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Tobias Fongelius (15.XII.2009 and 29.XII.2011)

Interview with Tobias Fongelius (Jormundgand-era) 15.XII.2009

(Questions compiled  by 

Kate Szíjártó (1987-2010 R.I.P.) and Georgius)

Hails! To my mind, the name you chose has a lot to do with your music. How did you hit on an idea of choosing this name?

- The name came naturally to us because of our origin and it was also an appropriate name due to the kind of music we create. JORMUNDGAND is the counterpart to Leviathan/Tad-Ekam and represents "our" Northern dragon of Chaos.

When I listened first to your music early DISSECTION crossed my mind. I've read on your site that guys from NIFELHEIM helped you to cope with the recordings of your demo. Please, tell me about its process in details.

- Well the thing is that Hellbutcher is a very good friend of ours and when we had finished the instrumental recordings we asked him to do some background vocals on the track "Satanic Attack". So he did, but that was also all he did so you can't really say that we made the demo with help from NIFELHEIM since it was Hellbutcher only. He has done a lot for JORMUNDGAND; for example the demo cover art and our logo, which we are very grateful for.

And it has to be said that it's a great honour to be resembled with DISSECTION!

You come from Uddevalla, could you please tell me about the local metal scene and the musicians/bands from Sweden you are in contact with.

- The local scene is unfortunately quite dead in this part of Sweden when it comes to black metal. There are very few bands in the genre that we respect for their music and their ideals and because of that our relations with other bands are strictly limited.

What is JORMUNDGAND's current line-up and do the members of the band take part in other projects?

- The current line-up is: Tobias Fongelius (guitars & vocals), Erika Hansson (guitars & piano), Tobias Pettersson (bass). Tobias P. is also playing bass in two other bands; RAM and VORNTH. Our drummer has got some projects as well but we can't say his name yet since he is not an official member of JORMUNDGAND.

I would also like to know about your live activity, where and with what other bands did you play?

- We won't play live until we have found the right individuals for the band. This has proven to be a huge challenge.

Apart from playing music, what do you do in your everyday life? If any of you happen to have a hobby, please, tell me about it.

- Well this was a very tricky question since we've got such different hobbies. But some interests that we have are: studying Satanic literature and art, collecting records and merchandise, photography and preparing as well as arranging bones and skulls.

I know that you are fond of reading books, would you please tell me what are your favourite ones? I'm also curious to know your opinion about Liber Azerate.

- Tobbe F: "I would rather not to tell which books I prefer since it's a personal matter. As an answer to your question and without going any deeper into it I can say I find Liber Azerate very interesting and instructive."

I was very pleased to find out that Jon Nödtveidt (R.I.C.) is your hero as well as mine. From your letters I've got to know that you didn't know Jon personally, but what do you think of him as a person and musician?

- Tobbe F: "Jon is One of our great sources of inspiration, both musically and spiritually. His music is eternal perfection and his legacy shall never be forgotten."

Hail Jon Nödtveidt!

Hail the Mighty Dead!

Hail the Bloodline of Fire! 

Could you please name 5 of your favourite albums?

- This is a really difficult question since there are so many albums that are of great importance to us. But to mention a few albums: DISSECTION – "The Somberlain", WATAIN – "Sworn to the dark", NIFELHEIM – "Servants of darkness", MAYHEM – "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", BATHORY – "Blood, Fire, Death", EMPEROR – "In the Nightside Eclipse", MOTÖRHEAD – "Sacrifice", JUDAS PRIEST – "Defenders of the Faith".

What are the band's plans for the future? I hope to see you live in Hungary or in Ukraine shortly, though it wouldn't be a bad idea to play on one stage with you. Do you know any Ukrainian and Hungarian bands?

- First of all we are going to record a 7" single with two killer tracks this spring. That is the main project for the moment.

Bands from Hungary and Ukraine that we know are TORMENTOR, POKOLGÉP and NOKTURNAL MORTUM. And then we also have CASTRUM and DOMHRING.

Tack så mycket!!! It was a pleasure for me to ask you these questions. Would you somehow sum it all up?

- Total Chaos!

Total Death!

Hail the Serpent!

Thanks for the support! Keep your eyes and ears open for our next release.

Interview with Tobias Fongelius (Jormundgand-era, Burning Eye Productions) 29.XII.2011 
(Questions compiled  by Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

"Nowadays there's really just a few record labels left true to the underground spirit and its former magic. So I am really happy to introduce you Burning Eye Productions from Sweden, a young label, which definitely follows the path of the true underground spirit. All the latest news & future plans were kindly transmitted to us by Tobbe (who also appears as guitarist/vocalist for Jormundgand)!"-Cornelius

Is there any special reason for forming Burning Eye Productions? Tell us in short the story behind your label.

- The main reason to start Burning Eye Productions was because we, Tobbe and Erika, felt that we refused to compromise with our material. One label didn't like our cover art and told us to change. One label didn't like the name "Jormundgand". Another one didn't like the "Occult Sacrifice" and "By the Grace of Death" songs and asked us if it was possible to skip those hymns! (Assholes!) So that was a huge reason for us to start our own label - Total control of the product and our creation without compromising with some fuckheads ideas about how it should look or sound like!
The other reason is that we have a great interest in arranging gigs. So when we had just started Burning Eye Productions we decided to arrange a gig straight away. We wanted it to be a gig to remember and it ended up with a killer lineup! Vulcano, legendary black/death from Brazil, (on their first tour outside South America). The black metal gods Nifelheim and one of the best fucking heavy metal bands around - RAM! We named this magical night to "Thunder Metal Massacre".

Enlighten us the plans Burning Eye Productions for the forthcoming years.

- We will split up Burning Eye Productions in two parts. One part for arranging gigs (with bands that WE think is kicking ass with all other bands) and it doesn't necessarily have to be a big and famous band, as long as the true spark and dedication is there, it will catch our ears! The other part will search for bands that we want to give the mark of Burning Eye Productions. And we won't force the bands to erase tracks, change bandnames or logos! We feel and appreciate the music and the true art behind it instead of just looking at the surface, counting money.

You've done a gig under the banner of Burning Eye Productions with the following bands: Vulcano, Nifelheim, RAM. How did it turn out? Do you have similar actions planned for the future too?

- To return to the question about "Thunder Metal Massacre"; It was truly a great success! It was almost sold out even though the gig was to take place on a Wednesday! All the bands were 100% on top and it was a hell of a great time as well as in the audience as backstage between the bands! The bar had never sold so much beer on a weekday before!!!
We have plans to arrange a gig again in the near future. But first we have some other stuff to take care of... You will see...

Now some other kind of question. Does the Viking heritage influence you in one or other way? Or Satanism is above all?

- Well, I guess that the "Pagan" or "Folk" tunes influence us in one way or another. But the direction of Jormundgand is very clear to us. It's all an obeisance to Satan and the dark depths in our within, where the black flame grows stronger for each day! Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! Ave Lucifer! 

You play in Jormundgand. Can we expect your band's materials to be released on Burning Eye Productions?

- Yes. The thing is that we have some more material to record and after that we are going to release a 12” EP trough Burning Eye Productions.

What Black Metal means to you?

- Black Metal to me is total devotion and dedication to the dark. A tool to place a seed in the inner self of the listeners, and hopefully they will let it grow and find the strength to search the truth and to explore the undefiled paths that is, for the blind, covered in shadows and darkness!

Do you play live with Jormundgand? If so, do you use Satanic symbols or effects to decorate your live performance?

- The thing is that we had some gigs, more or less ready, to play in the beginning of 2011. But as it always has been with Jormundgand, everything just felled apart in our hands and it was total chaos! We had to put the band aside for a moment and catch our breath. But now we rehearse more than ever before and we hope that Jormundgand will be ready for the stage in the end of 2011! The marks of Satan lives in myself and in my flesh. I guess that’s enough, at the moment. But we will have a great amount of bones and bone relations with us on stage! 

For your previous materials you had guest appearances (both for cover art and for backing vocals too). Please tell us about that.

- Well, on the first demo "Satanic Attack", it was just me and Erika that played in the band. But our friends of the great band "Vornth" was helping us with the instruments that we needed. It all ended up with a full band for a while! Something that's quite rare in the history of Jormundgand! When it was time for the vocals I felt that we needed something more in the song "Satanic Attack". I asked "Hellbutcher" from Nifelheim if he wanted to put some backing vocals and he liked the material so he agreed. He helped us a lot with that demo. He painted the cover art, took the band photos and made the T-shirts as well! For the next coming release it will be "Tyrant" from Nifelheim doing the cover. I told him what I wanted and he delivered the most impressive piece of art! Both Tyrant and Hellbutcher are true artists!

If there would be a chance to invite a Ukrainian or Hungarian Black or Death metal band, which would it be?

- Hm, hard to say. It would be a great honor for us to have Tormentor if they started up again! Then we have Pokolgép, Nocturnal Rites, Domhring and Castrum.
I'm not that conversant in the Hungarian and Ukrainian metal scene and I'd really like you to recommend bands that you think I should listen to! 
(I would definitely recommend you to listen to these Ukrainian bands: Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Ulvegr, - Ed.)

Tack!!! Hail Satan! Hail Azerate! Last Satanic rites for the end...

- Thanks my friends! If there is anyone who thinks that Burning Eye Productions sounds like the label for YOUR band, send a mail to our myspace: 
www.myspace.com/burningeyeproductions. An email to burningeyeproductions@gmail.com 

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Lars Szöke (12.II.2013)

 Interview with Lars Szöke 12.II.2013

(ex-Hypocrisy, ex-The Abyss, EPITAPH) 

(Questions compiled by 

Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

Greetings Lars! How are you lately? As I know you are working as a producer/engineer and technician at the Abyss studio? So what are you working on actually?

- Hey man and thx for showing interest in an old chap like me. I am not working in the studio, haven't done that for the last couple of 10 years or so. Now I'm driving crazy people to mental institutions. That's my job. And I love it, hehehihahohohooo.

When did you start to play on drums/guitar? As far as I know your first band was EPITAPH and you recorded a great Thrash Metal album called "Tranquillity" back in 1992. Tell us please about EPITAPH's current activity and plans for the near future!

- I started playing the drums when I was 13 in a punkband and then I started playing with Peter in a band called CONQUEST. After that I hooked up with EPITAPH and recorded that album in '91. Today we still play some EPITAPH, but just for fun. No big plans ahead.

You were a pillar member in HYPOCRISY between 1992 and 2004. What was the reason for you to leave the band? What are your favorite album(s) and song(s)?

- I got pretty sick of touring and they saw that. I was actually relieved when they told me that Horgh will join instead. Favorite album is with no doubt "Osculum Obscenum" and favorite track at the moment is "Until the End".

I suppose you are still in good connection with all your ex-bandmates? How often do you meet
each other? Maybe there's some funny story that happened to you recently and you want to share it with us...

- Yea we're good friends. I just met Peter in the studio while he was recording the new HYPO. I actually gave him a couple of riffs. We'll see, maybe it turns up as a bonustrack or something. Hopefully. That would be fun.

Alongside HYPOCRISY with Peter and Mikael you were recorded two killer Black Metal albums under the name of THE ABYSS (these records for me are still one of the greatest Black Metal releases of the 90s). Whose idea was to form THE ABYSS and how do you remember those times and processes of recordings? By the way, on "The Other Side" you played guitars and did killer vocals. Do you remember in which tracks you vocalized?

- THE ABYSS is absolutely my favorite project. As I recall it we were like jamming with me on gits and Peter on drums and we just came up with the most evil riff after another so we decided to release it. I have no idea where I sing. All I know is that I play gits on both albums.

You also played drums on WAR's "We Are War" album in 1999. Do you satisfied with that album and the way it sounds? How was to cover SODOM's famous "Bombenhagel" track? Do any memories left from those studio sessions?

- No not at all. It wasn't even supposed to be released according to that Blackmoon-dude. The cover of SODOM is the only decent thing on that album. But the first WAR album with Peter on drums is pure genius.

Are you following these days the Death/Black Metal scene in Sweden? Would you be so kind to recommend us some great newcomer bands?

You have a Hungarian surname. Do you speak Hungarian? Have you ever been to Hungary as a tourist? If so, what is your opinion about Hungarian kitchen and Hungarian drinks?

- Don't speak Hungarian that good, but I do understand it. My kitchen here is totally dedicated to the Hungarian kitchen. Paradicsomos káposzta, Pörkölt, Töltött paprika, Lecsó and Langos rules. And lots of Pálinka of course.

Can you please recommend to the readers some Swedish food and drink?

- Meatballs and Hembränt.

Name us your all-time favorite LPs? Do you have any special hobbies?

- Hobbies: shreddin gits, drinkin beer, playin xbox, touching my gf in inappropriate ways. Fav albums: BATHORY - "The Return" and "s/t", DESTRUCTION - "Infernal Overkill", VENOM - "Black Metal", SLAAAAAYYYYEEEERRR.

Tack så mycket Lars for your answers. Send us your last thoughts from the abyss...

- Check out the new HYPO. I've heard it all and it's brilliant. Cheers! 

Ed Warby (16.IV.2013)

 Interview with Ed Warby (16.IV.2013)

(Questions compiled by 

Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

Hails Ed! How old you've been when you decided to became a musician/drummer? Tell us please about the inspirations and your very first band(s).

- I was about 10 when I discovered KISS and right then I knew I wanted to be a musician, or more specifically a drummer. My parents bought me a small drumkit when I turned 12 but I demolished it quickly so they got me a better one the year after. I started playing along to my favorite records (by then I'd discovered RAINBOW and Cozy Powell, my biggest influence) and learned drumming that way, and when the neighbors started complaining about the noise I moved to a rehearsal room close by. I thought it'd be more fun to play with a few other guys so that's when I started my first band AGGRESSOR, we played quite a few shows during 1982-83, mostly at schools and small clubs. After a while we broke up and I moved on to other bands such as IMPACT, TEMPTER and VALKYRIE until I joined the prog-metal band ELEGY. I stayed with them for a few years and played drums on their debut album, but by then GOREFEST had already asked me to be their drummer so I left before the album came out.

In my opinion GOREFEST was one of the determinative Death Metal bands for the Dutch scene in the 90s and after the reunion too. What do you think about this? Which GOREFEST release is your personal favorite and why?

- I think it's a big compliment! My favorite GOREFEST albums are "False" and "Rise To Ruin", although I also have a soft spot for "Chapter 13". "False" was a once in a lifetime experience, we had total freedom and lots of inspiration to make a really great album and it still holds up today. "Rise To Ruin" was a bit of a return to that style. And "Chapter 13" is a favorite because after all the fighting we did on "Soul Survivor" it was good to be on the same page again, most people dismiss it because it's not "metal" but I still think it's a great album.

Your Doom/Death band – THE 11TH HOUR – has two excellent albums. When did you start to sing with clean voice and play the guitar? Do you have any plans to write some new songs for THE 11TH HOUR this year? What can we expect from the new compositions?

- I've sung before, as early as the 80's when I used to do vocals for the demos we did with VALKYRIE, but it's different to be the actual lead singer of the band. My sister bought me a guitar for my birthday in 2005 I think, and I taught myself to play a bit so I could write songs for GOREFEST and later HAIL OF BULLETS, but I had so much inspiration that I started THE 11TH HOUR as well. There's no new material written yet and 2013 is mostly a "HoB-year" but we'll probably start working on a new album next year. The style won't change too much I guess, but it will sound a little different since the whole band will be recording it instead of me playing everything.

As I've noticed on the HAIL OF BULLETS pages you are in writing mode now. How many tracks do you plan to record for the new masterpiece? Where will you record it this time and when it will be released?

- Actually we're already recording, we have 10 songs and it'll be a cross between the first and second album, so a bit rougher and more primitive than "On Divine Winds". The drums were done at Sandlane Studios, the rest is being recorded at my home studio. So far we've done drums, rhythm guitars and bass, vocals will probably be recorded next month so we can start mixing in June. Mix and mastering will of course be done by Dan Swanö. If all goes according to plan we should have the album out by October.

You played drums on some famous Progressive yet Symphonic Rock materials, like LANA LANE's "Secrets of Astrology" album, STAR ONE, 5 albums of AYREON and on some tracks of ERIK NORLANDER's live album – "Stars Rain Down". Would you be so kind to tell us more about these co-operations?

- I've been working with Arjen Lucassen since 1998 when he asked me to play drums on the 3rd AYREON album, "Into The Electric Castle". We have a great working relationship, it's almost telepathic. The great thing about being part of Arjen's universe is that I get to share credit with famous artists such as Bruce Dickinson, James LaBrie, Devin Townsend, Tony Martin, etc. Very cool!

I met Lana Lane and Erik Norlander through Arjen, did an album and a tour, but we didn't get along too well so that was the end of that collaboration. Later this year I'll record drums for the upcoming AYREON album "The Theory Of Everything". There'll be some big names involved again...

You are a big collector of movies on Blu-ray discs. How many pieces do you collected so far? Could you please name us 5 of your eternal favorites? What movies do you curiously look forward in 2013?

- Ha, no idea, but it must be thousands! I started out with VHS back in the day, changed to Laserdisc, then DVD and now Blu-ray... I love all kinds of films, from horror and sci-fi to westerns. A top 5 is almost impossible, but I'll try:

1. Blade Runner

2. The Wild Bunch

3. Taxi Driver

4. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

5. Apocalypse Now

My favorite horror films:

1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

2. Suspiria

3. Dawn Of The Dead

4. The Beyond

5. The Evil Dead

I'm actually looking forward to the Evil Dead remake, first I was skeptical, but it looks really promising. But the movie I look forward to the most is Nicolas Winding Refn's new one, "Only God Forgives", again starring Ryan Gosling with whom he made the excellent "Drive".

Apart from music what kind of work you do in everyday life?

- I work for a large mailorder company for which I handle customer service, both e-mail and phone. The days when you could live just from making music are long gone unfortunately... but I work only 4 days a week so I have enough time left for the important things in life!

The Netherlands is well-known about its savory cheeses. What kind of cheese would you recommend to taste?

- Actually I'm not too familiar with Dutch cheeses, apart from the standard Gouda, Beemster and Old Amsterdam. I really enjoy French cheeses such as Port Salut though.

It would be really great to see/meet you at a live show in Ukraine or Hungary with HAIL OF BULLETS or THE 11TH HOUR. Are there any plans to visit those countries in the near future? What do you know about these countries?

- For THE 11TH HOUR that's almost impossible, the flight costs are way too high for any promoter to fly us in. HoB would be possible I guess, but we've never gotten any offers from that area. Martin is the history nut in the band, I'm sure he knows much more about it than I do...

Thank you very much Ed! If there's anything you would like to add at the end of this conversation please feel free to do it and share your last thoughts for the readers...

- You're welcome, hope it makes a fun read!

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Bob Bagchus (20.II.2013)

 Interview with Bob Bagchus (20.II.2013)

(Questions compiled by 

Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

Hail to thee Bob! In 2007 ASPHYX was re-united again and since that time you delivered a lot of awesome stuff to the real Death/Doom Metal maniacs. How do estimate this passed time after your reunion? 

 - Hail there! Well, things are going good for us since the reunion. We did lots of cool shows/festivals, did brutal releases and caught up with old scene friends, which is awesome too!

After the "Live Death Doom" DVD Alwin Zuur replaced Wannes Gubbels on bass. What happened to Wannes? Can you share with us some info about his actual musical activity?

- We had different opinions so we decided to part ways. That was better for ASPHYX and better for Wannes. It was not easy, but it has become a fact. But we still talk and there is no bad blood, luckily. Wannes is a great guy with a great heart for metal. He and PENTACLE just did a split EP.

Last year you crushed us with a brilliant album called "Deathhammer". This one had a lot of good reviews worldwide and you also made a killer video clip for the album's title track. Tell us please about the circumstances of the clip-making.

- Yes, "Deathhammer" really did hit the nail on the head for sure! Well, the videoclip, it was shot in our rehearsalplace and was filmed and edited by Maurice from LEGION OF THE DAMNED who is a long time friend of ours. The clip came out good although I hate making videoclips a lot! I prefer liveclips. But Maurice did a great job and that all in 2 days! 

It's really great to see, your good old mate, Eric Daniels' return to Death/Doom Metal again with the debut album of GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT and surely with an impressive line-up. As "Deathhammer" this album had and has a plenty of positive reviews as well. What do you think when will you continue to write new tracks for GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT?

- Yes, it's good to see my best buddy Eric returning to the metal again, for sure. Yes, we will be writing new material for GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, but not now since the debut just came out. ASPHYX is the next band, we are focusing on for 2014. With GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT it was a matter of very short rehearsing and just go into the studio and record the stuff! It came out very good, spontaneous and brutal.

How was the reception of fans at your first live-show with GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT? Will you think about the release of a live DVD in the near future?

- That was very cool. The show was in the South of Germany. Unfortunately, MOTÖRHEAD was playing in the area with ANTHRAX, so there were only 250 people at our show, haha! But it was great nevertheless! Great response there and loud as hell. I don't know if GSBC will release a live DVD, but it should be cool anyway. Time will tell.

You played drums in EVOKER together with Theo Loomans (R.I.P.) and also in THRONE in the 90s. Tell us shortly about this period!

- Yes indeed. EVOKER was a total HELLHAMMER/BATHORY tribute, were we also covered "Massacra" from HELLHAMMER on that reh/demo. We also did BATHORY's "Born For Burning", but that was not recorded. Both Theo (RIP) and me were very serious with it, but ASPHYX was the main band, of course. THRONE was a project from A.J. van Drenth (BEYOND BELIEF) and me. We did "The Ultimate Blasphemy" demo in 1995. THRONE was inspired by old MESSIAH/BATHORY/CELTIC FROST. It was cool to do. We still have contact.

What releases were your favorites out of the 2012 year?

- Hmmm, DESASTER - "The Arts of Destruction" and the SERPENTINE PATH debut.

What is your opinion about the Dutch Death/Doom Metal scene nowadays? Any recommendations?

- Our scene is very strong yet again with great new bands such as BODYFARM, NAILGUN MASSACRE, ENTRAPMENT, FUNERAL WHORE, EXTREME COLD WINTER, GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT, HAIL OF BULLETS, and the oldies such as SINISTER, ACROSTICHON and of course ASPHYX. It is a healthy scene.

Do you like to watch Formula-1? If yes which racing-driver(s) do you prefer?

- Yes, I am addicted to Formula 1. I also go to races with my wife as well and take my kids to the free practice on Friday. I love the enormous speeds and the ultra brutal sound from the cars. Louder than anything else! I used to prefer Mika Häkkinnen (my youngest son is named after him), also because he drove for McLaren-Mercedes, then after him it was Kimi Raikkönen and now it is Lewis Hamilton. But I am a teamman and not a driverman. I always was fan of McLaren-Mercedes, but since Mercedes has its own team now I support them since I am a fan of their streetcars.

Do you have any favorite movies? Tell us a little bit about your hobbies.

- Yes, I'm a huge horrorfan and with horror I mean the late 70's and 80's kind of horror. My favorite movies are Evil Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 1, Zombie Flesheaters, Phenomena, House by the Cemetary, The Beyond, Tenebrae, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, New York Ripper, City of the Living Dead, Intruder, all Friday the 13th 'til part 8, Last House on the Left, etc. My hobbies are Formula 1 and horror movies and take a long walk in the woods with my 2 sons, enjoy the nature and do some fishing in the rivers here with them.

Do you plan some extensive European tour with ASPHYX for the near future? Would be really great to witness live the obscure Death/Doom power for example in Ukraine!

- No, ASPHYX does not do any tours anymore. We did 2 great tours in the past, 1991 with ENTOMBED and in 1992 with BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION. Today the day we only do single shows and sometimes 2 in a row, or 3 like Extreme Fest last year with EXODUS and SUFFOCATION, but that's about it. But as a matter of fact, our booker from TMR Promotion was talking about a possible ASPHYX show in the Ukraine indeed. So we might do there a show in the future. I really hope so!!

Bedankt Bob, wishing you all the best with ASPHYX and GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT! As Grand Magistrate Bagchus please send a message to the readers of Encomium...

Ah, you know a little bit Dutch, eh? Great! So I say "Geen dank,graag gedaan". To all readers of Encomium, thanx for support, keep supporting and hopefully see you in the Ukraine sometime!  

(Bob's 'Godlist'  and signature 06.XII.1996 -G)