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2021. december 28., kedd

Johan Jansson

 Johan Jansson

In Memoriam Lars-Göran Petrov

(17.II.1972-7.III.2021 R.I.P.)

When and how did you meet Lars-Göran the very first time?

- I don’t remember exactly but it was in the late 80’s or early 90’s probably at some gig. We were often at killer gigs in Stockholm at Fryshuset and also in Fagersta at Rockborgen and Bergslagsrocken.

Morbid was (and still is) a cult horde among the underground fans and Lars-Göran as Drutten made a killer job on drums. Did you see them live back in the day? Have you any preferred tracks from Morbid-heritage?

- I didn’t get the chance to see them live unfortunately but I heard of them at that time. Yeah, it’s definitively a cult band and he was a great drummer! John in Interment had the demo tape that we listened to many times.

Nihilist demos and Entombed: ‘Left Hand Path’ are both milestones not only in Swedish Death metal scene but globally as well. When did you see them at their shows first? Which songs are your favorite ones from Nihilist-era and ‘Left Hand Path’? 

- Like with Morbid I unfortunately didn’t see Nihilist either, think it was because we didn’t know about all the small gigs in Stockholm in the beginning. We live in a small city but sometimes you saw and got flyers for that kind of gigs. The Death Metal scene and the underground gigs were growing fast and were now more announced in fanzines and flyers and posters everywhere.

I would say that all of the songs are my favorites! The Left Hand Path album really blew me away when I heard it. Same with the Carnage album that came afterwards. The old Nihilist demo tapes are so evil and raw, destroys everything! Unbelievable that they could do such killer songs so young! Some of my favorite songs are definitively: Abnormally Deceased, Face of Evil, Severe Burns, Supposed to Rot, Drowned, But Life’s Goes On… as I said, all of them!

Lars-Göran was the vocalist of Swedish Comecon for a short time (in ‘91/92) and their debut LP is just an excellent one in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts on ‘Megatrends in Brutality’?

- Yeah, that’s right. I think it was a great band with the guys from Krixhjälters (later Omnitron) with LG on vocals. Really like it and I have the debut on vinyl of course.

 However, Entombed changed its style from ‘Wolverine Blues’ but I must say I never had any problems with that and I like a lot all of their later albums. Do you have any favorite LPs/EPs/songs from their Death’n’Roll period?

- I think all of their albums are great! The “Same Different” album was odd but still a killer album, it still sounded Entombed. Today I will say that the last album they did, “Serpent Saints…” is the weakest album. I heard that they were not so satisfied with that album, with the sound and the songs. As I said earlier, I like them all.

Johan, you joined the forces of Entombed A.D. as a guitarist on their live shows in 2014. Would you be so kind to tell the readers how that awesome alliance happened?

- Well, I actually thought that they were on the edge to put the band on ice because it was a bit quiet from them. They separated with Alex Hellid and then he and LG was messing around about the rights of the name of Entombed etc. But anyway it was Victor who called me in the summer 2014 and asked if I wanted to play guitar for them. I actually said no first because it felt strange to play with one of your favorite bands with only LG as an original member and take over after Alex because I’m not an excellent lead guitarist etc. But Victor persuaded me to give it a try at least. So I went down for rehearsal and we tried like 8 songs, both old and new, that worked out very well. I choose some of my favorite songs of course! They said that I was 100 times better that Alex but I didn’t agree, of course I was flattered… Well so after that rehearsal I was in.

For me it was an awesome experience to see Entombed A.D. live with you and to talk a bit with Lars-Göran after that unforgettable show in Kosice/Slovakia on the 16th of October, 2014. What would you say were the most successful performances of “Back to the Front European Tour”? Are there any interesting or funny stories?

- Well, I think all of the gigs on that tour were awesome! Of course some of them were better and worse but overall it was a killer tour with Grave and Repuked. (Implode on the second half) Too many crazy and funny stories that would be a book if you ask me haha…

What is your opinion on Entombed A.D. and Firespawn albums?

- I really like both bands and all their albums. Firespawn is brutal as hell and with LG’s vocals it kills! Sadly it wouldn’t come any more albums now…

Lars-Göran was a huge fan of Swedish Mefisto and he was asked to put his infernal vocals on the track “Let Go of Life” in 2017. In my opinion it’s just a brilliant song, what do you think about it?

- I totally agree. When LG sings it’s always brilliant. I prefer the old demo tapes with Mefisto but the new stuff is great too.

Your band Interment played with Entombed A.D. in your hometown Avesta on 13th of March, 2020. How do you remember that concert?

- It was a really fun and awesome gig at a really small venue here in Avesta. The venue was packed and it was total support. This was their second last show because the pandemic restrictions. Their last show ever was in Uppsala the day after. Sad but true. I’m grateful that I met LG that evening without any knowledge that he was in bad shape and sick.

Johan I’m so thankful for this special interview. And to complete our conversation, could you share a joke or funny thoughts from Lars-Göran as He was a very cheerful One? He will be in our hearts always, R.I.P.

- Thanx Georgius for the interview. I hope to meet you someday so we can drink some beers and vodka. Well, as you say LG was very cheerful and was joking all the time. Many jokes were so bad that you couldn’t resist laughing anyway. Another thing that is well known is that he always asked for cigarettes. - Do you have a smoke? Another thing is that when foreign bands, big as small, played in Stockholm he was always on their guest lists. Well, he will live forever in our hearts and never forgotten, He was one of a kind and with his personality and amazing voice! But life’s goes on…


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The Magus/Magus Wampyr Daoloth

 Interview with The Magus/

Magus Wampyr Daoloth

Hail to Thee The Magus, I’m so honoured to talk to you on my own small Inferno Archangel’s Lantern.
Yoth Iria unleashed a magnificent old school LP ‘As the Flame Withers’. Would you be so kind to enlighten us all the important information about that album and Hellish Hellenic Alliance between you and Jim Mutilator? What is your current line-up?

- The funny thing is that in the beginning I was hesitant to join the band. Jim called me and asked me to sing, I told him: “I am so busy right now, but because it is you I will make a guest appearance. Pls send me the music to see if I like it. If I like it , I will do it.” After I listened to the material I LOVED it. I decided to join the band as a full member. And together with Jim and George Emmanuel we composed the full album of the band “As the Flame withers”. The basic material was already there by Jim but I added my personal touch here and there, made a few changes and George worked a lot in the orchestrations. Yoth Iria combines the old school feeling with a new and dynamic spirit.

Necromantia released a new and sadly final album ‘To the Depths We Descend’ on the 15th of October this year, a great Tribute to the memory of your friend, band mate Baron Blood (R.I.P.) When I listened to that amazing farewell LP, I felt sadness in my heart but from other side I clearly understood you to close activity with Necromantia. I marked 10 ’To the Depths We Descend’ in my Hungarian review (thank you very much for sharing that on your official facebook-page). Tell us more about the songs, lyrics and fantastic occult artwork.

- Thank you very much for the 10! We are honored/.Well a farewell album is never something easy. I felt the need to honor my brother and co-musician for 30 years. 30 years we made music together. His sudden departure affected very deep emotionally. I had to externalize this wrath and sorrow somehow…..and the best way was to write music. I found two excellent musicians to help me make my vision a reality: George Emmanuel on guitars and Yiannis Votsis on drums. Without them the album would not be that great. And of course I did not dare to touch the 8-string bass. This belongs to the Baron. It stays with him forever….

Share with us some of your thoughts about Lord Baron (R.I.P.) …

- As I said I lost a friend who I knew since high school. Besides music I always treasure the moments we did vacation, drinking, discussing, researching and testing the occult world. Baron Blood was a very intelligent person, an excellent musician but also very reluctant. His small circle of friends was enough for him. He did not need more. Traditional heavy metaler, cognac drinker and pipe tobacco smoker. The great moments we had together are too many to share…..

My good old metal brother Innominandus made a drawing of Hecate in 2020 and the new version of your Dragon sigil which marks Necromantia departure this year. Will you cooperate with him later then as well?

 - Yes, but I cannot reveal yet. The highly talented, and very well versed in the occult,  Innominandus has designed for us 9 daemonic entities. I cannot reveal more yet. Time will come…

Which keyboarders, bass-players and vocalists inspired you at the very start? Name us your favorite ones please.

- I am a bass player above all. Steve Harris, Joe Di Maio are two of my main influences but the persona who influenced me more than anyone is Cronos of VENOM. I really love his chaotic bass playing and his vocals. He was one of the few extreme vocalists of the time who knew how to color his voice according to the song and lyrics. I also do this with my vocals. Or at least I try! Martin Ain, Timi Hansen were amazing bass players. As for vocalists: Quorthon, Tom Warrior and King Diamond are some of my old time faves together with Ronnie James Dio and Eric Adams.

You played as a guest on Ancient Rites’ track “From Beyond the Grave, Part 2” (keyboards/organ) and on tracks of Danse Macabre: “Psychopompos” and “Dream Within a Dream” (bass). How did happen that amazing cooperation between you and Gunther Theys back in the day? What are your most preferred songs/albums of Ancient Rites?

- Gunther’s wife is Greek. He met her while he was here for live shows. Therefore after this he became a more frequent visitor to Greece. We were good friends so it was inevitable to work with him in a musical level. Danse Macabre was Gunter’s idea. I love to try different things so I joined them for this EP! “The Diabolic Serenades” and “Dim Carcosa” are my favorite albums by Ancient Rites.

Thou Art Lord are other great Greek horde you are involved. I like a lot all of the albums (since demo and split EP with Ancient Rites) you released through the years but for me ‘Thou Art Lord’ debut “Eosphoros” is absolutely a brilliant masterpiece where have been invited Gunther Theys and Mika Luttinen as special guests. What is the situation with Thou Art Lord nowadays?

- THOU ART LORD was always a band that we simply played the music we love. There was no originality or creativity, simply playing, jamming extreme metal music. This is why it is a band which is always in hibernation. We may release an album in two years or ten years. Whenever we feel like it we shall do it. It is just a band to channel energy and enjoy playing.

Give the readers a share in your thoughts of Andrea Meyer (R.I.P.) please.

- I was really shocked when I learned about her murder. It was totally out of the blue…..this is what shitty religions do to people, they make them fanatics, lunatics or sheep for manipulation. Fuck! Her death was like a fist in my face! She was a very intelligent and talented person. I loved her music projects and in the past we had long talks about the occult, witchcraft, ancient lore and the metaphysical. We have shared our experiences like to travelers on the same path. This led to our collaboration, when she did the lyrics for “The Arcane Light of Hecate”. My deepest sympathy to her family. I will always remember her she will have a special place in my heart.

You are a rapier maestro and I’m just so fascinated to read your posts about your passion and adore your notes about historical fencing. Tell the readers more about it.

- I love historical fencing and HEMA in general for two reasons: it connects me with my past and my cultural inheritance through historical research and it something that involves swords! I love swords; they are my passion since I was a kid. So the opportunity to learn actual sword-fighting as they did in the past was too good to pass. I do this for 15 years now….and I love every minute of it.

What are your most preferred poets, writers and philosophers (and their works), sculptors/sculptures of Ancient Hellas?

- Plato “Politeia”, Pythagoras for his thought on mathematics, metaphysics and music, Epicurus for his practical view of things. Fedias was the top sculptor of all times.

Which newcomer Greek bands are your recommendations?

- Lucifer’s Child are top notch and Synteleia and Drakon Ho Megas for the old school spirit.

Thank you very much/ευχαριστώ πολύ The Magus! Send your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern to complete this interview please.

- Support great music whenever you find it. Be true to yourselves. Create not copy. Embrace the wonders of the Dark. 

Important links: 




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Tobias Fongelius Jormundgand/Burning Eye Productions (29.XII.2011)

 Interview with Tobias Fongelius 

(Jormundgand and Burning Eye Productions) 

Encomium, 29.XII.2011 

(Questions compiled  by Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

"Nowadays there's really just a few record labels left true to the underground spirit and its former magic. So I am really happy to introduce you Burning Eye Productions from Sweden, a young label, which definitely follows the path of the true underground spirit. All the latest news & future plans were kindly transmitted to us by Tobbe (who also appears as guitarist/vocalist for Jormundgand)!"
Cornelius of Castrum/Encomium

Is there any special reason for forming Burning Eye Productions? Tell us in short the story behind your label.

- The main reason to start Burning Eye Productions was because we, Tobbe and Erika, felt that we refused to compromise with our material. One label didn't like our cover art and told us to change. One label didn't like the name "Jormundgand". Another one didn't like the "Occult Sacrifice" and "By the Grace of Death" songs and asked us if it was possible to skip those hymns! (Assholes!) So that was a huge reason for us to start our own label - Total control of the product and our creation without compromising with some fuckheads ideas about how it should look or sound like!
The other reason is that we have a great interest in arranging gigs. So when we had just started Burning Eye Productions we decided to arrange a gig straight away. We wanted it to be a gig to remember and it ended up with a killer lineup! Vulcano, legendary black/death from Brazil, (on their first tour outside South America). The black metal gods Nifelheim and one of the best fucking heavy metal bands around - RAM! We named this magical night to "Thunder Metal Massacre".

Enlighten us the plans Burning Eye Productions for the forthcoming years.

- We will split up Burning Eye Productions in two parts. One part for arranging gigs (with bands that WE think is kicking ass with all other bands) and it doesn't necessarily have to be a big and famous band, as long as the true spark and dedication is there, it will catch our ears! The other part will search for bands that we want to give the mark of Burning Eye Productions. And we won't force the bands to erase tracks, change bandnames or logos! We feel and appreciate the music and the true art behind it instead of just looking at the surface, counting money.

You've done a gig under the banner of Burning Eye Productions with the following bands: Vulcano, Nifelheim, RAM. How did it turn out? Do you have similar actions planned for the future too?

- To return to the question about "Thunder Metal Massacre"; It was truly a great success! It was almost sold out even though the gig was to take place on a Wednesday! All the bands were 100% on top and it was a hell of a great time as well as in the audience as backstage between the bands! The bar had never sold so much beer on a weekday before!!!
We have plans to arrange a gig again in the near future. But first we have some other stuff to take care of... You will see...

Now some other kind of question. Does the Viking heritage influence you in one or other way? Or Satanism is above all?

- Well, I guess that the "Pagan" or "Folk" tunes influence us in one way or another. But the direction of Jormundgand is very clear to us. It's all an obeisance to Satan and the dark depths in our within, where the black flame grows stronger for each day! Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! Ave Lucifer! 

You play in Jormundgand. Can we expect your band's materials to be released on Burning Eye Productions?

- Yes. The thing is that we have some more material to record and after that we are going to release a 12” EP trough Burning Eye Productions.

What Black Metal means to you?

- Black Metal to me is total devotion and dedication to the dark. A tool to place a seed in the inner self of the listeners, and hopefully they will let it grow and find the strength to search the truth and to explore the undefiled paths that is, for the blind, covered in shadows and darkness!

Do you play live with Jormundgand? If so, do you use Satanic symbols or effects to decorate your live performance?

- The thing is that we had some gigs, more or less ready, to play in the beginning of 2011. But as it always has been with Jormundgand, everything just felled apart in our hands and it was total chaos! We had to put the band aside for a moment and catch our breath. But now we rehearse more than ever before and we hope that Jormundgand will be ready for the stage in the end of 2011! The marks of Satan lives in myself and in my flesh. I guess that’s enough, at the moment. But we will have a great amount of bones and bone relations with us on stage! 

For your previous materials you had guest appearances (both for cover art and for backing vocals too). Please tell us about that.

- Well, on the first demo "Satanic Attack", it was just me and Erika that played in the band. But our friends of the great band "Vornth" was helping us with the instruments that we needed. It all ended up with a full band for a while! Something that's quite rare in the history of Jormundgand! When it was time for the vocals I felt that we needed something more in the song "Satanic Attack". I asked "Hellbutcher" from Nifelheim if he wanted to put some backing vocals and he liked the material so he agreed. He helped us a lot with that demo. He painted the cover art, took the band photos and made the T-shirts as well! For the next coming release it will be "Tyrant" from Nifelheim doing the cover. I told him what I wanted and he delivered the most impressive piece of art! Both Tyrant and Hellbutcher are true artists!

If there would be a chance to invite a Ukrainian or Hungarian Black or Death metal band, which would it be?

- Hm, hard to say. It would be a great honor for us to have Tormentor if they started up again! Then we have Pokolgép, Nocturnal Rites, Domhring and Castrum.
I'm not that conversant in the Hungarian and Ukrainian metal scene and I'd really like you to recommend bands that you think I should listen to! 
(I would definitely recommend you to listen to these Ukrainian bands: Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Ulvegr, - Cornelius)

Tack!!! Hail Satan! Hail Azerate! Last Satanic rites for the end...

- Thanks my friends! If there is anyone who thinks that Burning Eye Productions sounds like the label for YOUR band, send a mail to our myspace: 
www.myspace.com/burningeyeproductions. An email to burningeyeproductions@gmail.com 

2021. december 14., kedd

Erik Sprooten (12.V.2013)

 Interview with Erik Sprooten

(Ancient Rites, Inquisitor, Plusminus) 

Sadistik Witchfukk (12th of May, 2013)

Questions compiled by Georgius and Sorin Necrotrooper

Hailz Erik, and hellcome to our webzine. Because this is the first intie with you, please give us some info about you!

- Most people who read this interview probably know me best as Dutch guitarist of Black Metal band Ancient Rites, and some also might remember that I was guitarist of the Extreme Thrash Metal band Inquisitor. What is less known, is that I'm also guitarist for a Hardrock cover band called Plusminus. I'm also involved in a foundation called “Noord Geldersch Metaal” which organizes metal gigs in my hometown Harderwijk. During the daytime I have an office job at the planning department of a local company in my hometown.

Tell us, first, how were you introduced into metal?

- I slowly grew into listening metal, ever since I was exposed to KISS in 1979 when they had huge hits. Only after listening a lot to their compilation album “Double Platinum”, I started developing a taste for hard rock music. An older brother of a friend of mine introduced me to other hardrock bands like Van Halen and Status Quo. Only a few years later I discovered metal by checking out albums of  Iron Maiden and Saxon. Around the year 1985, I started to appreciate Metallica and not much later also Thrash metal like Slayer and Sacred Reich. At the end of the 80's, I started to appreciate Death metal. And in the 90's I became interested in Black metal. Nowadays I still listen to a lot of metal but I also listen to what is nowadays called Classic Rock. Generally speaking, you could say that my collection of music ranges roughly from Southern Rock to Black Metal.

Did you playe in other bands before Inquisitor?

- It's hardly worth mentioning but yes, I played in only one band before Inquisitor, which was called Menticide. Menticide was short-lived and never played live or released any demo. The very first line-up started in 1989 and was with Alex Bakker and Wim v/d Valk. For me and Wim it was actually our first experience of being in a band. Alex already had band experience before. Wim and Alex didn't stay long in Menticide and joined an extreme thrash metal band called Desultory. When Wim and Alex left Desultory in 1991, I joined forces with them again, and Inquisitor was born early 1992. My first live gig was with Inquisitor in 1992.

What can you tell about the Inquisitor days? Are you satisfied now with its works?

Inquisitor existed roughly from early 1992 till the end of 1996 and was in a way a continuation of the extreme thrash metal style Desultory did, which was a style we liked a lot, but we felt that we could improve it to a higher level. Our main influences were (extreme) thrash metal bands such as Sadus, Kreator, Dark Angel and Sabbat but we were also influenced by death metal and other styles of metal. The first line-up recorded the demo's “Blasphemous Accusations”  (1992) and “Your Pain will be Exquisite” (1993) and consisted of: Alex Wesdijk on vocals, Erik Sprooten on guitar, Alex Bakker on bass and Wim VanderValk on Drums. With this line-up we did several gigs in The Netherlands, and we even did three gigs in Belgium. At one of those gigs in Holland we were even support-act for a certain band called Ancient Rites. In 1993 some local churches searched contact with the organisation of an outdoor festival in our hometown to get our gig cancelled because they were very concerned with our “not so christian-friendly” lyrics. An article about this matter appeared in a local paper a few days after our gig, and the result of this was, that we gained even more attention in the metal scene. In 1995, the second line-up with Hans Pos on bass as replacement for Alex Bakker, recorded “Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust”, which was released in 1996 by Shiver Records. With this line-up we did several gigs in Holland of course, and also three gigs in Germany. I'm still satisfied with the recordings and the music of Inquisitor. And I'm still proud of what I did with Inquisitor. I do enjoy reading reviews about Inquisitor on the internet. And without Inquisitor, I probably wouldn't be in Ancient Rites. 

(my Inquisitor tape, ordered from Zwaertgevegt and 
Inquisitor-pick, what sent me Erik Sprooten -GF)

G: I know that you are going to re-release the LP "Walpurgis-Sabbath of Lust". Tell us more about that.
The original CD is hard to find for quite some time now, and last year I saw someone selling it on E-bay for a huge amount of money. Also last year, a friend of mine notified me about a split-CD with Inquisitor on  it, which I didn't know existed. Apparently someone released this split-CD a few years ago, which wasn't an official release. So I guess if someone else is releasing Inquisitor non-officially, then it must be interesting enough to do a proper re-release.  And it seems this is going to happen, 'cause at the moment I have a verbal agreement with a record company for a re-release. This re-release will probably contain the demo's too and may possibly also be released on vinyl. No release date is known yet.

Are you still in contact with Inquisitor members? Have you ever thought of a reunion-show?

- I'm still in contact with most Inquisitor members. Alex Bakker, the bass-player who can be heard on the Inquisitor demos, is also a member of my hard-rock  cover-band Plusminus, so I see him quite often. I sometimes meet our ex-singer Alex Wesdijk. And recently I got into contact with Wim again. I met Hans, pure coincidentally, a few years ago on a small open air festival. Nowadays he plays bass-guitar in a band called “After The Silence”.
I'm certainly not against a reunion, but I have my doubts if that will ever happen. Only the future will tell. 

What do you think about Centurian and their latest album?

Centurian is one of the best and brutal Death metal bands ever to emerge from The Netherlands, and was founded by ex-Inquisitor drummer Wim. Their music is quite intense. Once in a while I enjoy listening to their albums. And so far, I only have heard one song of their new album, which definitely sounds like Centurian, although it is without Wim on drums.

(Centurian: 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' CD, 
what sent and signed me Wim van der Valk -GF)

Now about Ancient Rites: when and how did you join them? Was it during the supporting tour of "Blasfemia Eternal" or afterwards?

- During the “Blasfemia Eternal” tour in 1996, when I was still in Inquisitor, I was a session-guitarist, and I had a great time on that tour! It was definetely a tour with a good vibe between all the bands. That tour also helped Inquisitor getting some exposure in Germany. It was also during that tour, that Gunther and Walter already had plans to have two guitarists again in Ancient Rites. So when Inquisitor was struggling with internal problems later that year, the idea of me joining Ancient Rites as second guitarist was born. So I contacted Gunther and since someone else was also interested, an audition was organized. I was chosen, and became second guitarist of Ancient Rites, the first gig was in January 1997. The other guitarist back then was Raf Jansen. Later in 1997 Jan Yrlund replaced Raf.

On the albums you played with Ancient Rites there was lot of melody. What were your influences on those LPs? Are you interested into history too, like Gunther?

Throughout the years I've become a more melodic and versatile guitar-player, which especially culminated on the album “Rubicon”.  Although a lot of melody is present on the albums I take part in, some of my thrash metal influenced riffs were also used in several songs. Fast melodic riffs like the ones which can be heard in “Mother Europe” and “Invictus” are definitely influences I brought into Ancient Rites. I also add my skills on guitar to the music of Ancient Rites but without comprising the music. On the “Rubicon” album there's for example one melodic/lead guitar which I play in the Harmonic minor scale (instead of the regular minor scale), which sound a little bit (so-called) Neo-classical, which I created just to make a little difference musically. Furthermore, I think that my guitar-solo's are an influence too.
I am interested in history but I don't absorb myself that much into that as Gunther does. He knows much more about history than I do.

(dedicated Ancient Rites: 'Fatherland" CD)

How was the Ancient Rites show in Rotterdam? Did it everything go well? What can you tell about the crowd?

- I think we delivered a good show in Rotterdam.The reaction of the crowd was really good and quite a lot of them were banging and singing along. The sound on stage was good and  really comfortable to play. Although I was a little bit struggling with my floorboard, I'm in general very satisfied with the gig.

As far as I know you wanted to play live and in rehearsals a kvlt-track, 'Blasphemer' from Sodom. Do you want to record then in studio also?

- As far as I know, Ancient Rites has never performed songs from other bands live or in the studio, and probably never will. “Blasphemer” is definitely a kvlt track, and certainly one of my favourite songs from Sodom, but I don't have a real desire to perform or record this song with Ancient Rites. Last year during the rehearsals I sometimes just played the beginning of that kvlt song and Gunther simply reacted to that! It's something that just developed after Gunther and I listened to “In the Sign of Evil” from Sodom in my car after a rehearsal.

How it's goings the things with your guitar-parts for the upcoming Ancient Rites album?

- At home I have recorded some guitar-parts and ideas, of which most of them I intent to use for Ancient Rites. Everyone is doing their share in writing new material and I'm working on a few demo-songs for Ancient Rites too, which are almost ready but I'm still not yet satisfied enough with them. It'll take me some time experimenting with ideas but in the end I will get a satisfying result. Most important thing is, that the music has to feel right. Some of my guitar parts will only take shape during the actual recordings of the upcoming album.
Ancient Rites is definitely in writing-modus again and we already have written a few songs.

(my Ancient Rites-pics what sent me Erik Sprooten -GF)

Your top 10 all-time favourite metal albums are?

Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East
Dark Angel – Darkness Descends
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
Holy Terror – Mind Wars
Sadus – Illusions (aka Chemical Exposure)
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Massacra – Final Holocaust
Iron Maiden – Live after Death
Sathanas – Black Earth
Metal Church – Metal Church

What are your hobbies besides the music?

- In my free-time, everything I like doing is more or less music-related. But besides music, I like to take time to enjoy the beautiful nature in my area. There are plenty of beautiful forests and there is a lot of heath. 

Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?

- Not that much, but I know Sear Bliss and Negura Bunget, and thanks to you I know your old bands Castrum and Dohmring now. I also saw a few Romanian and Macedonian bands when Ancient Rites was on tour in the Balkan. 

What bands can you recommend us? (from Belgium and the Netherlands, and then from over the world)

- In The Benelux we have known metal bands such as Heidevolk, Legion of the Damned, Aborted, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx, Epica etc..
From the lesser known bands I'd like to recommend Lord Volture, which is a great dutch Heavy/Power Metal band. For those who like Death Metal, I would recommend The Lucifer Principle, KhaoZ and Victimizer from The Netherlands. If you like Hard Rock, then I would recommend Vanderbuyst. From my own area I would like to recommend Thrash Metal band Portall. And last year I saw a promising Heavy Metal band from Sweden called Steelwing.

Which foods, drinks of your local cuisine, cigars and tobaccoes are your recommendations of your area?  

A typical Dutch food is Kale aka borecole, although I wouldn't consider this as Haute Cuisine, it does taste good in my opnion. It is mostly served in combination with a smoked sausage known as Gelderse Rookworst., which is a speciality from the province Gelderland where I live. When it comes to dutch beer, I would recommend Hertog Jan. A typical Dutch drink is a spirit called Jenever, which seems to be comparable to Gin. I don't smoke at all, so I can't and won't recommend cigars and other tobacco related stuff at all.

Dank je wel, Erik! The last (hateful) words are yours!

- Thanks a lot for this interview and space in Sadistik Witchfukk! Keep supporting the metal scene and keep it alive! \m/

Tobias Fongelius (Jormundgand) 9.VI.2013

Interview with Tobias Fongelius 

of Jormundgand  

Sadistik Witchfukk (9.VI.2013)

Questions compiled by Georgius and Sorin Necrotrooper 

Hail Tobbe! Because this is the first interview with you, please give us a short bio regarding your band.

- Hail! Well, we are JORMUNDGAND from Sweden. We have been lurking in the underground since 2004. The first demo "Satanic Attack" was recorded between 2008/2009, and at that time Hellbutcher from the mighty NIFELHEIM helped us a lot! He was with us in the studio and he even put some vocals to the song "Satanic Attack". He painted the cover for the demo and t-shirts, took all our promo pictures with his camera and more. In 2010 we recorded our single "The Eleven Path". I (Tobbe F) started my own record label "Burning Eye Productions" and the plan was to release the single on a 7" vinyl through Burning... But the dream hasn´t been transformed to reality yet because of different reasons.... In 2012 we decided to record our first full length-album. It is now finally finished and ready to be unleashed upon the surface of the world, to spread the poison of the mighty Black Dragon of the abysmal ocean of Chaos!

How  did you get introduced into metal, and did you played in any bands before Jormundgand?

- It came quite natural to me, I guess. I was around 6 or 7 years old and I heard Guns'n'Roses on the radio! It was "Paradise City" and I felt like totally blown away by the music! Then on the very same radio show they played "Poison" with Alice Cooper, and then I was trapped forever! Very soon after that I started to listen to more hard music like Metallica and Iron Maiden. When I was at the age of 14 I started my first band. We named it "Confused" and we played some kind of Swedish straight edge hardcore! Haha, the music really sucked! hahaha! We played live one time and split-up shortly after that! When I was around 16 years old, I came in contact with Black Metal for the first time... And I can still remember the feeling of coming home, that I have finally found my musical way in life!

You are working on your first LP. Can you tell us all about it? (stuff such as recording process and so on). Did you signed with a label to promote it, or it is self-released?

Yeah, this will be our first full length album! The thing is that it´s only two "new" songs on that recording! Those are "Malice Striker" and " Beyond the Bound". The rest of the songs were written between 2010 and 2012. I felt that we had too much un-recorded material to move on forward with the other new songs that will be on our next release. We have taped all our earlier material on a tape recorder. And everything has been recorded live in the studio. But this time we did a lot more time in the studio. We recorded all  the instruments in separated steps, beginning with the drums, then bass, then guitar...... It was more time-consuming than I could ever imagine! And money-eating! That's why it took us more than one year to record the album! All my money has been pumped in this record, so I can´t release it by my own label, through "Burning Eye Productions". Not just because of the money, but because of all the time it took away from the music and creation of music. To make Black metal you need a very strong connection with your inner self. If you don't find that state of mind, then you will loose all the true spirit of your creation, especially now when we play live as well.

Are there any guests on the album? ( Hellbutcher or other ones?)

I had plans to invite Hellbutcher to the studio again, and to ask Oscar from RAM to put some heavy metal song to one of the tracks, but, it never felt like the right thing to do! So, no guests on this album!

You shared the stage with Necrocurse on 5th of April in Gothenburg. How was your concert?

- Ah! It was fucking great! We feel more hunger now than ever before! We did a gig in Trollhättan 4 weeks after the Gothenburg gig, and it was fucking awesome as well! Hail Satan!

(my awesome Swedish friend sent me Necrocurse-poster and dedicated by Hellbutcher digipack CD in 2016 -GF)

What is the situation regarding your new shows? have you decided to tour Europe, or it will be just in Sweden (or Scandinavia)?

- We will play as much as we can. I feel that we have a great potential to be a killer band on stage!

How are the things going with Burning Eye Productions?

- Well, I am a little bit unsure about the future of Burning Eye Productions, at least with the Jormundgand thing. But I will have the label active in one or another way. Maybe releasing other bands' material and organizing concerts and tours. Time will tell!

What is JORMUNDGAND's current line-up and if the members of the band take part in other projects?
- It's me Tobias Fongelius on bestial vomit and guitar! And Ingo on drums. Erik K on guitar. He is active in a few other bands as well, like Vornth, Autokrat and Xul. Tobbe P has been involved in everything we have done so far, all the recordings and our two first live shows, but not anymore. He wants to give his main band "RAM" all his focus, I believe. So it's a fucking shit situation right now to be honest. But I understand and respect his decision. All hails to the mighty masters of "Heavy Metal Tyranny" - RAM!

Your top 10 all-time favourite albums are?

- Shit! Haha, what a question! Ok.... Starting from 1.

Storm of the Light´s Bane
The Somberlain
Servants of Darkness
Lawless Darkness
Blood Fire Death
Altars of Madness
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Morbid Visions
Again Shall Be

Well, I will probably change my mind tomorrow, but what the fuck: all this albums are fucking killer!

Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova?

It's funny that you're asking me that, because when I was down to "Halmstad" in Sweden last month to bang my head to Nifelheim, Vulcano and The Stone, it was something unexpected that happened on the stage! As you maybe know, Tamás from the Hungarian band Tormentor is now a member in Nifelheim. And in the middle of the show, Hellbutcher went off from the stage and Attila Csihar came up instead and they started to play the intro to the "Anno Domini" record, and then they played "Tormentor" with Attila on vox! That was fucking legendary! But besides Tormentor, Domhring, Castrum and Chamos my knowledge about your bands is very thin I'm afraid.
What bands can you recommend us from Sweden (and also from the rest of the world)?

Well, Vornth (Swedish speed metal), Xul (Swedish black metal), Necrocurse (Swedish Death Metal), Mordant (Swedish Black Metal), Trial (Swedish Heavy Metal), In Solitude ( Swedish Heavy Metal). And of course, RAM (Swedish Heavy Metal).

Now regarding your local cuisine: what foods, drinks, cigars, tobaccoes can you recommend?

- Hmm, Sweden is very famous for our great KebabPizza! So if you come to Sweden, just order Kebab! We have something called "Systembolaget" in Sweden. And that's the only store where you can buy your alcohol. It's forbidden to sell alcohol in food-shops etc. Quite shitty if you ask me, but it have one big +. Every "Systembolaget" store have like 100 different beers, and maybe 100 different whiskeys and like 1000 different wines! So we have a lot of different brands to pick from! Personally i like scotch whiskey and Irish dark stoutbeer!

I was very pleased to find out that Jon Nödtveidt (Rest and Reign in Chaos) is your hero as well as mine. From your letters I've got to know that you didn't know Jon personally, but what do you think of Him as a person and musician?

- Because I have a lot of friends that knew Jon personally, I know that he was a great person and musician! He was like a never ending source of musical energy and inspiration and the guitar riffs just sprayed out of his fingers into his guitar! He is, and will always remain, my greatest inspiration both musically and spiritually! Hail the Bloodline of fire! Hail Jon Nödtveidt! Might His legacy never be forgotten.

Tack så mycket, my old friend Tobbe! Hail to the Northern Dragon of Chaos! 
Your message to readers of Sadistik Witchfukk...

- Varsågod min vän! I hope to meet you in the mighty Carpathians soon! Hail Satan!

You can listen to the music here:  myspace.com/jormundgand666

Burning Eye Productions:  myspace.com/burningeyeproductions

Peter Karlsson (The Pete Flesh Deathtrip) 1.IV.2013

  Interview with Peter Karlsson of 

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip 

Sadistik Witchfukk webzine, 1.IV.2013

(Questions compiled by Sorin Necrotrooper and Georgius)

Hailz Pete! Because this is your first interview with us, introduce us in your 'Deathtrip'!

- The ground to this solo project took its form in 2001. My visions were not 100% clear then, as I still was in Maze of Torment. But I knew that I wanted to do something on my own. It took some years, but in 2005 I entered the studio and recorded the debut album "Dödsångest". The first 3 albums were released just under the moniker "Flesh", but it's still the same regardless the changing to "The Pete Flesh Deathtrip".

How did you get interested in metal?

- I got into this metal world in the same way like most others around my age. Bands like W.A.SP., Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister etc. started to take more and more room in the media. I fell for it all directly! The expressions, the energy, the creativity. At that time I lived in a small village and didn't knew so much about the more brutal movement that was going on. But when I was 15 I moved into a bigger town where Merciless lived. I started to read logos from their jackets, that's how I found out about bands like Sodom, Sepultura, Bathory, Mayhem, Nihilist etc. My world and life was then completed.

You played in some bands during the years. Can you tell us about them, and if you're satisfied with the results now?

If I only mention the ones that have done albums and not, are The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, Maze of Torment (I didn't played on the last one entitled "Hidden Cruelty"), Deceiver and Thrown. No, I'm not satisfied with them all, maybe 30% of them I would like to redo, like Deceiver's "Riding with the Reaper" which could have been a totally different album, if I should have waited some time before entering the studio with that one. Maze of Torment's debut album "The Force" will be always special to me. Also the last one I recorded, "Hammers of Mayhem". The first Deceiver M-CD is also a special one like Thrown's "The Suicidal Kings Occult".

Now speaking of " The Pete Flesh Deathtrip". It began under the name Flesh. Did you ever played any shows with it? (If yes, who helped you playing live? Was it the same studio line-up?)

- No live gigs yet. But it have been close two times. First, the old Deceiver line-up helped me at least to try, then this new one. But when every time I try, there is some sort of complications. If this will happen, everything must go perfect. I try to think out different scenarios for this to happen, and maybe someday it will happen. It would be cool.

Let's speak of your new album "Mortui Vivos Docent". Give us some info about it(recording process and such). Have you fixed a date for its release?

- The recording process of this album was very long, for 2 years. I also changed the studio from "The Abyss Studio" to record with Peter Bjärgö (Crypt of Kerberos, Arcana, Tyrant, The Black etc.). This studio is very close to where I live, so I could decide myself for example when it was the time to record down the bass. Maybe in retro-perspective some things could have gone faster to do. Also, I changed the session drummer to Adde (Vinterland, Tyrant, Nunfuckritual etc.) and to find time where we both could work on the drums was harder than we both knew from the beginning. Then also, for the first time I included a guest singer. He actually sings on half of the album: Micke Broberg (Unanimated, Celestial Pain etc.). He have also contributed with some lyrics. I had this idea that I wanted to do something different with this album, just to keep the listening more intersting, not just for the ones that buy the album, but also for me when it comes to the creative parts. I have done many, many albums that all ideas were mine, and it's hard to keep a whole album in a perspective where you just don't repeat yourself. I will keep working like this, but I will use different people all the time. Working like this will also help me to find inspiration, and new inputs on my own creative parts. The album have been delayed so many times now, for a lot of different reasons. But none of them will be layed on Pulverised Records, they are cool. But everything is sent to them now, I hope it will be out sometime in the summer of 2013. The album will also be out on vinyl on Temple of Whores records.

What do you think about the Swedish metal scene nowadays compared to the one in the 80s?

For me there are totally different times. First of all, you didn't had internet back then, you had to be creative in a different way to spread your name, on a more root level. Today it's more about how many "likes" you have. Don't seem to matter if people who have liked your side, actually like your music. I don't say it's wrong to spread your music in different ways. I also take the time sometimes to ask close friends to maybe spread some, but not in a "down your through way". And also, if someone supports me, I fucking support them too. Today you also have tons of bands. It's impossible to follow the scene in the same way. There are so many different styles as well. I could be nostalgic, and say that everything was better back then, but that will not help me in any way at all. Things change: some to the better, some to the worse.

What is your opinion about Gothenburg metal? What about stuff such as Death'n'Roll?

When it comes to the older bands from that area, there is a lot of good stuff. About newer stuff, nah, not so interested. Regarding death'n'roll, there is some good stuff. For me it has always been like "a good track is a good track, regardless genre, trend, or what the people say".

What do you think about mp3 downloads?

It have been out there for so long now, that I don't really reflect on it. If you download and like the stuff and  you are into music in a way you should be, you also get the album. If people have some kind of brain, they will understand that bands that play this kind of music don't earn anything from it, it goes to be able to record a new album or maybe print some shirts. 

Your top 10 all-time favourite metal albums?

Those lists are impossible for me. I have tons of faves. Like you see on the list: no Slayer, no At the Gates, no Dismember, no Mayhem, no Death, no Judas Priest, no Destroyer 666, no The Exploited, no Terra Firma, no Candlemass, no Pink Floyd, no Misfits, no Kreator, no Destruction, no Sodom, no Dead can Dance, no Black Sabbath etc. All of them have done albums I likes as much as those I mention. Anyway, these bands are played a lot right now.

Dissection - "Storms of the Light's Bane"
Possessed - "Seven Churches"
Sadus - "Illusions"
Morbid Angel - "Altars of Madness"
Iron Maiden - "Killers"
Metallica - "Kill'em All"
Danzig - "Lucifuge"
Bathory - "Blood Fire Death"
Merciless - "The Awakening"
Mercyful Fate - "Don't Break the Oath"

Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania? What other bands can you recommend us(from all the globe and also from Sweden)?

Of course Tormentor. First time I heard "Anno Domini" it was like a new world was opened for me. Are Nokturnal Mortum from your area? Your 2 old bands, brother (Castrum and Domhring). Hmm, I should know more. I came across a band called Protest some time ago, I think they are from Romania. I know more. I can recommend "The Curse" from Sweden, also "Necrovation". "Anal Vomit" is great. A lot of bands out there.

Now regarding your local kitchen: what foods, drinks, tobaccoes can you recommend us?

I have been sober for almost 7 years (long story). I have forgotten the names of drinks, but there were a lot of bloody Mary's to start the day. You get the breakfast in the same time in a way I only do "Snus" nowadays. When it comes tobacco, you know? Grov snus för fan! Food, it can be anything, I'm like a garbage... I eat almost anything.

Did you taught your son to play guitar? Does he listens to metal as well?

We play now and then. I never force him. Right now he practice on some Black Sabbath and Accept stuff. Yeah, he likes metal stuff and have started a small, so far, vinyl collection. Faves are WASP, Kiss and Accept. But also enjoys Slayer, Sepultura (He met Paul Jr. last summer, also Dee Snider at the same time). And stuff like that. Also old stuff like Deep Purple and Rainbow. I try to learn the roots of it all. He is just 7 years old, and have met some of his idols. Some months ago we saw WASP, he was bloody blown away. This summer he will see Kiss, Accept (he likes the new album), Saxon etc. I don't try to form him, he is my kid and can listen to whatever he wants. Of course, he also sometimes can sing along with music that simply are "kid" music. I guess every country have some sort of clown that does music and are simply kid music. But if you would ask him what his fave band is, it would be "Pete Flesh Deathtrip". He is loyal.

What hobbies do you have besides metal?

Reading and playing football with my son, also fishing. I do not socialize so much with other people. I have my son, girlfriend and her kids, just taking care of the closest.

Tack så mycket! That's all for now. The last warning is yours!

Thanx bro for the interview, greatful for the support, you know it!!! People interested in my work are welcome to contact me. Hail the hordes!

Pete Flesh can be contacted here:

The guys behind the horde. From left to right: Andreas (guest session drums), Pete (vocals, guitars, bass), Micke (guest session vocals)