the golden age of Death Metal and bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Pestilence, Obituary, Carcass, Napalm Death, Sinister, Noctunus and many others were releasing amazing records.
Listening to these bands made me want to play and here I am today.

Juliano: I bought my first keyboard in the early 1990s. Many keyboardists and pianists have inspired me over the years. Back in the 90’s Marcos and I jammed sometimes with two keyboards doing some music in the vein of old Mortiis.
Jon Lord from Deep Purple and Louis Panzer from Nocturnus has always been  genius for me. Bands like old Limbonic Art, Emperor, Gehenna's first album. Recently the work of Katarina Gubanova impressed me greatly.

What was your first band? Do you play in other bands/projects? 
Marcos:My first band was Pesticide. It's a Splatter grind death "drums, bass and vocals" project formed at 1990.
We changed the name of the band to Cauterization and released its latest demo tape in 1994. (https://soundcloud.com/lonehunterband/cauterization-demotape-1994)
In 1994, I started to play guitar and was a former member of Immortal Majesty band. It's a death metal project.
When I spoke to Juliano at 2017 about to join forces with me in LoneHunter, the initial idea was to bring the Immortal Majesty back into action. We spoke to the other former members but only me and Juliano decided to go ahead. So LoneHunter idea grown up. 
Juliano: I was part of the band Black Metal Ayperos for a short time. In 1996 I recorded the keyboard parts of the "Black Side" demo and the "Brazilian Underground Attack" vinyl with them. In 2002 I created the War Death Metal band Opus Bélico together with a friend.
Currently besides LoneHunter I was invited to do the keyboards in the Progressive Death Metal band Tiwanaku led by Ed Mowery (ex Nocturnus, ex Malediction). The band is recording their first album called "Earth Base One" and will feature guest appearances by James Murphy (ex Death, ex Obituary, etc.), Carlo Regadas (ex Carcass, ex Blackstar) and a few more special appearances that will be announced in the right moment. I admire Ed a lot, not just as a musician but as a human being. He always fights his personal battles in a good mood.

Tell the readers please your experiences about the Brazilian underground (past and present). Which hordes are your favourites? 
Marcos: A lot of things surely have changed since I started into metal scene.
From the letters, tape trades and real world to internet.
Today all the people just want to create discussion about left-right political ideas. But they focused on discussing only and cause fragmentation with no sense or practical attitude to solve the problem. It's is just nonsense blah blah blah, you know?
The hordes that have my attention today is Exterminate, Sanctifier, Open the Coffin, Havok 666, Funeratus, Cirrhosis, Vulture.

Juliano: In the old days we were a bunch of kids all friends who just wanted to drink, listen to metal and scream blasphemies. Today here in Brazil much has been lost because of politics. It all ends in political discussions and personally I hate politics. A lot of great bands come up constantly. Some that I would definitely point to the readers are Open The Coffin, Disruption Path, Wolflust, Klamor, Hell Abyss, Sculpture (Awesome band), among others.
Juliano, you mentioned me in our private conversations that you wrote about the Gilles de Rais (Hail to Gunther and Ancient Rites) a thesis or dissertation. Tell us please about it more.
Juliano: Yes my university thesis was basically a biography of Giles DeRais with a psychological focus in the historical period. It tried to correlate the society at the time as a potentialiser in the creation of a serial killer. DeRais was an amazing and fascinating character. In college I read everything I could find about psychopathy, serial killers, and related topics. Curious that you asked this question because a few weeks ago I found my thesis in my library and realized that although a bit raw it is good, well written. Maybe I will update it and in the future will release it as a book ... Just plans yet, let's see.
Gilles de Rais by Éloi Firmin Féron (1835)

What are your eternal favourite albums and hordes?
Sinister - Cross the Styx
Noctunus - all, The key
Morbid Angel - from Altars to Domination
Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
Obituary - Slowly We Rot /Cause of Death
Bolt Thrower - all, The IV Crusade
Terrorizer - World down fall
Death - all, Human
Dark Angel - Darkness descends
Kreator - Coma of Souls
Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments
Suffocation - Effigy the Forgotten
Samael - Ceremony of the opposites
Rotting Christ - Thy might contract
Deicide - Deicide
Bathory - Blood Fire Death

Nocturnus – The Key
Ancient Rites – Rvbicon
Impaled Nazarene – Ugra Karma
Dissection – Reinkaos
Entombed – Left Hand Path
Death – Symbolic
Morbid Angel – Blessed are the sick
Elysian Fields – Adelain
Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse
Usurper – Diabolosis
King Diamond – Fatal Portrait
Sadistic Intent – Ancient Black Earth
Inquisitor – Walpurgis Sabbath of Lust
Luciferion – Demonication
Against The Plagues – Decoding The Mainframe
Gravehill – When All Roads Lead to Hell

I’m a big fan of Brazilian football and team since 1982, Zico, Socrates, Eder times…Do you have any favourite players and teams in Brazil? 
Juliano: Brother, I think you're talking with the two wrong guys about it. I've always been a little traumatized by football because of the school days, I was always the last one to be chosen to play and if someone chose me before others would shout "Noooooo, not him." LOL. Not my cup of beer, sorry.

Perhaps you know that my blog is dedicated to Jon Andreas Nödtveidt. Did you see Dissection live back in time in Brazil? Have you any favourite tracks/album from Jon’s heritage? (not only Dissection)
Juliano: I didn't get to see Dissection when they came to Brazil. My friends make a point of rubbing the pictures in my face always ....
For me the album Reinkaos is one of the best ever written in the history of Metal. Not only musically but also the lyrical part. Jon was a genius and everything he touched turned to gold. I like even De Infernali his most controversial project.
My favourite tracks are Dissection’s “Where Dead Angels Lie”, “Xeper I Set” and “Maha Kali”.
Juliano, tell us please about your activity in Lucifer Rising magazine.
Lucifer Rising is a magazine for the extreme underground metal and has existed for over 15 years.
The problem is that fewer and fewer people consume magazines these days and the publishing world is having to readjust. With this idea in mind, my friend Eden Lozano, who was already working on the team of another Brazilian metal magazine, took the lead with the proposal to broaden the concept of the magazine by creating the Lucifer Rising portal. I was invited to be part of the team of writers along with some important representatives of the Brazilian underground and we are struggling to bring the best content possible to all metalheads.

One of our mottos is that there is no band too small for us. By the way I invite all the bands that are reading and want a good disclosure to get in touch. We are always available.

I’ve never been in your beautiful country but I really hope to have a trip someday. Recommend to the readers some local Brazilian foods and drinks and interesting places to visit.
Marcos: Brazil is a great place to trip to. I think "Diversity" is the word that describes our country. From Amazonas to Rio Grande do Sul, you will see a lot of different things, from food/drinks/fruits to beautiful places (beaches, waterfalls, rivers or sights). It depends what you are looking for, but certainly you will find a good reason to come here my friend.
I love our food. Our cooking is a mix of local and worldwide tastes.
And NO, I don't agree tourists who come here for sexual reasons. Yes, we have a lot of beautiful girls but They deserve our most sincere RESPECT. 

Obrigado brothers, it was a pleasure to talk with you. Share some thoughts of LoneHunter to complete this interview. 
Juliano: Thank you for the opportunity. It is an honor for us. Personally, I believe the underground is made by the union of those who live it. I see a lot of people wasting time discussing things that have nothing to do with metal. I think we could be more productive if instead of talking badly about a band that we didn't like we could share two others that caught our attention. I wish to Archangel's Lantern success and long life.

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