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Hendrik Bruns

Interview with Hendrik Bruns (Obscenity)

Georgius: Hail Henne! First of all I would to congratulate You on Your 25th Anniversary of Obscenity. Tell us please about the beginnings briefly! When did You become a metalhead?
 Hi Georg, first of all thanx for the wishes and the interview.
It was in 1983 when I was in the age of 13 , I had the first contact with my all-time favourite band Kiss! Got a few LP´s of them and afterwards I was interested in WASP and Mötley Crüe.. A couple of years later I heard of Accept and Helloween, Slayer and stuff like that. Slayer was totally new for a boy like me. This music was hard to understand for me at first.. but the more I heard that stuff, the more I liked it. Venom, Exodus and Destruction followed and a few years later the first Death Metal Bands came over to Germany. One of the first I heard were Monstrosity and Morbid Angel...
I have to admit that Monstrosity are one of my biggest influences in playing metal music...

Barbara (Northern Ireland): Which band or bands influenced You in the early years and why?
 I had several bands before we started with Obscenity. But as we started we were musically  influenced by Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity and Deicide. In the late 80's we don´t have much bands in this genre and we didn´t have much information outside Germany and Europe. We had magazines and Radiobroadcast to inform who these bands are and where they come from. There was no Youtube and no Facebook. Internet was not existing!
This was one the main reason the metal scene was developed very slow but intense.

Sorin (Romania): For the debut LP you signed with West Virginia Records, and you release only one album with them. How did you signed with them and why the "relationship" lasted for one album only?
 - Right, it was our first deal in 91. We sent our demo “ Age of Brutality” to all Metal Labels in Europe. Soon we had an offer from WVR Recs. We met them and signed the contract for one long-player. Had a cool time with them, and like to remember the recording time when we met Andy and Sabina Classen, Venom´s Cronos and all the other guys who were on the label..
After a few Years later the label split up .. but don´t ask me about the reason. We had no information.Maybe a bankrupt or a split, I have no clue...

Sorin: Well, your debut "Suffocated Truth" is my favourite Obscenity release. But, for some reason it is very hard to buy it and a 2nd copy is very expensive. Do you plan to re-release it someday?
- Yes, Suffo and Perversion will be re-released by a Dutch Label called Vic Records. The release date is unknown but I guess it will be late 2014. 

Georgius: After the release of the 2012 album, ”Atrophied in Anguish” (Apostasy Records), (where Jeff Rudes did a hellish good job, as vocalist) Jeff has been replaced by the new one, Tobias Mueller. Share us about it some information: where did You meet him and did he play in any band(s) before?
- Jeff did well, in fact. But his private situation did not allow him to go on with making music. Our bass player Joerg came up with Tobias. They are friends for more than a decade now. We already knew some of his former work with other bands and invited him to join us for a rehearsal session. Well, what could I say… a couple weeks later we played the ExtremeFest altogether and we´re pretty sure he´ll kick your asses on the new album as he did at the shows since he joined us. 

 Georgius: Would You be so kind to tell us about Your latest live shows? Maybe You will come to play to Hungary in the near future?
- Our last shows took place in Hamburg, Leipzig, our home town Oldenburg, there also was an open air session in Bavaria and the underground remains open air in Goettingen. All went pretty well and we´ve had a lot of fun playing these gigs. For Hungary, that would be totally awesome! I hope someone reading this gets in touch with us and we´ll get the opportunity to play for you guys sooner than later!

Joanna (Germany): You made a great video in 2012, called „From Heroic to Depraved” with Matt Knust, do you have any plans to do another one with him? 
- Yes, definitely! It´s still too early to say what we´re going to do or even which song we´ll be using. But there´s a video to come to support the album as soon as it´s done, we promise. And Matt is our very first choice to help us realizing it.

Joanna: Is there any plan to release an Obscenity-DVD or something special one for the 25th Anniversary? 
- That would have been great, but we´re too busy with working on the new material and playing shows. So, unfortunately there won´t be a DVD or something like that in the near future. We hope the next record will compensate this lack.

Georgius: What is the situation with the new Obscenity tracks? It would be great to listen to some new ones of Obscenity soon 
- We´re doing good at writing new songs and a good deal of work has already been done. There´s no exact recording date yet, but it´ll be around the end of the year probably as we´ll also play some shows in the mean time. So don´t worry, we´ll be up with new stuff pretty soon.

Innominandus (Ukraine): it is a bit hard question, I know but what are your favourite Obscenity-tracks and why?
- The songs I wrote. They contains all ,a good song needs ..hahaha. No, there are a lot of songs I like. For example “The Arrival”, "Alien Hand Syndrome", "Die Again", "Infestical Plague"... I can name a few more. It is hard to answere, you know. I like these kinda songs who were fast and static with a good melodic solo. 

Georgius: Your 10 all-time fave albums are?
 -KISS- the complete stuff
 Sepultura – Beneath the remains
 Monstrosity – In dark purity
 Loudness -- Lightning strikes
 Bad Religion – No Control / Suffer
 The Exploited – Beat the bastards
 Exhorder – Slaughter in the Vatican
 Pretty Maids- Pandemonium / Motherland
 MP – Bursting out
 VoiVod – Angel Rat

Innominandus: The German metal scene is an excellent one since 80’s.... Would You be so kind recommend us some newcomer bands from Germany, maybe from your area?
- Hmm, there are no well known Bands around here. Only a few demo bands ..I really don´t know their names, I am sorry.  But I can recommend “BlackShore”, a Black Metal band with much different  influences. Good guys we often played with. Check them out!

Georgius: What bands from Hungary and Ukraine do You know? Have you ever been in Hungary? 
- Ektomorf and Tormentor are from Hungary, I guess. And if I´m right, there´s Fleshgore from Ukraine.
Tobias has been to Hungary for a holiday trip, he once told us, but I really don´t know if he watched some metal shows back then.

Barbara (Northern Ireland) : What is your favorite place to holiday and how do you do stress?
– I have been travelling to France / Metz, the last 2 years. And we had a gig many years ago in a small cellar club. I love this old city and the river Moselle. When the weather is good , go and drink some red wine and watch out for the sunset. It is really relaxing !

Georgius: Vielen dank, Henne! Wish You all the Be(a)st with Obscenity and please, put your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern.......
  - Ok, George. Thanx for having us in your mag. Stay tuned and watch out for the next album. The songs are already written and arranged. The cover is in progress. But I did not reveal the album title,haha. Make ready for some changes, guys. It will be a Death- feast ….Stay obscene !

(Interview with Henne done by Necrotrooper (Romania), Barbara (Northern Ireland), 
Joanna (Germany), Innominandus (Ukraine) and me Georgius)

a conversation with Henne in Encomium, 2012: 

Official Obscenity Facebook-page: 

Interview with Sascha Knust of Obscenity in Sadistik Witchfukk webzine (24th of March, 2013):

Obscenity, from left to right: Sascha Knust(drums), Christoph Weerts(guitar), Jörg Pirch(bass), Hendrik Bruns(guitar), Jeff Rudes(vocals)

Hail Sascha-Obscenity! Welcome to the zine. Because this is the first interview with you, tell us about all the bands you've played in!
- Hi. I started with Obscenity in 1989, and after I've left the the Band in 2000, I played in the band called "The Now Noise" as a session drummer. Later I played in two bands: the first one is called "The Awakening" and the other called "Sethnefer"! The Awakening was another session project, but Sethnefer is the band I played in from 2001 to 2009. In 2011 I returned to Obscenity and I will never leave again!!!!

How did you got interested in rock/metal music, and what were your influences back in 1989?
- The big brother of a friend was a metalhead back in 1982, and he taped me all that cool old-school metal stuff like Accept, Kiss, Maiden, Metallica...etc. Later when the metal got harder, my top bands at that time were Slayer, Kreator, Testament, Exodus !!!
The biggest influence was the record "Beneath the Remains" from Sepultura....still love it.

Obscenity started in 1989. Were there another names for the band back then?
- Yes, we had names like Triangle and Artificial Intelligence in the Mid 80's. But we changed the name in Obscenity when we got the date for studio to record our first demo that was later called "Age of Brutality". I came up with the idea and draw the first logo.

You played old-school death metal on every release. What do you think of melo-death bands or tech-death bands who tried to go mainstream?
- I like bands like Monstrosity or Malevolent Creation for example, with a great combination of everything! We don`t care about mainstream and stuff like that, because the music we play is far away from mainstream and I don`t give a fuck about metalcore or this frognoise death metal so many bands play.

For us one of best death metal releases of 2012 is your album, "Atrophied in Anguish". How was its reception in the metal press?
- Thanx a lot! It looks like the press loves our release!!! All the zines wrote good things about the recording and gave fantastic notes!!! It`s a good feeling, because we worked hard on it to make a recording that really kicks ass!

We checked out on YouTube some videos about Your shows last year. Would You be so kind to tell about live-activity?
- We played some great shows last Year and we will do the Same this Year!! On may 25 we kill the Extremefest & on July 27 we'll play Stonehenge Festival in the Netherlands.
But these are only the bigger shows. We have a lot single gigs within Germany also.
But we´re in song-writing mode at this time and you all know both activities are very hard to handle at the same time.

You were signed to the German label Apostasy Records. Share with us please some information about this label.
- The label is a very new one, existing since a one year. Tomasz, the owner, is a well known booker in his past years and we played a few shows for him. He came up one day and asked about interest in his new label. At this time we had the demo recordings for “Atrophied” and send them to a couple of labels around. Some of them were very interested but our decision was Apostasy because our home-base is quite near to the label-base.

You made an excellent old-school clip to the track "From Heroic to Depraved". Enlight us please about clip-making process.
- A good friend of us is a photographer and camera operator, and he filmed us in our headquarter during Our rehearsals! He thought it was funny to make a Video from this shoot and I think he made a good Job! We will do a video with him again!!!

What other German metal bands can you recommend us?
- Wow, there are so many great bands in Germany like Blackshore !!!
We have played a few shows with the guys. These guys rocks. Black metal mixed with rock!
But of course, we recommend all of our label-mates from Apostasy. Hey, and not to forget 
Tombthroat. We had a show with them a couple of months ago and had to talked with the guys.
Cool ones! Especially Björn Köppler (also known as "Mladie"), he is very involved in the metal scene.

Your 10 all-time favourite albums are?
1.Kiss - Creatures of the Night
2.Motörhead - Overkill
3.Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
4.Monstrosity - In Dark Purity
5.Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood
6.Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East
7.Terrorizer - World Downfall
8.Deicide - Legion
9.Testament - Demonic
10.Carcass - Heartwork

What bands from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania do you know?
- Hmmm... this is a very unknown scene here in Germany. And I am very sad to say this.
But most of the bands we know here are from US , Sweden and Germany.
But hey. One name I will remember is Castrum! I think they are from Ukraine, isn´t it?

Could you please recommend to the readers some German food and drinks?(especially from Your region)
- Grünkohl mit Kassler und Pinkel This is kinda cooked green cabbage served with a special sausage. This is very well known in this region.

Do you have any special hobbies?
- The music is my hobby, because we are all hard working guys in our band, so I spend my free days with playing Drums !!!
The other guys have hobbies like going fishing or martial arts. But the same hobby we have is doing metal!

Share to the readers about Your plans for this year(new tracks, festivals, or a DVD)!
- Henne & Chris are working on songs for a new CD, and in the near future there will be a new video  

Danke schön, Obscenity! Your message to old-school death metallers….
- Thank you guys for having some time on us and stay Obscene!!!

(Interview is done by Georgius and Necrotrooper)


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A.J. van Drenth

Interview with A.J. van Drenth
(Temple, Extreme Cold Winter)

Hail A.J. van Drenth! Temple crushed the Death metal maniacs with an excellent album, called "Structures in Chaos" in 2012. 
What are the latest news with Temple (new full-length, concerts, any future plans?
- I’m totally into writing a new album, recorded about 7 tracks now, so things coming close. There’s more black metal influences and some technical stuff, but all comes with blast-beats! On this point I just started writing lyrics. Hell man, It takes a lot of time to complete a whole album by myself. Besides that, our drummer Eric is touring the U.S. with Warfather this moment, so I think Eric is hitting the studio early next year. After that I can start record the vocal parts.  I'm already looking for a cd cover and title. I can give you some working titles for the new tracks like "3rd Degree Possession", "Shalom Elysium" and "Blessed Ritual Suicide". Some lyrics will deal about biblical events like the exodus, the ark of the covenant.
We just did one live show last year at the famous Stonehenge festival. I have no further plans for new shows because lack of time. 

How many guest famous musicians have been on Temple’s debut? Please tell us about lyrical conceptualism of Temple also!
 - There are just some small vocal parts by guests on the album, like Stephan from Hail of Bullets and Marloes of Izegrim. "Structures in Chaos" has no real concept but the lyrics are dark and vague, the way I like them. They talk about other lives in other worlds! I agree that I maybe used a bit too much vocalists. On the next album only Marloes will do some guest vocal parts. 

As far as I know, with Bob Bagchus (Soulburn/Grand Supreme Blood Court, ex-Asphyx) you had a death/doom band in ’90-s, called Throne. Please share with readers some information about that horde! Do you have any plans to release in the future Throne-demos? (it would be awesome!)
- Ages ago I used to play in the Dutch Doom/Death metal band BEYOND BELIEF. I was already a friend of Bob, we both wanted to do a project in the Messiah, Hellhammer, Slaughter style, so we wrote some tracks and recorded a rehearsal tape, which was received well in the underground, tape-traders scene, Bob and I where both intense tape-traders with people all over the world. Soon after the rehearsal tape we recorded the 4-track recording tape,“The Ultimate Blasphemy”.
The tape contains some real old school black metal. Maybe one day we’ll release the recording on CD. We have some far future plans to do something like Throne again!

You are playing in another awesome Dutch death/doom band, Extreme Cold Winter, with a lot of great Dutch musicians. Tell to the readers, please, all the important things about this horde!
- There’s just the three of us, Seth from Severe Torture on drums and Pim Blankenstein of Officium Triste on vocals and me on guitars and all the songwriting., this is also just an recording project. We recorded a 4 track MCD “Paradise Ends Here”, but it takes too long to being released, Ossuary Industries from the Texas area will release it soon I hope. The next, full length album is almost completely written, can’t wait to do the recordings.

Which Dutch hordes can you recommend to the readers?
- We do have a lot of Death Metal bands around here, in my area there is Apophys, a great new band with some well-known members. Also watch out for Neo Ceasar, a new band with old Sinister members, and there's Dictated,  they just released their album "The Deceived" through Metal Blade.

Do You have any hobbies? What are your favourite books and movies? 
- The Bible! Which I studied and still do, for over decades, it's like an organic book, there's still new things to discover.In the past I used to read/practiced lots of occult stuff but I stepped out of that because the dangers which comes with it. I truly experienced the horrors of the dark side. Further I don't have much hobbies, I think writing music takes most of the time. Besides that I'll try to tour as much as possible, mostly as a driver/roadie. Did tours with Origin, Psycroptic, The Monolith Deathcult. Next tour will be with Funerus from US through Europe. Well, be touring also in Hungary, so hit me up if you can! I don't watch movies that much but to mention one it sure will be Gladiator!

What are your all time favourite albums? 
- Messiah-Hymn to Abra Melin, Extreme Cold Weather, Asphyx - The Rack, Dissection-Storm of the Lights Bane, Reinkaos, Morbid Angel-Gateway's to Annihilation.

What is Your opinion about social networks and about downloads? 
- Well, I don't like social networks at all but it can be useful, I'm not a person, who's online constantly but most of my contacts go through these social networks. Even I don't use social networking a lot, I only use this facebook net, which helped me a lot with organizing options in the music scene. I rather keep staying in the shadows. I have no problems with people who download the music, there's still a lot of people buying CD-s and lately vinyl, which is a good movement.

Official facebook pages:

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Gunther Theys

Interview with Gunther Theys
(Ancient Rites, Lion's Pride, Iron Clad)

Georgius: Ave Guntherius Rex! As You told us in early days of July on a social network, while the world (including the police) was busy watching the World Cup you took the throne in Gent. Would You be so kind to tell your experiences about that trip? As a king or emperor, what will be your first rules and orders?
- Ave Georgius J Ever since my childhood I loved travelling to historical places and in July I decided to take a city trip to the medieval city of Ghent. This was happening during the World Cup which seemed to have the world in its grip so there were only a few tourists on historical sites which was fine by me, I prefer to discover ancient worlds in tranquillity. Even the police were glued to the screen. I went into the medieval Gravensteen castle and sat on the throne there as a joke and posted a picture of it on facebook thinking if someone takes over the throne now no one will notice since everyone’s too busy wearing wigs, getting drunk, watching games ;-) I wouldn’t last long as a ruler because my soul is too ancient haha. I would glorify ancestral traditions and culture and since I have no heart for the modern games of world politics and its greedy scheming or corrupted intrigues my reign would not last very long. I wouldn’t fit in. I would strive for harmony between all ancient European lands on an equal basis of mutual respect preserving our ancient cultures, a collaboration of the heart and soul without brother wars/conflicts/exploitation, the dream of an ancient idealistic ruler which would make me not fit for the game of politics. In my Imperial Court each country would be represented and each identity preserved and mutually protected. Ancient Europa in a unity how it never existed. Unfortunately reality (and human nature) is different ;-)    

Paul (United Sates) : Are there any new albums in the works for both Ancient Rites and Lion's Pride?
- Lion’s Pride has released a new album now entitled “Vlaanderen”. It is a double cd/dvd containing new and old tracks and video clips. The release had to deal with many problems over the years. There were line up changes just before entering studio. Discussions about the artwork as our label wasn’t impressed with our choice and we didn’t like their choice so the artwork had to be done all over again. When everything was finished the label had the album printed abroad and a few copies had reached us but then we received the news that the authorities had confiscated all the material at the printer, including our albums. We don’t know what the reason was for this: financial trouble or censorship? Our album did not contain any forbidden elements though but fact remains the authorities did not release our confiscated albums. Meanwhile another label contacted our label and proposed to re-release the album again. Since a few weeks now the album is finally available to the public. As for Ancient Rites, we have have been working hard on the pre-production of a new album and will enter the German SPACELAB studio’s in October. 

Paul: I know you've been dealing with health issues as of late, though I am curious if Ancient Rites will be touring again or simply playing gigs at home?
- True, I have been in and out of hospital many times these past years, had to face several operations and am fighting chronic conditions. But my spirit always has been unbroken, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In other words: I will play anywhere when the album is released. I wasn’t supposed to fly to the USA where Ancient Rites were scheduled on a festival just after I had been operated and the wound had to be cleaned every day by professionals but I went anyway. I went to a hospital there once to get the job done. In Holland I appeared on a festival after a kidney surgery with the tubes still inside my body but I did the gig. Only when being in intensive care I would cancel a gig J

Paul: I've always classified Ancient Rites as 'Early Black Metal / Late Extreme Metal', though I've seen Ancient Rites placed in the 'Viking Metal', 'Death Metal', and once in the 'Epic Metal' genres. In what genre would you place Ancient Rites?
- I think it is difficult to label our style because we always tried to achieve an own identity which comes in a natural way. Personally I grew up with different styles but I never wanted to sound like a certain band I liked. Probably there are elements of different Metal genres within our style plus we sound different on each album but still the style is recognisable as Ancient Rites. Our audience is rather mixed one could say but one has to keep in mind this is how things were in the 80’s when we started. I was listening Punkrock, NWOBHM and Hardrock in the 70’s, meaning I never limited my collection to one style. I can understand why people of different sub genres consider us a band in their style and that is fine of course but we do not sound like a typical band in a certain genre, never did. Labels find bands like us difficult to sell I think, we have been asked by interested specialized labels to play more like this or that in order to get a contract but I always refused to play that game of hypes/trends and being dictated by labels or managers. It is more rewarding to do your own thing anyway instead of running behind trends. Ancient Rites was founded in the 80’s when certain newer subgenres didn’t even exist or were labelled as such and from that point of view we are not a hype type of band, we do re-invent our sound with each album but one can tell our musical roots are more ancient. Our following is a rather loyal one because of the fact we always had an own identity and I have no problem with the different labels people use to describe us as long as we can’t be compared to anyone else that is fine by me J.   

Barbara (Northern Ireland): What I would would like to know is did you study art at school or is this an natural ability of yours as your drawings are excellent? ( and of course witty )
- Thank you Barbara. I have been drawing all my life. People who know me from my school days remember me as someone into art and often ask if I am still drawing/painting, usually they don’t even know about my bands. I only started being a musician in my early teens so earlier contacts connect me to my first practiced passion, not music. Later when Ancient Rites became known people didn’t know about the other side of me. Those always inform about my work as a musician when running into them, never about my earlier life. However I made the first demo cover, created the drawing for the “Dark Ritual” vinyl picture disc and made the lay out for the 2 versions of the “Evil Prevails” ep and the “First Decade” compilation cd. For years my passion for drawing and painting was in the shadow of my music “career” but these past years I took up pen and pencil again. In the 80’s I had a job designing/drawing prints for chain stores but I also still worked free-lance designing for Metal/Punk underground shops. I went to art school but I already started drawing in kindergarten, I remember my teacher saying “Did you do that?”  So the technics I use are mostly self-taught. I did create a few graphic novels in the 80’s from comical to realistic style. They always had a dark touch though. Only recently I started creating short gags which I post on my FB profile (short gags consisting of only a few strips or 1 drawing suit better to the FB concept), in the past I only made long full length stories. But I still experiment with different styles. I always loved graphic novels, even before I could read for hours I was “reading” them trying to understand the stories by the pictures. This country has a strong tradition in graphic novels, I was not influenced by American comics and the typical superhero concept, I always preferred a different approach. Heroes of flesh and blood and even anti-heroes. With all my respect but my personal influences are the European, graphic novels I grew up with. Still I go for an own style of course. I am very critical when it comes to my own work. I plan to release a compilation book containing different drawings, short stories, gags, sketches. And plan a full length story again but I still must decide in which style, comic, semi realistic or full realism. I love working in different styles. I will let fate decide :)         

Ingv (Norway): What was the last book you’ve read? Recommend us please a book, what you wish that people can enjoy to read!
- Ah books! Another passion of mine, Ingv. The last books I have been reading are historical ones. I have a rather big collection. I love reading ancient authors like Herodotes, Plato, Tacitus, Aurelius, Seneca who often offer an interesting insight of the era they lived in. Every now and then I read fiction but usually based on historical events. Authors like Steven Pressfield (“Gates of Fire” is a masterpiece), Iain Pearse (“The Dream of Scipio” is brilliant) or Steven Saylor know how to re-create the vibe and mentality of long forgotten times and they know the historical background on which they set their epic novels very well. The last one I read must have been “A instance of the Fingerpost” by Iain Pearse. Great captivating work. At the moment I am reading diaries of soldiers of my region who had to serve in Napoleons cavalry after France had conquered our lands. Fascinating! That is why I usually read historical (non fiction) works written by eye witnesses or people who lived and experienced a certain era. One grasps the mentality of that age better and often is surprised by both the differences and similarities with our world. I also have a few authentic medieval parchments, maps and books in my collection, it is fantastic that these documents survived the centuries and have reached me in this modern times, like testimonies of the past. Some contain handwriting (by quill) of the medieval owners or even artwork. This often makes me curious about the persons who lived all those centuries ago and to whom the books belonged to before they found their way to my library. One can’t get closer to history than that (apart from visiting ancient/medieval sites of course). I am happy to have a 16th century Latin-Greek dictionary in my possession written by Nicholas Cleynaerts who was a language professor at the universities of Leuven (Flanders), Paris and who taught in Spain and Portugal. He also worked for the relatives of Columbus to compile their library. He even risked his life to travel to North Africa short after the Spanish Reconquista to search for ancient Greek documents in Arabia. He had to flee from there as his life was endangered him being a Christian in a hostile Muslim world. He knew Arabic and the Koran and his life was not safe as he didn’t convert to their religion but also the Spanish Inquisition was negative towards him because he gathered ancient non Christian works. Also a slave trader living in Morocco who wanted him out of his way (Cleynaerts had saved European slaves) had spread rumours in Spain Cleynaerts was a bad Christian working against Spanish interests which actually was a lie. His love for literature made his position impossible in both worlds. Nice personal detail is that the man was from my hometown. He disappeared in the Alhambra in Spain after his return from Arabia. No one knows how he died, his letters just stopped. His original goal was to become the main priest in the medieval Begijnhof abbey where I live but his adventurous soul and passion for the written word made him a world traveller. I received one of his books as a present from a friend who studied at Oxford who found it in an antiquity shop somewhere in Italy I believe. I also have an arty handwritten parchment of a Flemish medieval monk in my collection, the lettering this man did was pure art with precious paint. I love treasures like that, they belong in a museum actually…   

Sierra (The Netherlands): Have you ever thought about writing and publishing a book yourself? And what would the subject be? 
- I did write a few short novels. One was about “De Bokkerijders” (Buck Riders) for instance. They were a secret organisation in the 18th century and flirted with the occult. They operated like military units and raided churches and rich farms. The name refers to the Devil and people believed they did ride the sky on the back of the Devil in Goat shape to spread evil. This phenomenon was a typical Lowlands one in certain provinces of Flanders, Holland and Germany. There have been mass executions, no mercy when they got caught. Several historians claim there was more to it because some members were respected individuals in society like surgeons etc. Why would they risk death for the often poor loot and why they connected matters with Goat Worship and rituals of sacrilege in chapels and churches. Members had to spit on the cross or soaked the holy bread taken from churches in pigs blood during their initiation rituals or performed a mass backwards in mockery. Some consider it a movement against the ancient regime in which the clergy held the power. Many questions remain unanswered, most were executed after torture. Leaders like doctor Kirchhoffs (who held the rank of Captain in this secret organisation) did not reveal anything after days of torture. Interesting detail is that while studying the phenomenon I discovered some of my ancestors were involved from documents written down by the authorities and church at that time. The reason I am certain ancestors were involved is because of the location, the family name but also the nick name our clan always has been given in those villages. I read in the diary of a priest who was responsible of the perish in Tessenderlo (where my family always have been strongly represented) “someone of the Theys clan escaped from prison at night”. In another document written by the authorities in another village I read “We don’t know the real name of the Boon Clan but one is suspected to have founded a first generation group of ‘Bokkerijders’” (several generations of Bokkerijders have been active in the 18th century). I presume the one escaping from prison migrated to another village. The authorities did not know that the Boon name was a nickname for our Theys clan and lost trace because of the name confusion. In certain novels the name Theys appears in Bokkerijder legends, even in a graphic novel series called Suske & Wiske. I was about five and my father read the story to me. “The captain of the group has the same name as we do” I noticed. “Yes” he grinned. When he was still a kid in his village Tessenderlo he was asked to join the local church choir as he could sing very well, until the pastor found out my father belonged to the Theys/Boon clan, he was no longer welcome  On a regular basis I post blogs. The topics I write are often historical but sometimes I also reflect on situations I personally experienced, situations I encountered. I always have been an observer. Publishing a book would be great. Who knows I should write down the story of Ancient Rites because the things we came across on the road, or the boycotts and troubles would make an interesting adventurous read :)                                                                   

Sierra: If you could talk to anybody (dead or alive or myth) who would that be & what would you ask him? 
- That is an interesting but difficult question. Since I am so much fascinated by history there are many characters I would like to catch a glimpse of or even have a conversation with. Of course myths grow stronger throughout the centuries and one cannot forget these grand characters in history were also human and made of flesh and blood with their defaults. Perhaps meeting certain “legends” could be a disappointment. If I could simply take a walk in my hometown centuries ago, like a silent observer, I would be already very grateful. Imagine. Anyway, I would have loved to share a beer with a local writer named Ernest Claes who died a few years after my birth. He captured the people, traditions and the region I live in with so much detail, humour and tragedy it feels like if one knows the soul of the writer by just reading his work. He also expressed a certain melancholy about the lost world he knew during his youth at the end of the 19th century. Some things he write about I still recognize, others are gone forever so I feel that melancholy he describes very well. To be honest I think a modern person wouldn’t last long when travelling to the past. The deeper back in history the more difficult. I suspect we would get ill from the food or drinks or environment with our body system not being used to the lack of hygiene, not as resistant to the bacteria as the authentic population would be who grew up in that environment, who are the children of their times. Also the mentality was completely different, one would immediately recognize by our mannerisms we do not really belong, let alone if we start having a conversations. Not only from a linguistic point of view. Certain rules or laws one would break without realizing it. Only certain classes were allowed to wear certain colours for instance. Often medieval characters in Hollywood films wear green, in reality during a certain era green was reserved only for jesters and the insane. Or if one practiced certain professions which were considered too low one wasn’t welcome in public places, one could get a drink in a glass without a foot while standing up at the doorway (so one would not be able to put the glass down or sit and stay longer). There were cast systems too, those who did the profession of cleaning up sick or died stock (cows, sheep etc) could only marry with people belonging to families of their own profession and had to wear a certain colour of clothes or typical hats so society would recognize them instantly. Same for public executioners. They usually lived somewhat outside of society and were not welcome to marry outside of their “job”. So many “unwritten” laws we would break without realizing it. Let me give you another example of a strange law right in my hometown centuries ago: I read in a medieval document that pubs and taverns in certain streets in my hometown Diest were forbidden for people from Diest (!) because those streets were not considered officially as a part of the town and the pubs didn’t pay taxes to the Diest authorities. At one point Diest authorities burned down the mills who provided the ingredients for the taverns and pubs in those streets. It would be considered a crime like avoiding taxes, bordering betrayal if Diest people consumed outside of the city centre which is only a few streets away! Also peculiar is that these streets had public places with red lanterns indicating they were brothels, it wasn’t considered correct to hang around there. So imagine I travel back in time and simply enter one of those pubs, believing I am having a drink in my hometown, I could get arrested by the authorities simply for that. There was a public bath house in Diest centre. I would go and freshen up there but people would consider it a sign of walking the wrong path of life as the bath houses had a reputation like whore houses. So one would believe to be leaving a good impression smelling nice but people would consider you a dirty character without values :) Or imagine in a conversation the people voice their naïve prejudice and superstitions. If one doesn’t agree one would end up on the pyre before knowing it. But yes, I’d still LOVE to travel back in time despite the dangers. But the world was a smaller place and outsiders would immediately be watched and considered suspicious and if we 21st century visitors would open our mouths we’d better watch what we would be saying :) Fascinating though!     

Sierra: What is your fondest memory related to Ancient Rites? 
- The worldwide trips, the interaction with the supportive crowds. The adventures, good and bad on the road. Believe me, they are many. The experiences would make a great book with larger than life stories. Whenever I get the chance I travel earlier or stay longer to discover more of the place we played visiting museums, tasting of the local culture and traditions, diving into history…But during the tour that is often impossible because one has to deal with travel and concert schedules. But I always liked the different aspects of being on the road, not only band related.

Georgius: You and Jon Nödtveidt are both my Eternal Inspirations. Would You be so  kind to share with the readers some interesting story about your common shows with Dissection from 1995?
- Thank you Georgius. Oh we got along perfectly well. I remember touring England together, sleeping on floors in sleeping bags. Jon was a friendly, quiet chap. I remember him taking a place next to my father on the floor and our guitarist Bart jokingly dragging Jon around in his sleeping bag “That is my place, I sleep next to the band father”, all laughing :) Great times.   

Georgius: When and where did you meet your band mate, Erik Sprooten first time? What do you think about his previous band Inquisitor? (I’m very glad, that Inquisitor-stuff will be re-released this year). And what’s your opinion about Erik’s hard rock cover-band, Plusminus? 
- I think we first met when we played a concert together somewhere in Holland. I appreciated his band and always thought Erik was a great guitarist. I’m glad for him the Inquisitor stuff will be re-released. I am sure he enjoys the gigs with Plusminus, we both share a love for 70’s Hardrock. When guitarist Bart decided to leave the band shortly before a European headline tour (he was tired of the corrupt music industry at that time and had a job he wanted to concentrated on) Erik was one of the first I called up to save the tour. He agreed and did half of the tour, Mike of Pentacle (Holland) did the other half and also Michael from Swedish Luciferion did a show with us. Later Erik called me up and said he was interested in joining Ancient Rites permanently because although he completely believed in Inquisitor he felt that not everyone had the same dedication. The rest is history. He’s a great lad. Also private we get along perfectly. I founded a cultural/historical hiking/travel Bond named “Leeuwerik (The Lark)/Lagoz”. He’s a member of that too so we regularly meet during trips or meetings this group.   

Georgius: As far as I know, Ancient Rites didn’t play so far in Hungary and Ukraine unfortunately. What do You know about Hungarian/Magyar and Ukranian underground and historical persons/events? 
- Magyar history is fascinating. There also was the period of the Austrian/Hungarian Empire which had quite an impact on European history. And who doesn’t know Erzsébet Báthory. The band Tormentor I always appreciated. Also the Ukrainian history is fascinating and quite intense/dramatic. To this very day actually. And perhaps you know the band Castrum? Check them out ;-) 

Sorin (Romania): Is there any Ancient Rites album that during its recordings you had not a good time or there was a bad relationship between the members?
- The early recordings were the most fun. For several reasons the most spontaneous and relaxing although of course we were very focused for the best possible result. As time progressed both our music and the dynamics in the band became more complex. You know, the inevitable line up changes bringing in talented musicians who weren’t necessarily friends. It became harder work on all fronts. Professionally and musically rewarding but also tensions increasing, higher levels to maintain, more pressure from the outside and inside. Of course the result is what counts. The plug in and play days are over. We always wanted the recordings to sound tight and correct but nowadays the musical level is higher so that is a natural evolution, it is harder work. There is bad blood between certain former members. Tensions on tour, in studio. Not easy. To be honest it isn’t particularly easy playing in a band, especially a band like ours that exists such a long time with several line up changes. Too much dealing with egos and clashing views all the time. Tiring. It’s often a bit like living on a time bomb. And starting from scratch again, over and over again. Usually it is most difficult with newcomers who often bring very different ideas and views and who believe their way is the path to take. They often don’t comprehend the dynamics or essence and see the band as a stepping stone or platform for their own trip or simply their views of how to work or the goals are very different. They don’t share the history from scratch. Those are typical problems of a band that has been around for such a long time as we are, the inevitable line up changes and complications. We had line ups where the magic was there musically but on a personal level we had little in common. But one concentrates on the work until collaboration becomes impossible. When I was a young music fan I often wondered why great bands split and threw away their “musical magic” but it becomes clear the moment you start playing in bands yourself :)                 

 Sorin: What bands from the new generation can you recommend?
- I must confess I mostly listen old school pioneering bands dating back to the 70’s/80’s and 90’s. Of the newer generation I appreciated the albums of Thy Repentance from Russia and Hordak from Spain. But one can hardly call them new bands. Of course interesting bands are of all times but sometimes I have a feeling the pioneering bands all had an own identity even when playing in a similar genre, they all differed a lot from each other. Perhaps nostalgia is playing tricks with my mind but that is an impression I often get. In the end one often plays the albums of bands that made an impression during one’s younger years when things were inventive and new. 

Georgius: Dank je wel, Guntherius and create please for the readers a fake history a la Gunther and send your message to your fans of Transcarpathian land!
- A long time ago a child was being born in a stable. He became known as Jesus of Nazareth. Over 2000 years later a professor invented a time machine. That professor had a dangerous crazy cousin who was fanatic about Black Metal who saw everything in the light of music, knowing nothing about history. The guy travelled back in time and crucified Jesus of Nazareth. “Why did you do that” the professor asked. The kid answered I “Unfortunately I only found one of the Nazareth members, Jesus or something! I never liked their hit “Love Hurts”!” now he had to pay the price! True story! ;-) Thanks for this conversation Georgius my friend, my best regards to all the interviewers for their interesting questions and my best regards to all those in the Transcarpathian Ancient Lands who stood by us throughout the years. Ancient Europa in our Hearts, hail the Ancient Hordes.  

(Interview has done by Georgius, Sierra (The Netherlands), Barbara (Northern Ireland), 
Ingv (Norway), Paul (United States), Sorin (Romania)

Official Ancient Rites page on facebook:

a conversation with Gunther on Sadistik Witchfukk webzine (1st of March, 2013):

Ave prospective Pope Guntherius I.! I know you've removed this request but if You would be elected, which will be your first orders in Vatican?
- Haha imagine: Pope Guntherius I.  My first request would be rather selfish. To open the Vatican library and enter the section with ancient “forbidden” books. I would gather scholars who have a great knowledge of ancient Greek and Latin and other old tongues for translation and dive into the hidden treasures. Probably this would immediately lead to discussions within the Vatican to replace me as this interest would reveal I am not the Pope they had in mind. Perhaps I should play it more clever and less obvious in order to win enough time in the library ;-)  

We hope You will record a new Ancient Rites album as soon as possible and crush the European scenes. Please tell us about your future plans!
- We are working on new material and matters are progressing. We did receive interesting offers from record companies but it is too soon to tell when or on which label the new record will be released or where it will be recorded…The music industry has changed a lot over the past years, studio budgets are limited as cd sales are crashing due to downloading. I have no problem with people downloading but reality is that labels do not dare to take risks anymore with underground bands. Also I am rather old school, I still prefer to hold the original album in my hands but in general the mentality has changed. Bands finance themselves mostly by selling shirts nowadays and many pay for the own recordings etc We will see what the future will bring,  as soon as we have enough material to record a new album we will look deeper into the matter… 

Back in time a little bit. You played during the late 70’s-early ’80’s in a lot of bands, would you be so kind shortly to share some info about that period? 
- In the late 70’s I formed a Punk band named Addix in which I did vocals and bass. Our style was ’77 style Punk-rock but lyrically we differed from most bands in the style as the lyrics I wrote were misanthropic. In the early 80’s I played bass for bands such as Subversion (Discharge style) and Capital Scum (old school Hardcore). I formed my first Metal band in the early 80’s. Style was Black Metal with Speed/Thrash influences. We had names such as Necrophilia but it was impossible to find gigs or a decent line up. The style was not as “popular” as it is nowadays. Mid 80’s I joined a band named Nuclear Domination (Crossover) until I formed Ancient Rites around 1988. The rest is history…When I look back it is strange to see that several of the musicians I worked with died very young due to car accidents or suicide. Tragic. Also two of the founding Ancient Rites members died soon after the release of our debut demo “Dark Ritual”…I was looking at a picture of the 2nd A.R. gig recently and I realized I am on the photo surrounded with “dead” people: two band members but also an old friend of mine, a first hour fan who was in front of the stage on that photo. It is strange…Life can be hard. Past two weeks two friends of mine died, one had a heart attack, another one a brain stroke. I have been in and out of hospital myself a lot recently, operations and such but somehow I always pull through. I try to enjoy every minute on this earth, no time to sit down and complain or feel sorry for oneself.  

As for me Ancient Rites is a very unique band and to be honest you inspired me to write historical lyrics for my first band, Castrum and later to Domhring. Where do you take historical themes from? What is Your favourite historical era and why? What is your much-loved Ancient Rites album and song?
- Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated :) I take my inspiration from historical literature, travels to historical locations, museums etc. My first love as a child were the Ancient times. Ancient Rome, Gallia, Germania etc and World War II. I also developed an interest for the middle-ages as a kid. As time passed by my interests grew wider and wider. At this moment for instance I am reading about the Nordic Renaissance in the Lowlands and explore the 16th century writings of Erasmus, Pieter Gillis, Nicolas Cleynardus (who was born in my hometown, I have an authentic 16th century work of this scholar in my collection). But I “cross read”, at the same time I’m studying about the American Civil War, dive into eye witness accounts of World War I, read diaries of Flemish soldiers serving in Napoleon’s cavalry, Stanley exploring the Congo etc. The Victorian era I find fascinating but also prehistoric times or ancient cults or philosophy, also explorers from the Viking age to the Portuguese/Spanish conquistadors etc My interests are very wide, I love to “jump” from century to century, endless worlds to be discovered constantly… I have no particular fave A.R. album or song because they all are like my children to me :)   

What bands influenced you during the Ancient Rites era?
- We weren’t influenced by any particular bands because we felt it was/is important to achieve an own identity. This happened in a natural way actually because keep in mind we listened to old Hard rock, lived the birth of NWOBHM, saw the beginning of Black Metal, the rise of Thrash, Doom, Speed Metal etc . I think we were subconsciously influenced by several genres we had experienced over the years and tried to do our own thing which resulted in an own identity… 

We all know in 1998 you went into a musical direction. Why did you decided to do that? Were you "bored" of traditional black metal?
- Not at all. We never sat down to plan our sound, it was a natural evolution of musical progress without looking down on the tradition. Also we started working with classical and progressive musicians who produced our albums. In order to create an epic feel fitting to the often historical concept of the lyrics we felt it was an interesting move to experiment with classical music, to achieve a “filmic” atmosphere without however betraying the essence of our sound. Personally I would like to record another “primitive” album too. The “essence” of A.R. remains the same, we don’t mind using different “dialects” of the style. When one thinks of it: each A.R. release sounds different, still each release undeniably sounds like Ancient Rites.

You played/play also in bands Iron Clad and Lion’s Pride. Do you have any plans to release new albums with them in the near future?
- Only a few days ago the new Lion’s Pride release reached my address. The first prints for the band members. It was a long wait. Soon it  will be on the market. It is a double release containing old and brand new tracks on CD and a bonus DVD with old and new clips. It is a nice luxury edition with gatefold cover and booklet.  As far as Iron Clad is concerned there are no plans for a new album.  

Ancient Rites gave a lot of concerts in Europe through the years. Share us, please, some funny story!
- Too many stories to tell J. Ok one story: we toured England with At The Gates but got ripped off by the tour promoter who didn’t pay the tour bus agency. The label of At The Gates promised the tour agency to pay for the transport home of their band but our label didn’t help. We were kicked out of the bus and stranded in England with all our equipment in the middle of winter. We hide from the cold in telephone cells and with our last money we called the London promoter. He paid a train ticket and we travelled to London with only our guitars to play concerts to earn money to get back home again J. Later we had to return to England to retrieve our equipment, clothes and merchandise. A part of our merchandise was stolen. Hard times but I had a lot of laughs, I always keep a positive spirit even in the most difficult times, always helped me to survive…It was hilarious, we started the tour as a big rock band in a very luxury tour bus and returned like beggars who had to sleep in telephone cells without money for food. Lol!

I’m always fascinated when I read your posts about history on the popular social network. How many books do you have in your own collection? Which writers/poets (Flemish too) do you prefer?
- I have been collecting books since my childhood so one can imagine my library is rather big. On top I also collect graphical novels. I lack room. I do not know how many books I have in my collection to be honest. When a topic catches my interest I go to my library and find works on the matter, often books I don’t remember buying. As a collector I buy works that catch my interest but I wait the right moment to read them. I love reading ancient historians and philosophers such as Herodotus, Tacitus, Plutargos, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Julianus Apostata etc. Also theologists of the Renaissance era such as Erasmus, Pieter Gillis,Thomas More, Machiavelli. Writers such as Nietschze, Lord Byron, Ernst Jünger, Ernest Claes I find inspiring as well. Modern historical novelists such as Steven Pressfield, Ian Pears, Umberto Eco, Gore Vidal, Steven Saylor, Joris Tulkens know how to revive past times in an excellent way. The list is endless. As I speak I hear my library calling my name. It’s an addiction my friend…I often find myself alone in this passion, people often say I don’t live this modern age enough, perhaps they are right but I always had this passion for anything historical even before I could read.     

As I’ve noticed you are an admirer of movies too. Are you not angry when do you see in many so-called historical films a lot of non-sensical things? (as unsuitable clothes, weapons, dates etc.) Could You please name 5 of your favorite movies?

- Yes, many Hollywood productions annoy me, especially when they are presented as historical correct and are too far away from historical truth. I realize the masses don’t care for “detail” but Hollywood has large budgets, it wouldn’t harm to at least take in consideration correct dates, the right historical backgrounds, clothes, architecture etc…I saw a “historical” film recently, set in medieval times. Some of the background figures were dressed up and painted like Celts, some of the extras were shouting curses in Polish language while it were supposed to be  English soldiers. In another movie Romans enter the lands of current Scotland and one sees a lady dressed in medieval clothing as if she’s a character from “Braveheart”! Things like this disturb me. As if historical correctness is sacrificed to feed the cliché views of the masses. I still watch and enjoy some of the so called historical films to an extent but there are always those disturbing “details”. Remember how in “Kingdom of Heaven” Saladin puts the cross right on the table as a sign of respect after he has won the war? In reality he had a supposed piece of the holy cross dragged through the streets of Jerusalem for the crowds to desecrate the symbol. Why is history re-written I often wonder? Most cinema viewers will take the misinformation for reality. I think I expect more than just entertainment and that is my “curse”. Productions I did enjoy were the series “Rome” and “The Borgias”. I know there are historical mistakes and liberties taken but the “vibes” of the series are  correct with an eye for the culture, religion and architecture of the eras portrayed. Movies in other genres I love are “M”, “The Third Man”, “The Name of the Rose”, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, “The Bunker”, “Exorcist”, “The Shining”, “The Birds”, “Citizen Kane”, “Nosferatu”, “Dog Soldiers” to name a few…

Could you tell us about your nice Flemish land in short? What places/museums do you recommend to visit to the readers? Which painters/sculptors do you like mostly?
- Flanders is the North, Flemish (Dutch) speaking part of current Belgium. There are many historical locations to visit. Brugge (Bruges) is a nice place to start. I recall American tourists who asked what time the theme park would be closed, they believed the city was a medieval museum J But also Ghent and Antwerp or Leuven are nice places to visit. Even my hometown Diest is as it already was a settlement in prehistoric times. There are many medieval buildings and remains here. Those interested in ancient history should visit Tongeren, it was a big Roman settlement in ancient times and the Gallo-Roman museum is quite interesting. Flemish painters I like are Pieter Breughel, Rubens, Adriaen Brouwer, Teniers…Some Belgian surrealists were not bad either like Delvaux, Magritte. 

Introduce please the Flemish culinary art: which foods and drinks are your recommendations?
- Typical are the fries and mussels. We consume large amounts haha. Also typical are “Witloof” and Brussels Sprouts. And of course we have an enormous beer culture, almost every village has its own types, brands and recipes of beer dating back to medieval times. I do like the abbey beers brewed by monks since the middle-ages. Some of our beers carry interesting names such as Duvel, Lucifer, Satan etc.   

What do you think about such bands as Blasphemy, Beherit, Darkthrone, Mutilator, Vulcano, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Varathron, Salem? What kind of music do you listen to nowadays generally? Are you into such stuff nowadays?
- Great bands. Most I know personally due to the intense merchandise trading/letters exchange and shared underground concerts in the early 90’s. I still listen to the same music I always listened, from classical music to noise, when the music is able to touch a string inside of me I am interested. Be it Wagner or Beherit, Triarii or Ennio Morricone…

You also played two shows in Romania with Necrodeath. What do you remember about our country?
- We toured Romania and played smaller towns as well apart from these 2 dates you mentioned. I met many great people at our shows and I really enjoyed the epic landscapes while travelling through the country. I remember playing a small village and everyone turned up, even people who were not into Metal. Our music has Folk parts and the locals started a group dance so I jumped from the stage and joined in. Nice memories. Highlight for me were the historical locations we visited, castles linked to the history of Vlad Tepes and such. It felt like wandering around on a perfect film-set: full moon, Carpathian mountains and forests, wild rivers and castles in a gloomy architecture style. One can understand the vampire myths when being there, very gloomy and full of atmosphere.    

Dank je wel! Create, please for the readers of Sadistik Witchfukk a fake history by Gunther and send a message to the fans of Ancient Rites from our land.
- Graag gedaan :) 
A fake history? Ok ;-) Vlad Tepes was feared by his servants. One day he had enjoyed a nice meal but was annoyed by the meat stuck between his teeth. He ordered “tooth picks as sharp one could impale Ottoman invaders”. His servant was hard of hearing, took it literally and the next morning Vlad saw a field of defeated Ottoman armies impaled on huge tooth picks! “Not what I asked for but I can live with this” he said and impaled the servant too ;-) 
Ok, enough nonsense. Thanks to all who supported our work in your beautiful ancient land. Ancient Rites Troopers Never Surrender!

Ancient Rites official: facebook.com/ancientrites 

Additional fake story: "Once upon a time, when owls still could speak, a poor simple man named George went to consult a powerful witch who lived in the Hungarian forest. Rumour had it she was related to Countess Bathory. "I feel miserable" he explained to her. "I have a lot of work but can't concentrate when I have several jobs to do. And I'm always ripped off by my customers, never have the heart to bargain hard. My wife dominates me and her mood changes drive me even more crazy. Don't you have an elixir that can help me with these matters?" The Witch named Pruprunella (for no reason) made poor George drink a mysterious elixir which contained unknown things and lots of chocolate. George felt a certain change. Then he broke into a panic as he was bleeding! "No worries Love" Pruprunella said "That's only your period. Want to join our Witches Coven, Georgette?"


Erwin Harreman

Interview with Erwin Harreman 
(Bleeding Gods, Supreme Pain)

Hail Erwin, I hope You are doing well! Tell us firstly, how did you get introduced into metal?  What was your first band?
- Hey, with me everything is cool. I got introduced in metal when I was around 9 or 10 years old with Kiss and Iron Maiden and later Metallica and Slayer. The first real band I played in was with a bunch of friends called Pesticide, I was the bass-player and vocalist and we did a couple of gigs and recorded a live tape. I think I was around 15 or 16 years old.  

You recorded 3 awesome death metal masterpieces, 3 full-length albums with Supreme Pain. What is the situation with Supreme Pain nowadays? Do you have some new tracks or any plans for the future?
- Well, actually I recorded 4 CD's, I also recorded guitars for Fondlecorpse Creaturegore album. Thanx for the kind words about Supreme Pain. At the moment Supreme Pain is on hold because of several reasons. Eric de Windt is busy with Warfather at the moment and Aad is more focused on Sinister. But i am working on some new tracks which will be for a new project in the future. It will be for sure extreme blasting death metal with some epic parts in it. How long it will take before it see the light of day I don't know because I am still writing and I take my time for it to make it as good as possible.

You’ve enjoyed Dutch death/thrash/heavy horde, Bleeding Gods in 2012. Would you be so kind to share with us some infos about this alliance?
- Well, I heard that Ramon Ploeg (guitarist) was busy with creating a new band and I asked him if he needed a second guitarist and he said yes, so I joined Bleeding Gods. Very simple haha. At that time things with Supreme Pain were already a bit on hold so I had enough time haha. 

Bleeding Gods recorded an awesome promo-stuff, called ”Blood symphony” (4 tracks) early April, 2013. What we should know about this material?
- Well, we recorded all tracks in a weekend together with Willem who is also our live sound engineer. And the result is pretty ok. The four songs will also be on the first full length but then with a couple changes just because we changed some arrangements and some drum parts.

Bleeding Gods got signed by the Italian record label, Punishment 18 Records, had changes in line-up and will go to record first full-length album this year. Enlight the readers please these details!
- We sent the promo to a couple of labels and Punishment 18 was interested to release a full length and we got a good agreement.
We will enter The Soundlodge Studio from Jörg Uken in Germany in September to record the album. I know Jörg from the recordings of the last 2 Supreme Pain albums and it is great to work with him, he is a great producer who will create a great sound. And then somewhere in November the album will be released.
Yeah, we had some line-up changes. First Bart was replaced by Gea Mulder just because he didn't had enough time for Bleeding Gods. And the last change was with vocalist Arnold who is recently replaced by Mark Huisman. We had already some time problems with the attitude of Arnold and his lack of interest in the band, he didn't show up at rehearsals and also could not remember the lyrics and parts and so on, so we decided to kick him out and search for a new vocalist. We didn't want to take a risk with him just before the recordings. 
We had several options and Mark was just the best. He is a cool guy and very enthusiastic and also a great singer with a lot of ideas about vocal parts and lyric concepts. We all think he fits great in Bleeding Gods and the rehearsals we have with him tuned out great.

Bleeding Gods did some amazing live performances since 2012. Do you have some tours in plan for the near future after the recording of first full-length?
- Yeah we have already some gigs confirmed in the near future after the recordings and there are some plans for some short tours but nothing about the tours is confirmed yet. So I cannot tell you anything about it, but i hope things will turn out good to play some shows in Europe.

What was your first guitar and what model do you use nowadays?
- My first guitar was a Hohner flying V i bought when i was around 14 years old, i still have it. I also play on a ESP/LTD V. And at the moment i have an endorsement with SKG guitars (the guitars made by Henri Sattler from God Dethroned) he made a custom build SKG Stratus 6 model. And I am using this guitar for Bleeding Gods.

Your top 5 all-time favourite guitarists?
- Wow that is not easy because there are some many great guitarists but ok I will give you 5 guitarists I like a lot and who give me ideas.
- Chuck Schuldiner
- Terrence Hobbs/Guy Marchais because they are Suffocation!!
- Jeff Loomis
- Keith Merrow
- Joe Haley
Well, sorry I mentioned 6 just because Suffocation have 2 awesome guitarists hehe.

My Dutch friend, Serge is doing a hellish good job for promoting the Dutch brutal death/thrash/black metal scene with his page on a social network and if I’m not mistaken, your girlfriend, Mirjana is a member there also. Please, share Your thoughts about their activity!
- Well it just great that Serge started this Dutch brutal network to support the Dutch metal scene, not only the well known bands but every band from The Netherlands so that is very cool. Yeah Mirjana, my girlfriend is also part of this network together with Serge and some other people to post news about Dutch metal bands and musicians.

Do you have any hobbies apart music?
- Besides music my other hobby is Viking re-enactment and special the fighting part with weapons like swords, spears axes etc. You can compare it with the fencing sport it has some similar rules but also completely different.  I do this for more then 20 years and it just great, i have a lot of friends from all over the world.
So it is also similar to the metal music because I also have friends all over the world.

Dank je wel, Erwin! Your message to the readers of Archangel’s Lantern?
- Jij ook bedankt Georgius!! Thanx for the support, very cool !!! 
Well keep supporting the metal scene and I hope you all like Bleeding Gods debut full length and maybe we meet at some shows.

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