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Randy Meinhard

Interview with Randy Meinhard 
(Sacrosanct, ex-Pestilence, 
ex-Submission, ex-Neon Dream)
Hello Randy you are very welcome to my small blog. Hope you are doing fine! Let’s start the interview about the latest news of your excellent band, Sacrosanct.
- Thanx a lot Georgius, its really my pleasure! Up here things are going really well. Looking forward answering your questions. 

How do you remember the beginnings of Sacrosanct back in time? On your first demo, called “The Die is Cast” played the drums Marco Foddis. What’s happened then? (as he stopped activity in Sacrosanct). Do you have any contact with Marco nowadays by the way?
- Yes, I guess we had some turbulent times due to the fact we left Pestilence and started something new. But still all decisions I made feel right, and nowadays I am happy to be able to do the things I love. SACROSANCT is and always was an important part in my life. Marco also decided at that time to leave Pestilence and we both started SACROSANCT as a new musical chapter. Later he left the band to join Pestilence again. For me it was clear we have to start all over again with almost everything. Not easy I guess because we both also had our influences on early Pestilence´s development. We found in Ronny a great new talented drummer and from there on we completed the line-up quickly. Michel Cerrone joined the band during the demo recordings, so he already did some soloing on that demo. As far as I know Marco is today working as a driving-instructor. I am sorry to say that we do not have any contact. 
 (A short letter from Marco Foddis, 11th May, 1992 -G)

After the 3 great full length albums Sacrosanct broke-up in 1993. What was the main reason of split-up? 
- Well, for us it was like a burnout feeling. We developed and become - music-wise- a master of „sitting between chairs“. With writing such an album like  „Tragic Intense“ we were ahead of the time, I guess. Of course a career as a musician was a dream. On the other hand I personally realized that there are more things in life that are also well paid. Something that is rare enough especially in the music biz. Furthermore I developed as a person and after I stopped with SACROSANCT and later Submission I concentrated on other things in life. Later I joined bands again but we did everything on a different (lower) level.

You reunited Sacrosanct in 2016. Enlighten the readers about the re-issues of early materials of Sacrosanct through Dutch VIC Records. 
- Oh yezz, everything started with Roel from VIC and Iordan from Stormspell Records. Both were interested in putting out this releases again. 
And for me it was already clear that there has to be a special USP and a reason to do a re-master release and it would be a hell lot of work for me.
I hate most of these „modern“ overpowered with way too much low end sounding re-releases. It was a must for me to treat our old stuff with respect and Max Morton directly understood the idea.
All remasters now have the best possible sound and we kept all the original digital music information and I am totally happy with the result. I worked almost two years on those remasters and later I put everything into the hands of Max who also did the „Necropolis“ engineering to ensure an awesome mastering and special vinyl mastering. The remasters have been delayed for different reasons that also counts for the delay of „Tragic Intense“. After laying the remaster job into the hands of Max everything went really quick. Then we had a delay concerning the booklets and so on. But now all remasters are available world wide on CD and „Truth Is-What Is“ is already available on vinyl via Lusitanian Music. „Recesses for the depraved“ and „Tragic Intense“ will be released later this year on vinyl. For me each release must makes sense for the fans so all vinyl releases will be on double vinyl with all bonus tracks. They will surly sound and look awesome!

Sacrosanct latest album, called “Necropolis” was released 30th of November 2018 and in my opinion is a very emotional album. Would you be so kind to speak about “Necropolis”?
 - Of course, its my pleasure!
The main question for me was: „What are we able to add to this metal scene nowadays?“
There are lots of modern sounding bands in the scene. More than enough if you ask me. But music is always a question of taste and as long as there are listeners all is fine for both parties.
I personally have enough of this „faster“, „higher“ and „louder“ mentality! We already have heard most of it. If you are able to play double bass at 300 bpm or if you are able to do fretboard sports, fine. Well done! I appreciate that! But nothing of this characterizes a good song for me or something most listeners - including me - will remember. 
For example as we did the vocal lines for Necropolis we tried something different, and that perfectly fits to Richard´s style. Most vocalists in the metal scene sing along with the guitars. That’s almost a trigger, somehow it feels they have to. Rich is able to bring in ideas that add a further dimension to our songs. Because if possible he avoids singing along with the guitar harmonies. That’s the reason why there is a good mixture between our progressive elements and the recognition factor that makes it easier to follow and above that there are lots of strong harmonies (instruments and vocals) on the album.  
And the most important element to make a song memorable is often the melody. 
Even though we have tracks with a play time of more than 7 min. on Necropolis. It was always the song that has to come first. This album is in my personal opinion truly our masterpiece. We managed to write songs that have stories to tell and which are progressive and accessible at the same time.
I worked really hard on the tracks and it was amazing to see how they develop. There are so many classic SACROSANCT influences in there. Special harmonies, twin soloing stuff, unusual rhythms and so on. But…on the new album I was way more following the „song first“ principle. And that is surely the biggest difference to our old stuff. That leads to a further dimension and makes our songs more transparent but without loosing the complexity.
And the album is sounding so emotional, because it is emotional. For Rich it was furthermore a time where he could fight his demons. He lost his lady 6 weeks before we met again in January 2017. She was dying in his arms. And „The Pain Still Lasts“ will always be something you will remember during your own personal hard times. He did the whole song almost in one take. And we left it like this to save all his emotions. 
I’m a big fan of Pestilence since 1989/90 and I like a lot their materials with you as well. What are your favourite Pestilence tracks? How do you describe your Pestilence-times? 
- To be honest Malleus Maleficarum was quite a challenge for me as a musician. I was playing guitar for two or three years then and so I learned a lot each day!
Pestilence is still a great band and Pat a great musician. We both loved the same bands but we also had a different taste. We were into Kreator, Infernal Majesty and VoiVod for example and all the American Death Metal stuff like Possessed, Death and so on. But I also still love bands like Slayer, Testament, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Threshold, Nightwish you name it. And bands like Kiss, AC/DC, Iron Maiden were always heroes for me. But Pat was at the same time also more into the more extreme stuff like grind core for example. So we had a different vision. Obviously…;) For me it was always a difference…I love what I hear but for me this is not an option to play this stuff each day as a musician. And when it comes to Pestilence. Consuming is maybe still their most brutal sounding album, and after that he already did a very „controlled“ sounding album like Testimony and also experimented music wise later. So we are both happy with the way everything turns out I guess. Book closed.

(Pestilence signatures: Patrizio Mameli, Tony Choy, Patrick Uterwijk and 
Marco Foddis,
11th of May, 1992 -G)

Submission raised in 1993. I just have on a copy-tape first Submission-demo from 1994, where Martin van Drunen was the vocalist and I must say, just amazing work. Share us some memories about Submission-period. Do you have any plans to release on CD Submission old materials? It would be really great! Why did you stop activity with Submission in 1996?
- As I mentioned above I needed a break from the music scene. As you know we did a demo together with Martin. After he left Submission to join his all-time faves Bolt Thrower we recorded an album which should be entitled  „Weltschmerz“. For that we signed a deal with We Bite Records which went into an insolvency during the recordings. At that time everything stopped for us. It would be too hard to plan a release for this or the early stuff, so I am actually wanna leave things as they are.

You were a guest guitarist on the German Neon Dream album, “Metropolitan West”. Tell the readers please about this collaboration.
- Oh yes, and I also played guitar on „Anodyne“, their first output. I never was a fan of the whole Gothic Scene but I managed to bring in all those metal influences, haha. Maybe it sounds funny but I also learned that less could be more music wise. So somehow I was happy with the situation, always knowing that my true passion was, is and ever will be SACROSANCT.

When did you start play the guitar? Which guitarists influenced you at the start and what are your current favourite guitarists? 
- I started playing guitar when I was twelve I think. Ace Frehley was the initial spark. I love the playing of Marty Friedman and also a lot of these twin guitar orientated bands like Exodus, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest you name it.

Do you have any special hobbies beside the music? 
- Oh yes, I love doing sports, watching movies, gaming and hanging out with family and friends. I also love doing Whisky and beer tastings once in a while!

Recommend us please some interesting places from Gronau and local foods and drinks.
- Oh my god, there are so many nice places here in Germany and everywhere on this beautiful planet. We are mostly so self focussed that we do not recognize enough that everything is already turning into a Necropolis-like place. Damn the whole planet is on fire in the truest sense of the word! So let’s keep a good eye on what we are doing to remain it worth living. 

Danke schön/thank you very much, Randy, wish you all the best with Sacrosanct!! Send a message to the readers at the end of the conversation.  
- Thank you very much for the interview. Have fun with the things you are doing and respect and support all life on this planet. This is not an old hippie phrase it´s now more true and important than ever. An 16 year old girl understood that and she has all of my possible respect and support. 
Stay Tragic!

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Stephan Gebédi

Interview with Stephan Gebédi 
(Thanatos, ex-Hail Of Bullets) 
Hail Stephan! Our congratulations for 35th Anniversary of Thanatos. I’ve watched your latest live show @ Party San through YouTube, it’s just awesome one. Tell the readers your experiences please.
- Hi, thank you. Well 2019 has been a busy year for Thanatos so far. First we signed a new record deal (with Listenable Records), then we had to do a lot of  preparations for the anniversary show in Rotterdam on March 16th; get all the old band members together, rehearse with them, make our own beer etc. After that we had a few more cool festival shows planned including Party.San. I was really excited to play Party.San. First we felt a bit unlucky that we had to play the tent stage, but it turned out really well; we played at a really good time around 21:00 hours and the tent was packed with more than 3,000 people , so no complaints. Apart from the light show breaking down (power seizure) during our first song, but everything was OK again when we started the 2nd song.
,Blind Obedience” and ,,Thanatos” (originally written and recorded in 1983/1984 for very first Thanatos demo tape ‘Speed Kills’) were re-recorded earlier this year, featuring original guitarist and founder member Remco de Maaijer and will be released this fall by Dead by Dawn Records from Belgium in 7 Inch format. Share with us all the important detail about it.
-Yeah, we were approached to do a compilation album with all our demo recordings to celebrate our 35th anniversary, but we wanted to do something special as well, apart from the old recordings. So when we started rehearsing with some of the old band members for the anniversary show, we came up with the idea to re-record two of our oldest tracks for that compilation album and I also wanted to include Remco with these recording as me and him started Thanatos back in 1983/1984 in high school. We had a lot of fun recording those 2 songs and I think they turned out really well. Unfortunately, Memento Mori records, who released the compilation doesn’t do vinyl releases, but we really wanted those 2 songs to appear on vinyl. So a few months back we got in touch with this new label from Belgium Dead By Dawn, which is run by this really cool girl from Belgium, called Laura. So now we will release these 2 songs as a 7 inch vinyl EP, it will be out at the end of September I hope.

Your latest full length called Global Purification is just a brilliant album as for me. What are your favourite tracks from “Global Purification”? Did you start to write new tracks for new Thanatos stuff? 
- Thank you, It’s always difficult to pick favorite tracks, cause it can be different again tomorrow ;-) But right now I would say ,,Global Purification”, ,,Feeding The War Machine”, ,,World Jihad” and ,,The Murder Of Innocence” are my favorites. And yes, we have written a complete new album already! We’re putting the finishing touches to the new songs and will start recording at the end of September/early October. The album will be out on Listenable Records March/April next year.
Thanatos will be playing next at Meh Suff Sestival in Switzerland in September. Do you prepare maybe a special set there? 
- We will be playing there very late on Saturday, after Sodom, so hopefully everybody will stay awake! We will play some songs from the first 2 albums, some from ‘Global Purification’ and maybe one new song!
What are your favourite album and tracks from Hail Of Bullets?
- Favourite album is easy for me; that’s definitely ‘Of Frost And War’. I even think it’s one of the 3 best death metal albums ever recorded by a Dutch band, haha. And it’s also the biggest selling Dutch death metal album this century. My favourite Hail of Bullets songs are ,,Ordered Eastward”, ,,General Winter”, ,,Berlin”, ,,Tokyo Napalm Holocaust”, ,,On Coral Shores” and ,,DG-7”
You were invited as a special guest in Bodyfarm LP, called “The Coming Scourge”, if I’m not mistaken, you played lead guitars in track Der Landkreuzer”. How did you remember about that amazing co-operation? (I’m so sorry about your friend, Thomas Wouters (R.I.P.))
-Yeah, it’s really sad what happened to Thomas… I attended his funeral last week and it was really emotional. It’s not like Thomas and me saw each other every weekend, but we always had a lot of fun when we met. He was definitely more than ‘just a collegue’ to me, will miss him. Thomas simply asked me to do a guitar solo on their album and so it happened. They were still an upcoming band back then and a little help here and there from friends can’t hurt. Martin van Drunen also did vocals on one of their songs.
You were as a special guest in different great hordes’ albums, just mentioned a few, Houwitser, Temple, Satanika, Defiatory, Released Anger, Just Before Dawn. Would you be so kind to speak about these collaborations? 
- A lot of bands and people have asked me to do some vocals or guitars on their albums. I do not always say yes, but I’m always flattered when people ask me. Most of these collaborations were with people that I’ve met in real life or got to know better in the course of time. Ronnie from Defiatory was the sound guy for Hail of Bullets for example. Houwitser were good friends and with Released Anger it was quite logical when they did a Thanatos cover. I’m a bit selective with guest appearances and I’m not too much into side projects, but I’m really proud of the stuff I did with all the bands you mentioned above. I’m on the new Satanika album again and maybe I will also be on the next Just Before Dawn recording again.  

When did you start to work for Aardschok? What are your most liked interviews you made for Aardschok?
- I don’t remember exactly’. It must have been around 1986 or so. Then I quit again in the nineties and came back again after some years. I think interviewing all band members from KISS, some face to face like Gene Simmons and the others by phone (Paul, Ace, Peter, Tommy)  has been one of the biggest things for me. Interviews with Rob Halford, Slayer and King Diamond have also been highlights.

Name us please your top 5 or 10 Kiss albums. What are your most precious treasures from your Kiss-collection? 
That’s difficult…when I only go for studio albums I would say;
2.Love Gun
3.Creatures of the Night
4.Hotter Than Hell

When I also include the live albums it would be:
1.KISS Alive!
2.KISS Alive II
4.Love Gun
5.Creatures of the Night

I’m not a big collector, of course I have some cool bootlegs like Egos at the Stake, Takes Tokyo and Destroys Anaheim, quite a few books on KISS and last year I finally got The Originals on vinyl, but I’m not a real collector.
What are your all-time favourite players from The Netherlands? What is your opinion about Antal Róth, József Kiprich, Petry Zsolt and Gábor Babos who played in Feyenoord? 
- I think Willem van Hanegem, Van Persie and of course Cruyff are some of the greatest Dutch football players ever. József Kiprich is an all time hero in Rotterdam! Babos was pretty good as well, the others were before my time or didn’t make such a big impression on me I guess ;-) 

Dank je wel/Thank you very much Stephan, wish you all the best! If there's anything you would like to add at the end of this interview please feel free to do it and send a message for Thanatos-fans from our region.
- Well I think it’s a shame that Thanatos have never played Hungary yet! I think this should really happen next year! Maybe we can combine it with some other Central/East European shows like Austria, Romania. Would be cool. Cheers!

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Ronnie Ripper and Freddie Fister (Turbocharged)

Interview with Ronnie Ripper and Freddie Fister (Turbocharged)
(Questions compiled by Cornelius of Encomium 'zine
 and Georgius of Archangel's Lantern) 

Hail Ronnie and Freddie! As I’ve written in my Hungarian review in Kronos Mortus e-zine, the new Turbocharged material “Above Lords, Below Earth” is an excellent intense unholy deathpunk LP. I know it would be a bit complicated for you, but try to say a few thoughts about each track of the new album, please.
Ronnie: Thanks man, it’s always nice to hear someone likes our stuff! Let’s see what there is to say about the song…

The crawling path of worms:
A crusty D-beat number with pretty much all the elements you need to make some serious noise, not too much finesse but a whole lot of anger.

Total doom arise:
Even more intense than the first one, this is blastbeat royale with a hint of Motörhead in the middle.

Above lords, below earth:
D-beat again with quite odd riffs and rhythms for being us, it however lacks none of the energy of the previous ones.

Doomsday hammer:
This one is shortest on the album and it has a pure death metal vibe to it, nothing fancy but just a machine rolling over you as you listen.

Low-tech blasphemy:
Fast one again, almost a bit melodic for being us but also full of blasts and ferocity.

Thirteen burials:
This one is death metal, most likely the most elaborate song on the album but it’s still quite primitive and straight to the point.

Mid tempo double bassdrum mayhem, plain and simple. 

Harbingers at dawn:
D-beat punk with double bassdrums, if that even makes sense? Quite the typical style from us.

The burning of a redeemer:
This is blastbeat carnage with quite thrashy riffs, it stands out of our common style but I think it still follows the thin red line of ours.

Black tornado:
Celtic Frost gone Turbocharged! This one is intentionally a homage to the old masters, it was so close to their typical riffing so we took in one step further and it turned out pretty damn nice.

Dried blood (The heretic confession):
Starts with the slowest part of the album but kicks off into D-beat and blasts as it moves along. Also has the grooviest bridge on the whole album.

Unholy deathpunk:
This is our translation of old Motörhead on good drugs, it’s fast and it’s punky as hell. Kind of a trademark for what we are and where we come from musically.

1.”The Crawling path…” is the perfect opening track for this album! This is what we´re all about! And what the listener should expect from the album. Punk, Metal and blasphemy.

2. ”Total doom arise” Fast, to the point blastbeat armageddon.

3. Title track of the album.  A nice, groovey, mid-tempo fucker!

4. Nice quite slow intro. Perfect for the headbangers out there. Short and to the point song. Some nice profanities in the lyrics as well. Cool song to play.

5. ”Low-tech…”. A personal fave for me. Fast, blast-beaty motherfucker! Nice chorus with alternating singing (Singing, yeah, right…) from both Ronnie and me. Great solo from Nick as well.

6. ”Thirteen burials”. It has almost some heavy metal vibe to it I think. This is how close to theatrical Turbocharged ever get. And this song is a good example on how we work:
When I first came and presented the song to the others it had a totally other time signature. But after we been hashing it out and arranged and re-arranged it, it ended up as it is now. And that is how we do things! Doesn´t matter who´s coming with a song, or idea, we ALLWAYS arrange it together in our rehearsal-studio. Also there is a little nod to my old/other band, Necrokült, in the lyrics. Thanks, Ronnie!

7. ”Obscurant” was the last song written for the album. Turned out great! Double bass-drums and a fucked up attitude!

8. And ”Harbingers…” was the first I think. D-beat crusher!

9. ”…Redeemer” is a fast fucker! I think of our brothers in the Serbian band INFEST whenever I play or hear this song: Turbocharged and Infest has been touring together 3 times by now and of course that will rub of on you and your music! We are legija!

10. This has some Celtic Frost/Hellhammer wibe! One of my favorite tracks to play. Great solo from Nick.

11. ”Dried Blood…”: D-beat, blastbeat, some groovy middle tempo parts, dirty lyrics, bad-ass guitar solo. What´s not to like?

12. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!! ”Unholy deathpunk” sums it up. Really.

To be honest, musically I found the new stuff as a natural continuation of its predecessor, which is, of course, not a bad thing at all, if we take into account that there’s only 2 years between those releases. But will you agree with me if I say that “Above Lords, Below Earth” is “Apocalyptic” Part II?
Ronnie: You’re probably right about that but we never think like that, we just try and make the best album so far. We however never try to reinvent ourselves too much so I guess your theory is spot on. Every album is mainly built on new ideas but also some left over ideas we couldn’t fit on the previous album, that probably goes for most bands out there.

Freddie: I have personally not thought about it like that. But it might be true. We tend not to think too much about what we are doing when we write our stuff. If it sounds bad-ass, then it is a keeper. If not: down the shitter with it!

Ronnie, you are tearing the bass strings for 30 years now. Please share some memories about the beginnings. What I’ve noticed on “Above Lords, Below Earth” that your bass playing turned more significant. What kind of brand you’ve used 30 years ago and what do you use nowadays?
- Yeah, time flies when you’re having fun! Memories huh? I don’t know really, there’s not much to say from that time that is not still going on today, I’m still a quite average bassist and I basically only know what I need to know for the band. You should hear us play spontaneous covers, they really suck, ha-ha! On this album we had a guy outside the band who produced the drums for the first time and the bass followed the trail of what became of them, I had to back off a bit with the distortion and it made my sound a bit clearer. Other than that it’s the same sound as always and I play what needs to be played in the songs, nothing fancy or groundbreaking. My brands so far has been quite cheap ones: Ibanez, Harley Benton, B&CH, Traben and now I play an ESP LTD, I played what I could afford at the time and when I could I would upgrade a bit. I’m not a gear head, I just want something that I like and if it’s a 3000 Euro bass or a piece of wood with wires on it, it doesn’t matter. As long as the air around me vibrates when I hit the strings it’s all good.

Freddie when did you start playing the drums? Which drummers influenced you back in time and do you have some favourite ones from our days?
- I started when I was around 13. First drummers that influenced me was Cozy Powell, Bonham, Nicko McBrain and such. Then later Lombardo, Ulrich (Can´t deny it!). Then when it came to the more ”extreme” drummers I would say Ventor, Igor Cavalera and of course Mick Harris. Nowadays I can be impressed by drummers who have their own style and you at once can hear who is behind the kit. Nicko is a perfect example to this! When it come to the more extreme drummers I´m not at all impressed by lightning speed. It has to have some ”groove” to it. The first drummer that comes to mind when I think of this is Perra Karlsson who plays in Dreadful Fate and has played with Suffer, Benediction, Die Hard, Destroyer 666 just to mention a few. There you got both power, speed and a hellish groove!

Ronnie, in our private conversations you’ve mentioned that you used only one time the corpse paint. Tell us more about it.
-Argh, that old thing, ha-ha! Yeah, back in 1993 or something we were playing a local gig with Gehennah and we still hadn’t found our style so it was kind of typical for the time that it was slightly Norwegian BM which meant that there were plans to use paint and so we did. Once. Never did it again and never quite understood the meaning of me wearing it. I don’t blame others for using it but it’s too much work and has nothing to do with the music I play. I’d rather bathe in blood or just smear myself with dirt to boost the experience. Mind you, the sweat during a gig or far more deadly than any paint!

Freddie, you played drums in the Swedish black metal horde, Hellwar. How do you remember that period? Did you play in any other bands before Turbocharged?
- HELLWAR!! Wow, that was a long time ago! Well, I vaguely remember that. There was a lot of cheep beer and homemade booze involved. Haha. I got into that band around 97 I guess. They had made a first demo called ”Hellfuck” with a drum-machine and of course wanted a real drummer. Then we made a demo simply called ”Hellwar” and played a couple of gigs. And that was it. I also played in a band called Decapitate which was some kind of death metal. At this time I more and more started to sing in bands instead of playing drums.

Ronnie this year will be 10 years that you’ve released the Ronnie Ripper’s Private War “Socially Challenged” album. Where can the fans buy this album nowadays? Do you have some plans to continue your Private War in the future and/or prepare some bonuses for the 10th anniversary?
- Actually, it was released 1/1 2010 so it’s next year but yeah, you’re right! Damn, time really waits for no one! RRPW was never intended to be heard in public so the release was just a happy accident that somewhat gained some attention. This means that despite three live shows and all, this project has no solid plans ever. If there will be anything more is your guess as good as mine. I don’t think I will ever make new material for it but there is more done than the public has heard so maybe one day there will be another rattle from this old corpse, who knows…

Last year you’ve released a promo stuff on CD-Rs to give away for free to the fans at the Metal Magic Festival in Denmark. It included 4 tracks from the “Above Lords, Below Earth” material plus extra bonuses. Tell us more about this special release. How many copies you’ve spread at the festival and will it be ever released on vinyl or CD?
Ronnie: Yes, it has been tradition for us to bring something to our friends there so it was like the third or fourth CD-R we brought there. The bonuses were just failed outtakes of the songs featured there so it’s more humour than a collector’s item really. We gave out 100 copies and that’s it, no other releases of them as far as we know.

Freddie: . Well, that is something of a tradition we have. We make some special promos for MMF. Think we have done 3 or 4 by now. 100 copies each of every promo and they are strictly handed out as freebies at Metal Magic. So, Sorry but there will be no vinyl or CD-versions coming of those.

For the second half of this year I already see a gig booked in Burgas (Bulgaria). Will there be more turbo-live-shows in 2019? If so, please enlighten us more details as well as what kind of setlist will you perform at the upcoming Sea of Black Festival.
Ronnie: The Sea of Black gig is the last this year that we know of at the moment but there have been some talk about more coming up, we’ll have too about that though. We did a tour in Austria and Germany with Serbian Infest in May and we also played our release show at Heavy Agger in Denmark on top of that so we basically chewed off the gigs of the years already but we are always eager to get on the road so we’ll see what happens next.

Tell us more about your new excellent DIY Turbocharged video, called “Total Doom Aries”. How went your show in Bulgaria, Sea of Black Festival?
Ronnie: I've been trying to get the ball rolling for a couple of new videos for ages now but we have gotten nowhere and somewhere along the way we talked about trying to document this trip and make a roadmovie of it. However, as always, the drinking and chilling got the best of us so there was not much material for that and we used it all for an official video to a song instead. We shot the vocal part at the bar and the rest is what we brought home with us. It could be fun to have such a weird mix of a sunny beach, colorful drinks and stuff with the fastest song from the album so there you go, the video was a fact. The show went great, we did have some technical problems and the place was so big that the sound kept bouncing back at us but we pulled it off and people seemed to like it a lot. The festival was a great one and that always helps us delivering something worth remembering. All in all it was one of the best trips we did with the band so far.

Freddie: The Sea of black festival in Burgas was beyond great! We played the longest set-list we have ever played. We actually also had the headline slot at the festival as well and that was strange and a first for us. We also had a few days after the gig as vacation. More info about that is in the official video for “Total Doom Arise”…

Thanks a lot, Ronnie and Freddie! Best wishes to you with Turbocharged! At the end, please unleash an unholy deathpunk message to the readers.
Ronnie: -Thank you, brother, for showing interest in our little band! To everyone else I can only say that we are never slowing down and we hope to see you out there on the road one day! We need to put more pins in the world map so if you know someone who can book us, just pass it on! Stay metal!

Freddie: Thank YOU! A message… hmmm… let´s see… something smart…
Okay, here goes: Jazz, jazz, jazzguitar for few, Batman jazz! 

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