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Rawar/Andrey Contaminated

Interview with Rawar/Andrey

Hail Rawar! Hellcome in Archangel’s Lantern! Enlight please  firstly the readers about latest news of Contaminated!
- Hail! I’m so glad to share with the readers a very important information: Contaminated ”Your ashes are nothing” has released on Russian label „More hate productions” on 17th of May this year! After the released our first full-length I have given few interviews for the web-zines and fanzines as well. Promotion stuff is on its way....

What is the situation nowadays with Contaminated? Any new tracks, maybe live shows? 
- First of all I would to note that Contaminated  is just a studio project right now but I don’t know what will bring the future.....Maybe we will do some live shows someday. At the moment I have a big problem because Nefarious (guitars) had loss his interests to Contaminated after the release of our full-length..and I still don’t know real cause of that...but I will continue my path with him or with another musicians...

How do you imagine the future of Contaminated?
- Well, I have my  own  visions of development Contaminated’s future style.. it will be more technical death metal style in veins of Martyr (Canada), Beyond Creation, Cryptopsy, Soreption et cetera....but this don’t mean  that I would to copy these bands!

What about Your lyrical conception for the new stuff?
- I’ve written 2 new lyrics for the possible EP, called „Transition”, it’s about of Cosmos, Philosophy of human self-destruction and inner dissonance.

How You should imagine your future EP?
- It might be include 2 new tracks and 2 covers (Anthrax "Room for one more” and Pestilence "Mind Reflections”)

With your past band Terrorium at live You played  a few parts of my  first band, Castrum-cover, called Painful Sighs in Castrum and it is a big honor for me. Tell to the readers about it and Your live performances of Total cover Party!
- It has been so funny thing :)  It’s happened in one of our live shows in Uzhgorod, 2006. It was a fucken joke because we had a plan to make our audience to smile and You, „mighty” Georgius was captured in the trap because our so called-cover had just a few seconds :) well, about Total cover parties: in my opinion it is a great event. I have been on first show  on Sepultura -"Troops of Doom" (as a vocalist) and Obituary: Redneck Stomp (as a bass-player). Last but not least on 3-rd show I enjoyed with my past band Reusmarkt with my clean vocals on Marduk-"Accuser/Opposer", Lake of Tears-"Ravenland" and growling on Obituary-Chopped in Half. It was so great!

(Rawar, Innominandus and me)

Well, share Your thoughts about our common land, Transcarpathia and our common hometown, Uzhhorod! 
- I would to say firstly I’m so glad that I was born this beautiful and  charming ancient town. Our region  belongs on the edge of Ukrainian borders of Europe! In our homeland we are living in peace and we  respect   each other in general, as culture, traditions and tranquility.

What’s kind of literature did You read last time?
M. Bukgakov: Morphine
I.Franko: Shadows of forgotten ancestors 
E. Heminghway: The old man and the sea
H.P. Lovecraft: Necronomicon
F. Nietzsche: Philosophy

What are your favourite movies?
- I like so much to watch a lot of different stuff, which contains philosophical and dramatic things :)  I’m tired to watch a popular bullshit  :)

Rawar, what the type of questions do You hate?
- I’m not so familiar about the type of questions, where has been touched my own personal life...and my opinion about global problems of that rotten world. 

As You know, Archangel's Lantern is Eternally dedicated to Jon Nödtveidt. When did you listen to first time Dissection? Which tracks do you like most about Dissection?   Would you be so kind to tell us your opinion about Jon's Heritage?
- The first album of Dissection what I’ve listened to, has been Storm Of The Light's Bane in 2000 and I was shocked by the symbiosis of aggressive and melodic mixture. My favourite tracks are "Unhallowed", "Where Dead Angels Lie", "Night’s Blood", "The Somberlain", "Xeper I Set". I'll always respect his heritage because that person  ’til stays in my eyes as a Real Warrior of his own Path what he has chosen..I think, the man must to search own path by his Art of Creation. The fools  just judge but only the true Ones choose...... I wouldn’t to say any standards about Him just tell, His Art of Dissection never will be forgotten.... Hail  Jon!

Дякую/Thank you very much Rawar! Your Contaminated words to the readers....
- I would wish for the clever ones to stay  just be themselves and fools and posers to clean their minds!
Stay strong and listen to Real music(k)! Hail! 

Important links:

some videos from YouTube with Rawar (Total Cover parties, Uzhgorod):

Sepultura-cover, "Troops of Doom" (Rawar on vocals):

Obituary-cover, "Chopped in Half" (as vocalist also):

Lake of Tears-cover, "Ravenland" (clean vocals): 

Marduk-cover, "Accuser/Opposer" (clean vocals):

Interview with Rawar of Contaminated (Death metal band from Uzhhorod/Ungvár/Ujhhorod) in Sadistik Witchfukk webzine (5th of April,2013):

Hailz, Contaminated! Because this is the first interview with you, and there is also lack of information about you on the internet, please tell us your biography!
- Hail Sorin, here is Rawar of Contaminated, firstly a big thanks for your support!
The band has been created in 2007, when 2 friends, Rawar and Nefarious decided to create a death metal band of old-school style. The band recorded their stuff: demo-album "Towards Murderous Compulsion" in 2007 (that demo-album, which one includes 17 tracks in veins of "British death metal school", as  Benediction, Napalm Death ('90's era)). Next demo-album, "Subliminal Absurdity" was released in 2010.
Contaminated band recorded their most professional and technical album, "Your Ashes are Nothing" in March, 2013. That album includes a mixture of American and Dutch death metal traditions of old school.....

Did the members play in other bands? 
- I came into metal music in 1996 and as musician, we, with Nepharious created a death/black metal horde called Anubis in Uzhgorod, in 2001. Anubis band existed until 2005, we played some gigs in our hometown, Uzhgorod, and recorded a demo-album entitled „Heretical Perception” and we had good reception there. After that I did a few shows with a local thrash-band, Terrorium, between 2005-2007, as a drummer. Then I enjoyed (as drummer) in the resurrection of a great Ukranian heathen black metal band, Reusmarkt, with Vladimir(guitars) of Anubis. With Reusmarkt I played a lot of live performances(for example Kolovrat-Fest and crushed some places through Ukraine) and I left that band for personal reasons, one of that it was my loyalty to play old-school death metal.

Well, you are a good death metal band. And the only new good band I know from Uzhgorod. Can you describe the local scene? What about the reactions so far?
- Thanks a lot! As for me I never called  that we had/have a local scene here in Uzhgorod, the reason is simple: we have a lot of bands with excellent shit, „metalcore, punk, deathcore, pseudo-black metal”, that is not my cup of tea. We have a few old bands like Castrum and Soulrest. We never played live but between old-schoolers of our hometown we had and have a good reception. 

Now, let's talk about your debut LP. Give us some info about it!
- The recording process of drums, guitars and bass we did it at „homework-studio”. I hate recording process, I’ve felt sick. Vocals were recorded in Municipal Radio”-studio. That's all.

Did you signed with a label or it will be self-released?
- It has been a self-released one and we’ve sent/will send to a lot of labels through Worldwide.

Did you played any live-shows so far? 
- Still not, but if we will catch a good label, I will search some musicians for the live shows. 

Do you plan to make a tour to promote your album? 
- Let’s see. Hopefully, yes!

What bands influenced you?
- Firstly I had been influenced of American death metal (as Death (R.I.P. Chuck), Obituary, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Atheist, Resurrection et cetera), Dutch death metal (Pestilence, Gorefest, Sinister, Asphyx). I’d/ve prefer also old school Swedish Dödsmetal, like Grave, Nihilst, Carnage, Entombed, Dismember etc.

Please enlight us about your lyrical conception!
- That is a good, deep question. In my opinion as music as lyrical conception are whole one! But this does not means black metal position, where lyrics are supreme.
I see that mankind comes to logical end! Because processes of Universe always have the beginning and the end. Then no need to have a surprise, what happening nowadays, it’s a cycle process of time. Humanity are marching to a logical, forthcoming end and going to a new era, but I think the mankind didn’t make some conclusions. Read our lyrics and I hope You’ll understand my opinion about all.

What bands from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Moldova can you recommend us? And also from the entire globe(if you can add some)?
- Ok, step by step:
From Russia: Septory, Morrah, Grace Disgraced, Khasm, Sect, Djur….
Ukraine: Sidus Mortuorum, Slaughter Brute, early-Fleshgore, Ulvegr, Violent Omen
From Romania I would like to mention Avatar, and from Moldova Lethal Outcome and Disentomb…
Hungary: Gutted and I know personally a freak funny man, called Georgius, who used to be as vocalist in Hungarian black metal horde, Domhring and early Castrum also. 

Your all-time favourite metal 10 albums are?
1. Death: Spiritual healing
2. Sepultura: Beneath the remains
3. Kreator: Extreme Aggressions
4. Slayer: Divine Intervention
5. Obituary: Cause of Death
6. Devastation: Idolatry
7. Demolition Hammer: Tortured Existence
8. Pestilence: Consuming Impulse
9. Sinister: Diabolical Summoning
10. Benediction: Transcend the Rubicon

( this is random one because I listen to and like much more..:) )

Can you recommend us some foods and drinks from your area?
- It’s funny, I know, but I prefer Italian kitchen :) 
Ok but from local ones I like so much  traditional Ukranian and Hungarian ones. Some foods for example: borshch, vareniki, rakott krumpli, gulyás. I like good vodka and Bourbon-whisky. And I like also a good Czech or German beer.

That's all for now. The last words are yours!
- Mersi, Sorin, for your support again! Open your eyes and ears to Contaminated because we are working with our official site in facebook. You do a great job with supporting of true underground, wish you all the best, Transcarpathian regards!

Contaminated can be dismembered here:


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Zarthan Avtomat Kalashnikova

Interview with Zarthan Avtomat Kalashnikova
(KING, EVIL DEAD Productions)

Hail Brother Zarthan! When did you become as a maniac of metal music? What was your first band?
Hail Brother Georgius, first at all, thanks for your friendship and support to my band and also to the underground.
- Since I was a little kid I used to listen to some Glam and Rock N’Roll bands like Black Sabbath, KISS, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Skid Row, Motley Crue, etc. Then, when I was like 11 o 12 years old I started to listen to bands like Venom, Possessed, Impaled Nazarene, Sepultura, Parabellum…. And Fuck! Since that, my life has changed totally.
For a long time in my life I tried to create a band, but unfortunately, the people I knew preferred to get drunk or high and I lost a lot of time on it. In 2002 I began a Death Metal band named MARDRAUM with my warbrother Nekromanzer. I was Vocal/Lead Guitar, we only released a demo and the band decided to spilt up in 2008. Now we are going to play again. In 2009 I began to play with KING and also this year I’m a lead vocal in a new band Called PESTUM.

How did you enjoy Colombian death/black horde, KING? You recorded your first full-length in 2012 called ”Forged by Satan’s Doctrine”. How was its reception in the underground metal press?
- KING is a big part of my life, I feel really proud to play on it. Our album had a great reception and very good comments from a lot or people, zines, webzines, TV shows, radio shows, even we stay between the 10 most listened songs in a radio show from USA in 2012. A lot of people ask us about the next album release, some bands have contacted us for record splits and also some labels have contacted us to release our next album.

Would you be so kind to tell to the readers about latest news of KING?
- We are working on composing new songs for our next album that will be named “Blood, Fire & Black Magic” and we are going to studio as soon as possible. We are also talking to Bizarre Death Distro (Colombia) to release a Split in vinyl.

Share with us about live activity of your band!
- We have faced a lot of problems with our drummers and we have spent too much time without  live performances, we had been forced to cancel several concerts in Colombia, South America, tours and in fact a tour in Europe. We like our live performances, they are very really brutal (comments from the audience and media), we think that music and visual must be brutal and be unholy so we made stuff in order to recreate a profane stage.
Now we have a drummer, He plays in a Black/Thrash Metal band called Murmur, we are working in our new album with him and some old songs. As soon as we have completed a set list, we are going to work in order to make live shows again.

As far as I know, you made a lot of artworks, layouts and designs to bands as legendary Colombian Masacre, Detriktuss, Slander, Seeds of Iblis, Lust, Mortiferian and last but not least King. Enlight us please about these details!           
- I’m a Graphic Designer, the most of my work is commercial stuff for companies, business, individuals, etc…  I really like my job and I love to create and design.
With the exception of Lust, the rest of the bands are very close friends of mine, included Lust’s record label “Non-Serviam Records”. I’m passionate enough to help in the design of their albums, also I frequently create flyers, stickers, Banners, logos, posters, etc to local bands, producers and labels.

 If I’m not mistaken, You are working in EVIL DEAD Productions in Medellin. What we should to know about it?
- Me and my very close friends, decided to make shows with local and international bands, we are tired about some producer and festivals that promise a lot of stuffs to the bands but at the end they only give a lot of shit and empty promises and also when an international band plays, the promoters tend to ask the opening band to pay a lot of money to play (What the Fuck is that shit, I’m no going to pay money to play). I and my brothers are really sick about it, so we decided to create Evil Dead Production.  We have made some festivals with local and international bands and now we are working in our next show with “Terrorizer” and a local legend “Averno” that haven´t play for 18 years.  We are a small label right now but we have plans to be a big label with the pass of the time.

Which bands could you recommend us from the Colombian scene?
- Damn here we have a lot of great bands.  I will try to recommend you some of them:
Masacre, Death Kult, Pestum, Morbid Macabre, Warthrash, Utuk Xul, Gomory, Pagan Abomination, Erzebet, Murmur, Thy Endless Whrath, Averno, Impaler of Pest, Savage Aggression, Invocacion, Aorta, Tzelmoth, Terror, No Mercy, Hellworld, Dirges, Nebiros, Oscuridad, Infernal, Reencarnacion, Black Ceremony,  Urian, Melancolia 666, Nhokk, Nocturnal Feelings, Perverse Suffering…. and the list continues...

As you see, my small web-blog is dedicated to Jon Andreas Nödtveidt... What's your opinion about Him? Did He inspired you ever?
- Jon is a Metal Music Icon, his music, his ideals, everything. He is one of the biggest influences in the Metal scene around the world. I knew Dissection when I was really young and I have never stopped listening to his music, and Jon is a great influence for me and my band mates. 

Your top 10 all-time favourite bands/albums are..?
- I don’t have a specific order:
 Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness
Impaled Nazarene - Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz...
Possessed – Seven Churches
Venom – Black Metal
Bathory – Under the Sign of The Black Mark
Parabellum – Sacrilegio
Hellhammer – Satanic Rites
Dissection – Storm of the Light's Bane
Sarcofago – INRI
Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon
Masacre - Reqviem

Sorry but I wrote 11, hahaha 10 are few.

Do you have any hobbies besides music?
- I am a passionate about Design, I like so much Movies like terror, horror, gore movies and those in which the world and mankind collapse. Also I love to travel, have sex, go to the Gym, exercise and practice Krav Maga (I have to stop due to a problem in my back) , read especially occult and paranormal themes and drink alcohol.

What recommendations do you have from Colombian cuisine? Can you recommend us some kind of drinks, cofee and tobaccoes from Colombia?
- I only recommend you Coffee, Cocaine and Vaginas; the local alcohol is very bad, tastes like dog piss compared with European or North American drinks. However, Colombia has great and amazing landscapes, Mountains, Woods, Beaches, a variety of hot and easy to get women.

Muchas gracias, Zarthan! Your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern....
- Thank you again Georgius for your support and friendship, and for the readers… keep the black flame alive and support the underground, stop download music and buy it!!!