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Peter Karlsson (The Pete Flesh Deathtrip) (01.IX.2012)

 Interview with Peter Karlsson 

of The Pete Flesh Deathtrip  (01.IX.2012)

(Questions compiled by Cornelius of Encomium and Georgius)

"The following is an exciting interview with Peter "Pete Flesh" Karlsson, guitarist/vocalist/composer behind dozens of great Swedish Death/Thrash/Doom/Black bands. There's really no need to say more, better read Pete's answers and dive into the dungeon and lair of THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP!" Cornelius of Encomium

How many tracks do you plan to record for the 4th album of THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP and when it will be published officially?

- The album is already recorded and hopefully we will see a release on Pulverised Records this autumn. It was a really long recording process, 2 years. I decided to change studio from the well known The Abyss studio (with Tommy Tägtgren) to studio Beast and work with Peter Bjärgö (CRYPT OF KERBEROS, TYRANT, ARCANA, etc.) as a producer instead. I only live 4 miles from the studio so I could really take the time to work on one instrument at the time. Also Peter had some other recordings, shows, etc. to take care of meanwhile. But I was not in any hurry; this album needed this time to take its final form. I wrote and recorded 9 tracks for this album. It could have been less, it could have been more. The process was going on all the time till the mastering was done.

On "Fallen Bliss" we have heard the vocals of Micke Broberg (UNANIMATED, CELESTIAL PAIN). How many guest musicians will be on "Mortui Vivos Docent"?

Actually Micke guest sings on half of the album. On one track we shared the vocals through the whole track. First it was supposed to only be guest vocals on 2 tracks, but I noticed that his voice would be perfect for some more. I really tried to find the right balance between him and me. Also we both not sound the same; there is a cool contrast I think. This album is made for people that listen to an album from start to finish. I tried to capture and create the true essence of what T.P.F.D.T. is all about, why I do this and the purpose behind it. Micke also did some lyrics. And this was the first time ever I let somebody in and be a part of the creative aspects. Adde from VINTERLAND, TYRANT, THE BLACK is the guest drummer on this album. It was really cool to finally work with him. We had not met in more than 10 years. We used to party when MAZE OF TORMENT and VINTERLAND hung out (MAZE OF TORMENT's first singer, Pehr Larsson, was also a member in VINTERLAND). Rogga from MERCILESS should have some guest sings too. Also Andy from KING DIAMOND was more or less ready for a guitar solo, he had the track and everything. But it all ran out, because of different things, not because of Andy... just shit, you know... and it feels shit when he had the track and already had a solo more or less ready. But I hope next time :) Also with Rogga. Actually, there is a version of "Fallen Bliss" where John-John (ex-DISSECTION, CARDINAL SIN) plays the guitar solo. He was not totally satisfied, it was a test. Then personal things happen in his life, becoming a father, etc. So there was no time at that time to continue. But that will also hopefully happen on the next album. I will not use Micke again. Every album will get its own "sign", even if he did a bloody great work.

Tell us please about your lyrical concept. Do you continue themes on anti-christianity, evil & death?

- My lyrics have always been about me and my views on life, death, religion, suicide, filth & fuck-ups. If I hate something I have the ground for my hate. I'm not a 14 year old emo kid that just hates the world, because he should. If I write about filth it's because I have lived in filth, not because I am a 14 year old emo kid and my parents didn't get me a new guitar. People that not are in the scene and just go after the big radio channels can ask me why I hate stuff like IN FLAMES? I say that I don't hate IN FLAMES, I just can't relate to their expressions, the words don't speak to me. It's not IN FLAMES fault that they are big, the world just looks like this & people are just too lazy to go deeper into their souls for a greater purpose. When Blackie Lawless sings "I'm a wild child, come on and love me" that is more evil and have a greater purpose for me than the emo teen angst. It's like when people says that they are Christians and believe in God, but they never go to church, they only use it when it comes in handy. Or when Satanist only uses the Baphomet around the neck, but would shit their pants if saw the Devil. For me it's all about different forces in life and the universe, then it's up to you how you explore it and use it. If music and expressions like IN FLAMES satisfies you, that's fine with me, really. But never say that I'm immature, because I have my expressions... Then you have all my hate, in a greater purpose. 

The awesome cover-art for your new album was made by Erik Sahlström. Who came up with the cover idea? Tell us more about this alliance.

- Yes, Erik did a bloody great work this time. I had the title "Mortui Vivos Docent" for the album and we discussed some ideas, but I give all the credit to him for the final result. He has done most of the artwork for my FLESH project, also for DECEIVER, MAZE OF TORMENT, SERPENT OBSCENE (Sweden's most underrated Thrash band in my opinion). He was also the second singer in MAZE OF TORMENT, first in DECEIVER, singer in SERPENT OBSCENE. Today he sings in GENERAL SURGERY. We have been friends for many years. 

(an awesome gift from Peter, dedicated 'Mortui Vivos Docent CD - G)

Do you think about live shows or maybe about a tour for THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP?

- Maybe some festival shows. A tour would be really hard. First I must find the right people to do this with.

There was a video interview with you taken by Hellen Jacobsson and Marcus Boqvist for their art school class. It was very impressive to watch out this short of art film. Tell us your personal impressions and also recommend us more of this sort.

- I was just myself. And to be honest, looking and hearing myself is maybe not a thing I like to do. I watched it through fast and gave them an OK to put it out. They have also helped me with most of the FLESH, DECEIVER, THROWN tracks, to put them out on YouTube.... I'm a technical idiot. Of course I thank them for their interest in my music. I know they have done an interview with some painter as well. 

You've uploaded a new THROWN track "The Two Embracing Souls of Skies", which is very sad and emotional. How many tracks will you create for that project?

- First I was not going to put that track out, but I finally did after some consideration. I like and listen to a lot of stuff and also then get influenced. I like a lot of long instrumental parts, music that grabs you and you paint pictures on your head. I listen a lot to 70s ALICE COOPER, PINK FLOYD, DEAD CAN DANCE, etc. Actually, THROWN did an album in 2007 called "The Suicidal Kings Occult". That was a project for me where I could play drums as well... just put in different stuff. This demo sounds a bit different, but I have never said how THROWN should sound. Right now it feels like it would take a very long time before I would do a track again. The idea must come to me first. 

Tell us in short about the bands of your past. Which was your favorite and why?

- I started my first in 1988, called LEPROST. Then a band called NECROCIDE. The first demo I was playing on was with EMBRYO. We did 2 of them. I think one of them will be out on a 7" vinyl. The drummer (today in CRYPT OF KERBEROS and BLOOD MORTIZED) is taking care of that. Then we have HARMONY that became TORMENT and that became MAZE OF TORMENT. HARMONY did some demos and promos (collection of promos released on CD by Konqueror Records). MAZE OF TORMENT did 5 albums with me on guitars. Then I quit. Then did one more after that. I started DECEIVER and FLESH at the same time. Today I only have FLESH (T.P.F.D.T.) that also is my fave. Of course I'm proud of all albums that I have been on. The first MAZE OF TORMENT album "The Force" is a jewel for me. Those days it was harder to get out an album.

(another gift from Peter, dedicated  The Pete Flesh Deathtrip-vinyl 'Mortui Vivos Docent' - G)

What do you think about the actual Swedish Death/Thrash/Black scene? Do you have any favorite hordes?

- I guess it's good. Everything from DEMONICAL to WATAIN. A lot of quality stuff I must say. Also the gig scene starting to grow again. But I must say, even if I still read mags, get tips from friends, etc. and try to support the underground I seem to fail in time, so many bands. Some of my all times faves: DISSECTION, BATHORY, CANDLEMASS, NIFELHEIM, MERCILESS, DISMEMBER, CARDINAL SIN, KATATONIA, AT THE GATES, GROTESQUE, CARNAGE and some more.

Have you any interesting hobbies beside music?

- Hanging out with my son. Discussing all kind of stuff, while fishing or playing football. I like a lot of reading and watching all kinds of documentaries. Just developing my views on different stuff and subjects. Consuming information to get ideas for lyrics or music. I can spend whole days on YouTube just watching interviews with bands. I like to see how other people relate to their own creativity. Yes, I can even watch an IN FLAMES interview; I'm very open-minded in that sense. If I don't like a big phenomenon, I always get curious why I don't like it. Some people say that I like to think a lot.... sometimes unnecessary.

Tack så mycket! Last thoughts are yours to the readers...

- Bloody thanx for the support, really! Hail the Hordes! Anyone is welcome to drop me a line for more information. 

E-mail: peteflesh@hotmail.com | facebook.com/peteflesh

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/peteflesh 

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Angist (28.VI.2011)

 Interview with Angist (28.VI.2011)

Ave Angist! What things inspired you to create your band?

– Góðan daginn!

Edda and Gyða knew each other for a while before the band started and had always talked about how much fun it would be to start a band together. We have both very similar taste in music and since we both played guitar we decided to jam together and that went really well. We are both very passionate about our music and we have the same vision for it which makes working together very easy.

After sitting together just the two of us for some time we realize that the songs were coming very easily to us and we should definitely form a full band. After trying out few people the Angist of today was formed with Edda's brother, Halli, on bass and on drums a mutual friend, Hafþór who used to play drums for the Icelandic black metal band Svartidauði.

Please, tell to the readers more about the Icelandic scene!

– The population of the entire country is only around 320.000 people so it's quite obvious that our scene is rather small but it's also very close knit, everyone knows everyone. But because it's a small scene people try to help each other out so for example when someone is going to record an album they usually put up a fund raiser gig and the other bands help out by playing for free, making posters, lending equipment, advertising etc.

But we have a lot of bands and different styles so within the scene there is a scene of black metal bands, death metal bands, technical death metal bands, hardcore bands etc. and when there's a gig on you get almost every time a range of bands which is great because it can broaden your musical horizon and you can get into a genre of music that you didn't know you liked.

What I would also say about the scene here is that the people are very dedicated and hard working. We have so many amazing bands here and even though we are usually just playing for the same people there's always a gig going on, people recording and releasing records on their own, financed from their own pockets and lately bands are getting more attention outside of Iceland and scoring record deals which is great! We definitely recommend people to check out bands like Sólstafir, Svartidauði, Severed Crotch, Gone Postal, Chao and more Icelandic bands.

I've listened to your 2 tracks from Promo 2010 through myspace and as I know, it will be released as an EP in the end of summer. Have you any plans about a full-length album and when can we expect it from you?

– Our EP contains 5 new songs so we've been concentrating on that since the Promo came out. We are now in the final stages of finishing that EP so now we are just starting to write for a full-length album but we don't know when that will be out. It's very expensive to record and specially release an album in Iceland so we just have to see how the financials of the band will be in the coming winter months.

(dedicated Angist-promo CD  -G)

Enlighten us more details about your lyrical conceptions.

– We think that meaningful lyrics are essential and we want to leave people with something to think about. There's so much violence and ugliness out there that is condoned by people and the society so we are trying to raise awareness of these matters. Subjects like human misery, destructive behavior, violence, psychopaths, and lack of conscience, addiction, apathy, self loathing and overall degeneration of humanity would describe our lyrics well. The human race is capable of such cruelty towards other people and themselves and we have amazing ability of destroying everything around us and even ourselves.

Edda has a very strong and greatly harsh vocalizing manner (frankly speaking, I was pretty surprised when I discovered that those are female vocals). How many years she sings in such way and what are the influences/inspirations of her vocal style?

– Edda growled one song with a band called Elegy five years ago, but her growling didn't begin for real until Angist little over two years ago. The experience of clean singing helped a lot in developing her growling style and the enthusiasm for trying out new things and experimenting. Inspirations are singers with lots of sincerity and power like Lane Staley, Philip Anselmo, James Hetfield, Dax Riggs, Angela Gossow, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Beth Gibbons (hahaha definitely more for the sincere part) and many more!! Edda has also studied the vocal techniques of Melissa Cross which has helped a lot.

You, ladies create fairly brutal riffs. When did you start playing on your guitars? What guitarists inspired you on this path?

– As we said before we are very passionate about music and have been listening to death and black metal for a long time so your style of playing evolves from the music you listen to. As influences we'd definitely say old Metallica and Slayer and then more recent stuff like Suffocation, Decapitated and Bloodbath mixed with black metal influences as well.
Gyða is a band promoter in Iceland and one day she realized that she wanted more to play and create music rather than put up the bands so she bought her first guitar extremely hangover after a New Year’s party and it was a point of no return.
Edda got her first guitar and Metallica's first five albums tablature book (from her grandparents!) at the age of thirteen and locked herself in her room playing loudly with their songs pretending she was the third guitar player in Metallica!!

As for me it's a great thing, that in Iceland the Asatru is accepted religion since 1972-73 (as far as I know). What asatru, nordic Gods, runas and Edda mean to you?

– Yes you are right, it was accepted in 1972.
Gyða: Generally speaking I think that if people want to follow a belief Ásatrú is our old religion and is more in touch with our nature than Christianity. The poetry is undeniably a part of our history as a country and the Poetic Edda is a favorite of mine with Völuspá being a must read but for example to me and Edda it's more the stories and poetry that is fascinating, religion to us is never an appealing concept.

Could you speak about your beautiful country briefly? What do you recommend of Icelandic national food and drink to us?

– Well Iceland is known for being a country of extremities. We have beautiful, serene landscape mixed with black beaches, majestic mountains and vast lava fields. You don't have to go very far to find beautiful nature, waterfalls and geysers and of course the amazing northern lights in the winter. They are a very common sight because the towns are so small that the lights from the city won't pollute the sight. We get all our energy from geothermal resources and our water is very clean so every house has drinkable water coming from the tap. So we'd definitely recommend to people to try the water! Iceland also has many breweries so a wide range of Icelandic beers is available, for example Viking beer is something all tourists must try. I would also say that despite how small the country is, we do have our own unique culture. We keep old traditions alive and embrace new ones with a very active artistic scene, whether it's music, design, writing, filmmaking and so on.

I wouldn't say this band is very nationalistic in eating habits, Gyða has been vegan for almost 10 years and Edda doesn't eat fish, which is one of our main exports. But fresh fish and lamb meat is a very common and then more exotic things like fermented shark, ram's testicles, sheep heads, dried fish and slátur, which is similar to the Scottish haggis, are things that were maybe a bit more popular 50 years ago or so but are still frequently on people's tables.

You will play 1st of July in club Sodoma in Reykjavik. What about visiting countries of Europe as well? Do you plan/prepare any tours for the forthcoming months?

– This gig is a fundraiser gig for our EP so we are really looking forward to it. We will also have T-shirts there for sale that will have our new logo on it done by the brilliant artist Christophe Szpajdel and will those T-shirts also be available for sale through our web-store soon after the gig.
We definitely want to tour overseas because although it is fun to play here in Iceland we'd like to play for more people and reach a bigger crowd.
We are going on a week-long tour in France in October with two other Icelandic bands as a part of an Icelandic Invasion Tour were we are supporting a French band which played in Iceland last year. We are extremely excited for this tour and we hope this is just the first tour of many.

Have you any hobbies beside music?

– The band takes up much of our spare time and we are all either in school or have a full time job so it doesn't leave much time for extra activities but we go a lot to gigs to see other bands, watch movies (Edda watches a lot of horror movies), Halli, Hafþór and Gyða play a lot of video games and also Angist meets up a lot to make food together, we just love food and partying of course!!

What do you know about Ukraine and Hungary? (about metal bands too)

– Well we know the capitals, Kiev and Budapest and we read in school about the history of the countries like the Mongol invasion for example but I guess we have to open those books again... And Rubik's cube! That's from Hungary! And Drudkh is from Ukraine, I like them.

Takk! I really hope to see/hear you playing live in the near future. Share your last ruinous words for the end...

– Takk sömuleiðis! Yeah hopefully we'll be able to tour more extensively in the future! We just like to thank everyone who has helped spreading the word about our music, every little thing counts and we really appreciate all the help we are getting from people around the world. Stay tuned for updates on gigs, the EP and more news through our myspace site: www.myspace.com/angisttheband.

(Angist:Circle of Suffering, Artwork by Christian Sloan Hall)

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Defiler (Trident)

 Interview with Defiler (Trident)

Hail Defiler, welcome to my own helvete Archangel’s Lantern! At first I would congratulate to Trident for the brilliant album called “North”. (In my Hungarian review in Kronos Mortus I’ve written, that your new album is my favourite Blackened Death one this year). How do you satisfied with the result of “North”? Who has been the main song and lyric writer? Share us all the important things about your new LP.

- Greetings! And thank you, truly nice to hear that you enjoy the album. We are all very pleased with the results of the recordings and eager to start playing the songs live as well. 

I believe we are all equally represented in the writing process, but the general method in which a Trident song is conceived is through a base riff and sometimes also a complete concept idea written by Reaper. Thereafter the other members work their respective instruments and ideas around that core, usually starting with the percussions, then additional guitars and Bass. I write the lyrics to the songs during the musical writing process whilst listening to the rehearsals and early recordings.

Where do you get inspiration of your lyrics from?

- I’ve always been fascinated by spirituality in different forms, the struggle of good and evil, history, warfare and disease. So the themes that become part of the lyrics are usually directly derived from these subjects.

The music we create speaks to me in a very peculiar way, It’s almost like the lyrics write themselves and I let it guide me. I dream and think almost constantly, and the songs make order in a very chaotic part of me that I’ve chosen to name Defiler.

Trident made an awesome lyrical video to the “North” track. Do you plan to make another lyrical video and/or a clip in the near future? 

- We recently released another lyric video to the track “Death” from the upcoming “North” album, and we are also working on a music video to another song at the moment. So there is definitely more things on the way!

Juanjo Castellano created an awesome artwork for “North” which absolutely fits to Trident’s music in my opinion. How did you meet with that amazing Spanish artist?

- We needed an artist to make the album art, so Ricardo at Non Serviam Records contacted Juanjo Castellano and sent some words and parts of lyrics for inspiration. 

I can safely say that we were more than thrilled with the results. 

When and how did you sign to Dutch Non Serviam Records?

- We’ve been between labels since the release of our EP “Shadows” and since we already started writing music to the “North” album at that point, we needed representation. Ricardo at Non Serviam Records has been a friend and ally to the band for a long time now, and since he enjoys awesome music, it felt like the obvious decision when we inked a deal with them.

It is not a secret that I’m an old fan of Johan Norman (since early 90s) he is one of my favourite guitarists from Sverige. What are your favourite tracks/albums from Johan’s past hordes (Satanized, Decameron-demo, Dissection and Soulreaper)?

- To be completely honest I never listened enough to “Satanized”, “Decameron” or “Soulreaper” to have a good opinion. 

Although I absolutely love the “Storm of The Light’s Bane” album by “Dissection”, The track “Thorns of Crimson Death” is a pure masterpiece. I know it can be disappointing that it’s not some obscure recording no one has heard of… But that album is a huge milestone in my personal taste in music.

What are your favourite singers from underground nowadays? By the way, do you play any musical instruments? 

- The last couple of years I have had a hard time keeping up with the underground scene, can’t really tell why because I don’t know. Sometimes I have tons of new inspiring tunes and voices but for the moment I have nothing exciting to share about that.

Nothing to serious but I do play some guitar from time to time, wanting to take some time in a busy life to learn the piano and strings like Violin or the Cello because of my love for classical music. Besides that not enough I’m afraid.

Did you play (or will play in the future) some covers live with Trident?

We have not played any covers yet (as far as I know) and neither have we planned on doing so in the future. But who knows?

What is your opinion about Central/Eastern European underground scene? 

- It pains me to tell that I am so bad at keeping track on music and its origins that I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that…

But with my unprofessional perception of the field it feels like there is a greater demand on extreme music throughout the continent than up here, and it seems like the sound is more preserved/untampered than some of the mutations of extreme metal we have up here in Scandinavia. 

Unfortunately I’ve never been in Scandinavia/Sweden yet but I hope one day I will have a trip to visit your nice lands. What places and museums could you recommend to me? 

- Sweden is my country of birth and it’s an absolutely marvelous place that Swedes generally can’t wait to escape for sunny beaches and expensive holidays elsewhere at least once a year. But many of the people I know have missed out on major parts of our home country (Including myself). When in Sweden I would recommend taking at least a small trip out into the woods and seize the opportunity that comes with right to public access. I’m personally most impressed with the vast forests and mountains above the halfway point of Sweden but most of our national parks and woods have their own character. 

I was born on the west coast of Sweden in the town of “Göteborg” (Gothenburg), and in fact both me and Johan live in the same neighborhood on the Island of “Hisingen” west of the Central City.  Gothenburg is a beautiful harbor town with a lot of small Museums and renowned Microbreweries, so it is definitely worth a visit. The Capitol of Sweden is “Stockholm” located further to the north on the east coast and has some impressive museums as well as the Royal Palace so this is also a must visit for anyone interested in Sweden and its history.

Tack så mycket/Kiitos, Defiler! Wish you and Trident all the best and I really hope to meet you live very soon! Send please some thoughts from the North to the readers to complete this conversation. 

- Nincs Mit, Varsågoda/Ole Hyvä!

Thank you for the awesome review, hopefully our paths will meet along the roads we travel. 

To the readers I would want to direct some strength through turbulent times. We are all survivors, even if some are more unaffected than others through the pandemic. But I’m convinced that we all miss the live shows and events we used to take for granted, and It’s my highest wish right now that we get through this and are able to deliver on a live tour next year. Until then, stay strong stay true.  //Defiler 

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Matze Grün (ex-Protector)

 Interview with Matze Grün 

(ex-Protector, ex-Square Waves, ex-Headshot)

(Questions compiled by Andrey Tolkowiec and Georgius)

(Protector live, 1992)

Hallo Matze, hope you are doing fine! It’s a big honour for us to talk with you here. 
Andrey: I’m so thankful for your 2 awesome packages (incl. vinyls, CD-s, tapes) I got recently from you. What should we know about Protector reissued versions by High Roller Records? 

- High Roller Records did a great job. The Protector-Rereleases come with cool extra-stuff like cover-poster, lyric-sheets, different vinyl-colors and the cover-inside is printed in black. Missy, Olly and I put some cool pictures out of our archives together, so everyone can share our memories from the past. For me it’s very important that the re-release of “The Heritage“ looks different to the major records release in 1993 because the sound is although different.

Enlighten the readers please how and when did you join the forces of Legendary Protector. It had happened after the release of “A Shedding of Skin”?  

- It actually happened during the studio days in Summer 1991. After Hansi had to retire because of lymphoma (cancer), Michael Hasse decided to continue with Olly Wiebel (on the guitar & vocals). Olly played the guitar before his time with PROTECTOR. He shared the vocals with the second guitarist of his band HERITAGE. He had a lot of ideas, but the studio date came way too fast. The hardest thing for Olly was to write the lyrics. He asked Missy and me for help and so I was actually in Berlin in Harris Johns' studio every weekend for a total of 4 weeks. At the end, Carlos of Major Records came over with the cover design and dates for the tour. Exactly at this time Ede decided to leave PROTECTOR and the guys asked if I could imagine playing the tour. I did not have to think long about this chance :-) 

Would you be so kind to share all the important information about the brilliant Protector LP ”The Heritage” album? (recording process, etc.) 

- "The Heritage" is special in that no founding member was involved in it. After the recordings for  “A Shedding of Skin” we only played 4 concerts with Michael Hasse on the drums. At the beginning of 1992 Olly decided to continue with Marco Pape with the agreement of the record company. That gave us a big boost and we started to write new pieces right away while Marco was training our set-list. The gigs in Istanbul in May 92 and the mini tour with Crusher (F) and DVC (US) spurred the plan to record the next album. Thanks to Marco we finally had a really awesome rehearsal room. HEADSHOT rehearsed next door and their singer Andy had a pretty fat hobby studio (16-track analog tape machine). A 4-track pre-production that we produced there paved the way to the T&T studio in Gelsenkirchen and to work with Tim Buktu. 

(Protector live, 1992)

Andrey: How and when you met Marco Pape? Did he bring a new blood replacing legendary Michael Hasse? 

Olly knew Marco from Steelhunter / Shooting Gallery and knew that he had a crazy way of playing. They met to jam and he simply asked Marco if he would like to join PROTECTOR. It all happened quickly and Marco definitely put his stamp on the songs. He made everything a lot faster. “Paralizer”, for example, is a song that Marco actually wrote. You can hear his brutal drumming and I can say that I have never seen a louder and more powerful drummer. 

Andrey: Michael Hasse (R.I.P.) was the founder of Protector and the only one of original line-up. He got a pressure to leave the band or he just had a decision himself to quit with Protector? When it had occurred? (in 1991 or 1992?) Share us your thoughts about last Protector- show with him…. 

- I think the last show with Micha was in Krumpa with TORCHURE and INCUBATOR. Micha was already addicted to drugs at this time, and behind the scenes it wasn't fun for Olly and me. On stage he always did his part quite well. He also thrilled the audience in his very special way (between the songs he got up behind the drums and encouraged the audience to bang or stage-dive), but we realized that we couldn't continue to work professionally with him.  

Andrey: Legendary Michael Hasse crossed the river of death in February, 1994…What he did after his leaving Protector? From whom you were informed about his departure? 

- Micha had successfully survived withdrawal and moved to Braunschweig. It was part of the therapy to get out of the familiar environment. Unfortunately, he relapsed and died of an overdose. The news came to Wolfsburg through his sister and quickly spread among people who knew him. My short time with Micha was a tough piece of life experience. Since then I have been saying the slogan “No one does to use the drugs” with deep conviction. It's so hard to help or get someone out of it. As a friend or family you are simply powerless. Protector was Micha's  ‘Herzenssache’ (labor of love) and he is sure to be proud that Missy keeps the spirit alive. Rest in peace my friend!   

Andrey: What was the main reason the split-up of Protector? Who was the initiator to disband Protector? (Protector planned to play in Minsk (Belarus) but you unfortunately ended with the band before it) 

- Hmm, that was a long time ago ... after “The Heritage” came out, it didn't seem like much progress. The reaction in the press was really good, but sales continued to decline. We only played a few concerts. Most of them in the new federal states (East-Germany), where our fan base has been impressively loyal over the years and still are today. The offer to play in Minsk was made through a Berlin band. Unfortunately we didn't get any support from the record company and no professional booking agency was involved. Our income with the band was very low at the time. Olly and Marco also had problems getting off their regular jobs (I was studying at the time). The question arose whether it even makes sense to continue with PROTECTOR if 2 out of 3 members can't even go on tour for two weeks. 
At that time we thought about adding a second guitarist to the band. Marco had found his dream candidate in Thomas Haase. I suggested Thomas Jacob from INGRAIN. Olly couldn't imagine being on stage with either of them. After over two great years the three of us were really at odds. Olly suggested a break, Marco wanted to continue with his friend. I then got out and founded SQUARE WAVES with Thomas Jacob. 
(Matze in September, 2020)

After the split up of Protector you formed a great German Thrash metal horde, called Square Waves in 1994. You recorded 2 demos and a promo CD. Share us some thoughts about your past band and releases. It is possible to release these old materials someday? Why disbanded Square Waves? 

- Yeah, putting the different recordings back together is definitely worth considering. Maybe in the future there will be a homepage with mp3 files to download. I have to look for the recordings ... Well, after PROTECTOR I just wanted to continue and luckily I quickly found the right people. There were still some goals I wanted to achieve. The SW time was very intense and as a band we did a lot together in our free time. I'm still close friends with Thomas and Raimund. In the years 1994-1998 Thomas Jacob and I organized various concerts in Wolfsburg & Ehmen (a suburb of Wolfsburg) under the banner of Alien Concerts. We mostly booked packages of three bands (1st local + 1st national + 1st foreign band). This often resulted in national concerts for SQUARE WAVES, whereby I still vividly enjoyed Emden with CRUST, Kiel with GIMCRACK and Schenefeld in “Highnoon” (unfortunately we didn't make it to Wacken, like VOCATION from Neumünster). Aahlen with TRAUMA and crazy pyroshow was also awesome. The last show SQUARE WAVES played in 1997 was on the 1st Fuck the Commerce Festival. Stephan Kern from WASTELAND jumped in for this gig because Raimund and Alma were no longer in the mood. We saved ourselves the search for a new guitarist and split up the band. Olaf (drums) and Daniela (Vox) then founded UPPERCUT. 

(Square Waves, 1998)  

You played then in 2 materials of German Thrash band, Headshot as a bass-player: Emotional Overload (1999) and Diseased (2003). How do you remember Headshot-era? 

- From 1996–1999 I had an apartment in Braunschweig. I knew the guys from HEADSHOT through the rehearsal room neighborhood and the recordings with Andy Bruer (singer). When their bass player got out, Andy invited me to rehearse and that worked from the first second. By the way, we recorded the 2nd album "Emotional Overload" in the White Line Studio in Braunschweig. The ‘Misanthropy’ EP was also produced there. We recorded the 3rd album "dieseased" in Berlin with Peter Oz in the headquarters studio. Viewed from today, that was my masterpiece and the end of my music career. My dream is to bring this album out on vinyl one day. Well, until 2004 I was out with the guys and there were a lot of great little gigs. We will always remember our performances in Lucerne at the Wärchhof. Nowhere were our songs sung as loudly as there. I think it's really cool that HEADSHOT is still around. By the way, the singer from SQUARE WAVES and UPPERCUT has been singing there for a few years now. They are currently working on their 6th album and in terms of playing technique they have really developed a lot. I couldn't play the new pieces, but it's still unmistakably HEADSHOT. At the last PROTECTOR Show in Wolfsburg, they impressively demonstrated what they can do in the preliminary program. I keep my fingers crossed for them to find an official label for the next output - they would have more than deserved that!    

(Headshot live 1999) 

According to Encyclopaedia Metallum I’ve read you played in a Death metal horde Ingrain (Olly Wiebel’s band). When it has happened?

- Ingrain was the band of my friend Thomas Jacob. Olly only played bass at a concert once. That was "just for fun". Later I wrote the lyrics to the guys and sang them in the studio. But I think that it was never published. I don't even know if I still have the song for myself... 

Andrey: What is your job currently? Do you have a thirst for return to glorious days of your frantic youth?   

- I am a freelance media designer and do layouts for books, magazines and covers. For Defying Danger Records, for example, I do the layouts for the DDR-tape-series. Image processing, corporate design and logo development are further focal points. For example, the logo for the Fuck-The-Commerce Festival and the t-shirt designs were mine. I am currently working on my own homepage and will probably not start with an own band anymore. Collecting vinyls has been my hobby for over 30 years. From time to time I play as a DJ at parties. With the setup and dismantling my turntables it always feels a bit like a concert. I'm more than happy with that, but you never know what's coming. 

(Headshot, 1999)

What is your favourite football team and in Germany?
Recommend us some interesting places, local drinks from your hometown.

- I have a season ticket from 1. FC St. Pauli (2. Bundesliga) and I always hope that Bayern Munich won't be champions. When I think of Wolfsburg, I actually think of Fallersleben. I grew up in this small town, which is part of Wolfsburg. There is a beautiful park with a church, castle and brewery. Whenever you are there, you should try the Fallersleber Schloßbräu. The city is certainly known to one or the other through the poet August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben. 

Andrey: Are you in touch with old and current Protector-members nowadays? Do you visit metal-shows? 

- Actually only with Olly and Missy, but since I've been living with my family in Hamburg since 1999, that's rather rare. I've talked to friends from SQAURE WAVES and HEADSHOT on the phone quite often. Interesting bands are usually guests in Hamburg all the time. I hope that we can get the corona pandemic under control and go to concerts again soon. But I prefer the small gigs, like in the Bambi Galore in Billstedt. 

(Matze in September, 2020)

Vielen dank, Matze, it was a pleasure. Your thoughts from the old Protector heritage at the end.

- Ich habe zu danken/I have to thank you and can only say that I am proud to have been part of the PROTECTOR history. I'm happy that there are still a lot of people out there who love the PROTECTOR sound. The story doesn't end here..../Die Geschichte ist noch nicht zu Ende... 

(Protector, 1992, Istanbul)