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Peter Karlsson

Interview with Peter Karlsson 
(ex-Maze  of Torment/ex-Deceiver,
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip)

Hail Pete! While this is the first interview with you tell more what you've done since our last discussion! 
- The album finally got out after several delays (no blame to the label). Done some promotion work, little interviews etc. Just spreading the word.

Now returning to your band, you just released a new album on May 27th. On which physical formats is the album released: vinyl, tape or CD? How did you choose the title, what is it about? Do you see it as a conceptual album? 
- Only released on CD right now. But there are plans to have it out on vinyl through Temple of Whores records, lots of delays there as well. But I hope it will be out until at least December. The title came along when I've red a Swedish criminal book and when I saw it there was no question about it. The meaning of the title is "The dead teach the living". 
No, no special concept, but the title can be put in so many different contexts and forms, which attracts me in the sense that you can form a lot of different stories that fits into an overall concept.

This is your 4th album, and the 1st under the name The Pete Flesh Deathtrip. How do you see it compared to the first three albums? 
- More variation. I think all the albums have strong material and songs, but this one has better structured throughout the whole album. There are more influences, more of everything and more.....hm, space. Of course the fact that I use a different studio, different drummer and a guest vocalist on half of the album gives it a big difference also. I will always sound like I do, but will always try to put in small details that gives it a little new vibe for every release.

Mickael Broberg, one of the guest musicians did killing vocal parts on "Mortui Vivos Docent". What is Your opinion about his latest bands/projects, as Born For Burning and The 13th Passenger?
 - I like ´em both and think Micke is a really talented person and sure that he will succeed big time with his music. Much better musician than me. But I do what I do and he does what he does. I´m really satisfied with his contribution on the album and his understanding on how things should be done.

Did you start to write new tracks for The Pete Flesh Deathtrip? What is the situation nowadays with your other band/project THROWN?  
- Yes I have. It have been around 2 years since I did the last song for "Mortui Vivos Docent", so the inspiration is really big and ideas are coming up all the time. There will be no more THROWN. I will use all relevant, and in my ears, good stuff for The Pete Flesh Deathtrip. Actually one song have an pure THROWN riff that should have been used there. I don´t see any point for me anymore to have side projects etc. Everything I do sounds like me anyway. There will be more variation, but all I do and create will always have the same "fire" behind it. I try to create different atmospheres and emotional differences, contrasts etc. To be able to do that I also need to find different expressions.

What do you think about the social networks as Facebook, MySpace etc. help to reach fans for your band? 
- I´m not a big fan of Facebook when it comes to promoting your music. Seems more important on how many likes you have than that people actually listen and are interested in your music. In my point I thought that old Myspace was a lot better. You could create something more personal for the band in lay-outs etc. Also a player, band info etc. directly in your face. I have nothing against, that it´s easier to make contacts with everything, from fans to labels. But something have got lost in all this internet stuff. In my opinion there was a bigger creative spark before, people like yourself, that have that "fire" for what you do. In a sense it feels more like people are consuming music today like going to Mc Donalds or IKEA, if you get my point. But times changing, maybe I´m just an old complaining fart.

Can you imagine that you'll play with your son in a common metal band in the future? 
- Yes, for sure. We have already a band called BLOOD ON THE AXE. But there will take some time before we record anything. He is only 7 years old and are still learning, but like the band name and a lot of the riffs comes from him. I guess I´m just a guest musician that will be kicked out when stuff starts to happen. Like it should be.

From where do you take inspirations for your lyrics? 
- Mostly, stuff that relates to the dead and death in general. We all can relate to it and have different expreciances from it, I try to make it from my experiences, reflections and journeys to find different views on it. It has attracts me since I was a kid, it comes natural for me. There are tons of topics that you can relate to this factor and write about. Of course, sometimes there are lyrics written that has nothing to do with it, but not often. I at least must find it interesting.

Could you please name some of your favourite books and documentaries or movies? 
- I explain my taste instead of name dropping. I like most that have some kind of reality behind it. It could be about a ballerina from Russia to a Satanist that have lived alone in a dungeon. You know, people that burn for what they are doing, how they reflects and explain their way of thinking. That manic side of people that almost, and sometimes have, driven them to insanity. I can relate to that. My point is, not being narrow-minded also allows you to develop and find new ways of thinking to reach your own goals. I read a lot of psychological stuff. Different disorders. About alcohol and drug addicts. Prostitution. Religions. A lot of stuff that relates to different form of music. Deep ways of thinking around death and universe. Tons of different topics.

Have you any favourite football teams from Sweden or worldwide?
 - Beside music me and my son share a passion for watching football, also to play it ourself. DIF (Djurgårdens) in Sweden, then Liverpool and Barca outside.

Sweden is well-known for its Viking heritage. What the Norse mythology, gods, runestones mean to you? 
- I myself have no connection at all to those subjects. Not that I have anything against it, have just never interested me. I like some music that have felt with those subjects, like mighty BATHORY.

Did You ever meet Jon Nödtveidt personally? What is Your opinion about Him?
- I met Jon 3 times. We played with them in 1995 in Borås, Sweden when I was in Maze of Torment. It was sick how good they were. Then at some show in Stockholm, don't really remember who was playing. But I remember we had some discussion over our love for King Diamond. The last time was in 2005 when we played at the same festival, Inferno in Norway. We talked a little in the hotel lobby, he asked a bit about my new band I had at that time, Deceiver. He knew that I was a huge Dissection fan so we talked of course about that as well. My opinion about Jon is that he was a great and unique songwriter. I never knew him as a friend or anything like that, but he was always nice to me and we always hit the nerve and passion for music the few times we talked. Nothing but respect for all the great music he created.

Tack så mycket, Pete! At the end, share your thoughts to the readers… 
- Thanx a lot bro for the support again, greatful. Other than that - "Children of all slaves, Stand united and proud, All people of bondage shall triumph, And live by the sign of...Blood Fire Death!"

Links about The Pete Flesh Deathtrip:

(Interview with Pete has taken by Georgius and Sorin Necrotrooper)

Interview with Peter in Sadistik Witchfukk webzine 
(1st of April, 2013): 

The guys behind the horde. From left to right: Andreas (guest session drums), Pete (vocals, guitars, bass), Micke (guest session vocals)

Hailz Pete! Because this is your first interview with us, introduce us in your "deathtrip"!
- The ground to this solo project took its form in 2001. My visions were not 100% clear then, as I still was in Maze of Torment. But I knew that I wanted to do something on my own. It took some years, but in 2005 I entered the studio and recorded the debut album "Dödsångest". The first 3 albums were released just under the moniker "Flesh", but it's still the same regardless the changing to "The Pete Flesh Deathtrip".

How did you get interested in metal?
- I got into this metal world in the same way like most others around my age. Bands like WASP, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister etc. started to take more and more room in the media. I fell for it all directly! The expressions, the energy, the creativity. At that time I lived in a small village and didn't knew so much about the more brutal movement that was going on. But when I was 15 I moved into a bigger town where Merciless lived. I started to read logos from their jackets, that's how I found out about bands like Sodom, Sepultura, Bathory, Mayhem, Nihilist etc. My world and life was then completed.

You played in some bands during the years. Can you tell us about them, and if you're satisfied with the results now?
- If I only mention the ones that have done albums and not, are The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, Maze of Torment(I didn't played on the last one entitled "Hidden Cruelty"), Deceiver and Thrown. No, I'm not satisfied with them all, maybe 30% of them I would like to redo, like Deceiver's "Riding with the Reaper" which could have been a totally different album, if I should have waited some time before entering the studio with that one. Maze of Torment's debut album "The Force" will be always special to me. Also the last one I recorded, "Hammers of Mayhem". The first Deceiver M-CD is also a special one like Thrown's "The Suicidal Kings Occult".

Now speaking of " The Pete Flesh Deathtrip". It began under the name Flesh. Did you ever played any shows with it? (If yes, who helped you playing live? Was it the same studio line-up?)
No live gigs yet. But it have been close two times. First, the old Deceiver line-up helped me at least to try, then this new one. But when every time I try, there is some sort of complications. If this will happen, everything must go perfect. I try to think out different scenarios for this to happen, and maybe someday it will happen. It would be cool.

Let's speak of your new album "Mortui Vivos Docent". Give us some info about it(recording process and such). Have you fixed a date for its release?
- The recording process of this album was very long, for 2 years. I also changed the studio from "The Abyss Studio" to record with Peter Bjärgö (Crypt of Kerberos, Arcana, Tyrant, The Black etc.). This studio is very close to where I live, so I could decide myself for example when it was the time to record down the bass. Maybe in retro-perspective some things could have gone faster to do. Also, I changed the session drummer to Adde (Vinterland, Tyrant, Nunfuckritual etc.) and to find time where we both could work on the drums was harder than we both knew from the beginning. Then also, for the first time I included a guest singer. He actually sings on half of the album: Micke Broberg (Unanimated, Celestial Pain etc.). He have also contributed with some lyrics. I had this idea that I wanted to do something different with this album, just to keep the listening more intersting, not just for the ones that buy the album, but also for me when it comes to the creative parts. I have done many, many albums that all ideas were mine, and it's hard to keep a whole album in a perspective where you just don't repeat yourself. I will keep working like this, but I will use different people all the time. Working like this will also help me to find inspiration, and new inputs on my own creative parts. The album have been delayed so many times now, for a lot of different reasons. But none of them will be layed on Pulverised Records, they are cool. But everything is sent to them now, I hope it will be out sometime in the summer of 2013. The album will also be out on vinyl on Temple of Whores records.

What do you think about the Swedish metal scene nowadays compared to the one in the 80s?
- For me there are totally different times. First of all, you didn't had internet back then, you had to be creative in a different way to spread your name, on a more root level. Today it's more about how many "likes" you have. Don't seem to matter if people who have liked your side, actually like your music. I don't say it's wrong to spread your music in different ways. I also take the time sometimes to ask close friends to maybe spread some, but not in a "down your through way". And also, if someone supports me, I fucking support them too. Today you also have tons of bands. It's impossible to follow the scene in the same way. There are so many different styles as well. I could be nostalgic, and say that everything was better back then, but that will not help me in any way at all. Things change: some to the better, some to the worse.

What is your opinion about Gothenburg metal? What about stuff such as death'n'roll?
- When it comes to the older bands from that area, there is a lot of good stuff. About newer stuff, nah, not so interested. Regarding death'n'roll, there is some good stuff. For me it has always been like "a good track is a good track, regardless genre, trend, or what the people say".

What do you think about mp3 downloads?
- It have been out there for so long now, that I don't really reflect on it. If you download and like the stuff and  you are into music in a way you should be, you also get the album. If people have some kind of brain, they will understand that bands that play this kind of music don't earn anything from it, it goes to be able to record a new album or maybe print some shirts. 

Your top 10 all-time favourite metal albums?
- Those lists are impossible for me. I have tons of faves. Like you see on the list: no Slayer, no At the Gates, no Dismember, no Mayhem, no Death, no Judas Priest, no Destroyer 666, no The Exploited, no Terra Firma, no Candlemass, no Pink Floyd, no Misfits, no Kreator, no Destruction, no Sodom, no Dead can Dance, no Black Sabbath etc. All of them have done albums I likes as much as those I mention. Anyway, these bands are played a lot right now.

Dissection - "Storms of the Light's Bane"
Possessed - "Seven Churches"
Sadus - "Illusions"
Morbid Angel - "Altars of Madness"
Iron Maiden - "Killers"
Metallica - "Kill'em All"
Danzig - "Lucifuge"
Bathory - "Blood Fire Death"
Merciless - "The Awakening"
Mercyful Fate - "Don't break the Oath"

Do you know any bands from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania? What other bands can you recommend us(from all the globe and also from Sweden)?
- Of course Tormentor. First time I heard "Anno Domini" it was like a new world was opened for me. Are Nokturnal Mortum from your area? Your 2 old bands, brother (Castrum and Domhring). Hmm, I should know more. I came across a band called Protest some time ago, I think they are from Romania. I know more. I can recommend "The Curse" from Sweden, also "Necrovation". "Anal Vomit" is great. A lot of bands out there.

Now regarding your local kitchen: what foods, drinks, tobaccoes can you recommend us?
- I have been sober for almost 7 years (long story). I have forgotten the names of drinks, but there were a lot of bloody Mary's to start the day. You get the breakfast in the same time in a way I only do "Snus" nowadays. When it comes tobacco, you know? Grov snus för fan! Food, it can be anything, I'm like a garbage... I eat almost anything.

Did you taught your son to play guitar? Does he listens to metal as well?
- We play now and then. I never force him. Right now he practice on some Black Sabbath and Accept stuff. Yeah, he likes metal stuff and have started a small, so far, vinyl collection. Faves are WASP, Kiss and Accept. But also enjoys Slayer, Sepultura (He met Paul Jr. last summer, also Dee Snider at the same time). And stuff like that. Also old stuff like Deep Purple and Rainbow. I try to learn the roots of it all. He is just 7 years old, and have met some of his idols. Some months ago we saw WASP, he was bloody blown away. This summer he will see Kiss, Accept(he likes the new album), Saxon etc. I don't try to form him, he is my kid and can listen to whatever he wants. Of course, he also sometimes can sing along with music that simply are "kid" music. I guess every country have some sort of clown that does music and are simply kid music. But if you would ask him what his fave band is, it would be "Pete Flesh Deathtrip". He is loyal.

What hobbies do you have besides metal?
- Reading and playing football with my son, also fishing. I do not socialize so much with other people. I have my son, girlfriend and her kids, just taking care of the closest.

Tack så mycket! That's all for now. The last warning is yours!
- Thanx bro for the interview, greatful for the support, you know it!!! People interested in my work are welcome to contact me. Hail the hordes!

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