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Nocturnal Overlord

Interview with Nocturnal Overlord
(Nibiru, Heartworm, Necrochamber, 
Crimson Moon, Temple of the Dreaming Serpent, session bass player/backing vocals of Melechesh)
Questions compiled by Cornelius of Encomium 'zine and 
Georgius of Archangel's Lantern 

Ave brother, Nocturnal Overlord! You are very welcome in my anti-cosmic metal blog Archangel's Lantern. First of all, tell the readers, when and how did you join the underground movement? What were your very first hard rock/metal materials? Which metal-show you visited first time? What kind of experience do you achieved back then?

- Greetings and thank you for your interest and time! 
My father and uncle used to have vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and cassette tapes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, and others. I grew up in the 80's and listened to a lot of 80's pop and rock as well. But I was about 5-10 years too young for the 80's heavy metal movement. My first hard rock/metal cassettes I owned were probably Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, and Bon Jovi. First concert I ever saw was Metallica in 1992 in San Diego, California. The show they recorded for the Binge and Purge live release. It was a great experience and they played for maybe 3 hours. Very inspirational for me. 
Both my grandmothers used to own organs when I was a child. The old electric church organ type. So I started making music at a very young age. I used to be fascinated with pressing different combination of buttons, making my own sounds, and taught myself how to play. My father used to have an old nylon string classical guitar too. And I used to love to pick it up and pretend I knew what I was doing. Then when I was 12, my Jr. High School had a drum/percussion class that I took. There was two drum sets and some other percussion instruments and I really learned a lot about rhythms and timings. I enjoyed the raw energy and sounds from the drums a lot and always wanted to play them. But living in apartments all my life, it was really impossible to have my own drums and practice them. At the same time period, my neighbor got an electric guitar and I remember picking it up and somehow just started playing it. It just came naturally to me. So when I was 13, I bought my first guitar thanks to the help of my family. I used to come straight home from school every day and do nothing but play my guitar. It was all I did. I was always a kind of loner. I didn't care about school, girls, sports, or any of that stuff. I just wanted to play and make music. 

Which was your very first band back in the time? You are a multi-talented musician. Tell us, which musical instruments you can handle with ease and are able to play and what bands/musicians influenced you in the past as well as in our days?

- The first band I played in was in 1993 when I was 15 years old. We called ourselves Infested and played a darker kind of death metal. We used to rehearse almost every day. Then girls and drugs and typical teenager things came into the picture, and in 1994 Infested broke up and me and a couple of the other band members went on to form a new band, which eventually became Crimson Moon.  
These days I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and various percussion instruments. I also went to school for producing and recording music, and have been making recordings since 1994. I have a small recording studio and sometimes records other bands and do live sound for bands as well. And I also started my own record label/music distro in 1997. 
When I first heard Metallica's Master of Puppets, my life changed forever. The heaviness, speed, and intensity was new to me and I really liked it. Especially how they mixed acoustic guitars and melodies and solos with such crazy and aggressive music. That was probably the moment I decided I wanted to play the guitar. Then I get into other bands like Megadeth, Sepultura, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Kreator, etc. Eventually I heard Death's Spiritual Healing in 1990, and it was just so fast, heavy, and dark, and the vocals were like nothing else I'd ever heard before. I was hooked. Then I found Morbid Angel, Carcass, Napalm Death, Deicide, Immolation, Entombed, Carnage, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Nocturnus, and the rest was history. Around 1993-94 death metal started to kind of change and it all started to sound kind of the same to me. So I started to get more into black metal. I was always more attracted to the darker music. I heard the demos from Emperor, Gehenna, Gorgoroth, Zemial, Manes, Behemoth, Ancient, Carpathian Forest and bands like that. And when Osmose had their albums licensed in the US through JL America, I was introduced to bands like Immortal, Marduk, Beherit, Necromantia, Impaled Nazarene, Thone of Ahaz, and all those early 90s classics. I also enjoy a lot of atmospheric and ambient music as well as some classical, dark wave, and other genres. These days, I would say some of my top favorite bands include, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Rush, Dead Can Dance, and Devil Doll. 

List us all the instruments you own. I've noticed the B.C. Rich bass and some custom Moser guitars as well. Pick out your beloved ones and talk a little bit about them too. How and when did you become an endorser of the Moser Custom Shop guitars?

- I own various guitars and basses, a drum set, a really amazing keyboard, as well as various other gadgets, amps, pedals, rack effects, mixers, recording equipment, etc. I'm a big fan of 80's and early 90's pointy metal guitars/basses, equipment, and sounds. I love that old 80's analog sound. So I have my own little collection. I prefer to have good tone and sound right from the equipment being used and not through computers and simulators. So I try to record and make music the old way. The only way if you ask me!
I was endorsed by Moser Custom Shop guitars in the past yes. Neal Moser is a master luthier and has been making and working on guitars since the 70's. He even worked on Jimmy Hendrix's guitars and did some work with BC Rich during the late 70's to mid 80's. During those old 80's metal rock star days. One of the luthiers that was working for him was a fan of my bands and music. And after some talking, I become an endorsed at MCS, which was a great honor for me. I met Neal and his wife Earlleen a few different times including at NAMM, and they have always been extremely nice, great, and real professional individuals. He now runs his new company in Arizona called Neal Moser Guitars and solely does custom American hand made guitars. 

When did you meet Ashmedi Melechesh for the first time? How did it happen and where? How do you felt yourself at the recent European tour with Azarath/Melechesh/Immolation? It was a great experience for us to see you playing live with Melechesh in Humenné/Slovakia. Would you be so kind to share any memories from that particular show?

- I've been in contact with Ashmedi from Melechesh for over 10 years now. I can't remember exactly how or when we started talking, but I've been a fan since "As Jerusalem Burns" album came out. I was always interested in Sumerian mythology, so it was natural that we came in contact and became acquaintances. Melechesh played a show here in San Diego once some years back and we had a chance to speak in person. And have been in contact on and off ever since. It was an honor playing the recent 2017 European tour with them as a live session bass player. Both as a musician and as a friend of the band. Good tour and all the other bands and crew were good people. The show in Humenne was better than expected and went quite well in my opinion. Good atmosphere, energy, and interaction from the crowd and the bands. It was great to meet so many fans and people too. Memorable indeed!

Nocturnal Overlord in Humenné/Slovakia, during Melechesh show, 23.IX.2017)

How about your nice city San Diego? What places would you recommend us to visit there: museums, botanic gardens, parks, historical locations?

- San Diego is a big city close to the Mexican border and about 2-3 hours away from Los Angeles. Many people visit and move here for the weather. Right now in the middle of October the weather is 105 degrees Fahrenheit's (40.5 C). It's basically summer all year long with sometimes light rain in the winter. There's many beaches here as well as the famous San Diego Zoo. And also the first Spanish mission built on the west coast USA. There's also some mountains and desert lands within a few hours drive if you want to get away from the city. If you only had a weekend to spend here, I would recommend going to the historical Old Town, Balboa Park (where's there's lots of museums and gardens), and of course to the Pacific Ocean beaches and trying out some great Mexican food. If you have a little more time, I would also recommend taking a short day trip to Tijuana, Mexico as it's so close and a different experience. 

(Cornelius of Castrum/Encomium and Nocturnal Overlord, Humenné/Slovakia, 23.IX.2017)

I've seen among your posts some of your self-made meals. Are there any recipes of your own that you would recommend us? Something that we should definitely try out as you seem to be a good cook? 

- I like to cook, yes. Mostly to relieve some stress and because nothing beats a home cooked meal. One of my favorite things in life is good food. As far as specific recipes go... I don't really have any. I'm more of an experiment and trial and error kind of guy, than a mad scientist/perfectionist following formulas and rules. I just use what ingredients and ideas I have and just go from there. Mostly depends on how much time I have and my mood. 

Archangel's Lantern is dedicated to the eternal glory and memory of Jon Nödtveidt (R.I.C.). Did you ever meet Jon? What do you like and prefer to listen to from his heritage (Dissection or maybe some other bands with his participation)?

- I never had the opportunity to meet Jon. I saw Dissection live twice though. Once in 1996 near Los Angeles, and one other time in Tijuana, Mexico on the Rebirth of Dissection tour. Both shows were quite memorable and inspirational as I've been a fan since "The Somberlain" and "The Priest of Satan" came out. I respect his ideas and decisions. And he made some excellent music. 

Nocturnal Overlord and me in Humenné/Slovakia, 23.IX.2017

What kind of literature and movies do you read/watch with pleasure?

- Preferably I like books and documentaries about different cultures and places, as well as ancient history and mythology, science, occultism, nature, etc. I've never been so much into fiction. Though I do enjoy the occasional horror or science fiction film to just let my mind free. As far as movies go, the 80's flicks are my favorites. These days everyone just copies each other. Not just in film, but in everything it seems like. Individualism and creativity has disappeared, and corporations and marketing have taken over. Which I hate. So I do my best not to keep up with it. 

Which historical period(s) do you prefer? If there would be a single chance for you to teleport, which time plane would you select and why?

- There's a lot of interesting time periods and eras through out the ages. But I've always felt more connected to the ancient Mesoamerican, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian civilizations. I've had many dreams and visions about them. Including dreams of ancient temples and pyramids and times with other worldly beings and advanced technology. Dreams of old wars and portals to different dimensions and times. If I could go anywhere in time, I would choose to go maybe 10-20 years in the future. I have a good idea of what the past was like. It's the future that's been on my mind and wondering how the choices and decisions I make effect it. 

It seems to me, you are pretty involved in the fields of astronomy/astrology and other topics beyond the space and time. Do you believe in the existence of other civilizations, species, i.e. aliens dwelling beyond our milk pathway?

- I think there's more to this world and universe than we will ever know or could ever understand. Even this planet and our existence is pure luck and coincidence and a chaotic balance of nature. To think we are the most intelligent beings and only advanced species would be foolish. I'd like to think there's more to life and this world than just being human and being part of society. 

Let's talk now about your old school Death Metal band, Heartworm. Share with us all the important information regarding this horde.

- Heartworm is a throwback to the early 90's metal days. Traditional metal, thrash metal, and death metal is always in my heart and what I grew up with. And I just miss the old guitar driven music, riffs, harmonies, solos, and feeling of that time period. For a while I had some old Jr. High School friends that I grew up with and even ex-Infested members join Heartworm. But with age comes responsibilities and it came to a stop. I've been working on finishing the songs I wrote and at least try and record a demo. Even if I have to record all the instruments myself. It's some of the best riffs and songs I've ever written. And it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. I'd really like to get a full line up and band going. But it's not so simple or easy to get people together these days. So we'll see. 

You are a shaman and a sorcerer in the ritualistic occult band, called Temple Of The Dreaming Serpent. Which themes influenced or motivated you to create this ritualistic musical entity?

- TOTDS was inspired by natural and unnatural forces and the chaos and balance of nature and space-time. I wanted to get back into the alien synth experimental type stuff I was doing when I first started doing Nibiru. The people who have heard Temple of the Dreaming Serpent say it makes them feel uneasy or like "something is wrong". Mostly just different sounds, moods, effects, sound waves and noises. Not something to play at a party, a bar, or live. I have two albums that are basically finished. I just need a new logo that represents my vision and sound-scapes. I've also been considering adding some various acoustic and ancient instruments to give it an even more eerie and desolate feeling and add a bit more balance to the chaos. 

I've listened to the fresh Necrochamber promo a few days ago and I must admit it is damn excellent, raw Black Metal material with awesome occult lyrics. Please enlighten the readers more details about Necrochamber and its activity.

- I started Necrochamber in 1998. It went through a few different name changes since then, but the main idea behind the band was always to create raw, aggressive, hellish, and in your face black metal. I recorded 4 songs for a demo in '98 and at one point had almost a full line up. But once again, things and people fell apart and I put the project on hold. In 2005 I brought the project back to life and came up with the name Necrochamber. This time I wanted to add some horror type of elements to the atmosphere, music, lyrics, and image. And in 2008 I started to write some new songs for a debut album. Right now in 2017 we are a three piece band including Tyson "Wotan" Jupin (from Vile and Condemned) on drums. The first album called "Ceremonies for the Dead" is already recorded, it just needs to be mixed and mastered. We're searching for a good record label to help us release it. We've played a few select shows around here in San Diego and looking to start playing in other areas and open up for bigger touring bands in the future. We have a second album  already written as well and will start working on recording that one shortly. 

You are the owner of Mythos Occultus. It deals with Musick, Occult Merchandising & Distribution. I assume it mostly supports with merchandise the bands your are involved in, such as Crimson Moon, Heartworm, Necrochamber, Nibiru, Temple of the Dreaming Serpent, am I right? Reveal us all the forthcoming news in respect of Mythos Occultus?

- I've had a small record label and distro since 1997. Mainly to support my own releases, as I got tired of constantly having to buy my own music from the record labels when I ran out. Around 2006 I was ready to put out some other bands releases, but life got in the way and the label and distro pretty much ended. In 2014 I decided to bring the label and distro back under a new name, Mythos Occultus. The plan was to release some albums as in the past, but I also wanted to turn it into a merchandising company instead of just a distro. Making t-shirts and other merchandise for other bands, not just mine. A sort of US merchandising company for overseas bands. It's still an idea I have and not sure if I'll ever be ready to do it full time. So in the meantime, I'm just concentrating on releasing music and merchandise for solely my own projects and bands. It's a lot of time and money to invest. And I've been doing it for 20 years now. I don't make anything from it. I do it just for the art. 

You are handling all the instruments in Nibiru. It was formed quite a long time ago, to be precise in early 1996, and its style was defined as astral occult metal. How it all began? I mean what led you to start an atmospheric, dark, ambient project back then? There was only an 8-song demo out in 2004. So the question arises, when can we finally expect its continuation or the debut album to be released?

- Nibiru began as an alien synth type project. I started recording some pieces on my grandmother's old church organ which had a portable cassette recorder hooked up to it. Eventually I started adding acoustic guitars. And eventually electric guitars and bass, and drums came into the picture. Which became what I now call Astral Occult Metal. It's a very dark and atmospheric project with absolutely no vocals or blast beats. The songs can be very epic, spacey, depressing, moody, dream-like, and ethereal at times. Almost like an unfolding story. The idea and influence behind it is the ancient Sumerian theory of there being another planet in our solar system called Nibiru. And it's influence on our tiny planet and human civilization. Usually when I write the songs, they just come to me. Like they're already written and I just have to learn them and try to recreate the feeling and mood of the vision. There's two full length albums that are almost completed. And a third album I've been writing songs for. Hopefully they will be released one of these days! 

Crimson Moon is a melodic and occult Death/Black Metal band. Like Nibiru, it's a pretty old one. Talk us a bit about the beginnings. What is the current situation with this horde?

- Crimson Moon was formed from the ashes of our previous death metal band, Infested. It was the mid 90's and we were tired of the typical death metal stuff coming out at the time. And wanted to do something darker and different than what the US was known for. Of course we were influenced and inspired by all the early black metal stuff from Norway, Sweden, and Greece. We always had issues with the band line up since the beginning, but we released our first album in 1997 through Abyss Productions. There was a also a bootleg recording of a rehearsal demo we recorded going around (Under the Serpentine Spell), and eventually decided to release this recording through Total Holocaust Records in 2005. The plan was always to record this album properly, but it never happened. Then in 2006 my own label, Kthulu Productions released the third CM release called The Choice of Spirit. It was our first real recording in my opinion. Though it consisted mainly of old songs re-recorded along with some newer material. I have more than 10 songs written and recorded since 1997 for the next untitled releases. Only time will tell what happens with them or if they will ever be released. Right now we're concentrating more on properly re-releasing the first 3 albums on vinyl. And we may or may not have a new band line up under way for the future. We shall see. 

During 2009 you've been the guitarist for the German Black Metal band Endstille. How did you join them? Share some memories & experiences from those times, please.

- Endstille and Crimson Moon did a tour together in Mexico in 2008. It was the first time I met them and we got along quite well and I enjoyed their music a lot. They have a similar riffing style as I do, and after playing some shows together they asked me if I wanted to play some European Summer festivals with them including Wacken, Baden in Blut, Meh Suff, Kaltenbach, Suffering Life, and a few others. I ended up staying with them in Germany for 6 months and played as a live session guitarist on their 2009 European tour along with God Dethroned and Hollenthon. It was my first time in Europe and overall it was a great and pleasant experience.  Playing at the Wacken Festival was probably the most memorable as there was so many people there. I suppose it's every metal musicians dream to play there on the main stage. So I was grateful for the experience, fun times, and for making some good friends. 

Do you have any special hobbies besides the music? Name us your top 10 favorite albums.

- I like to travel, see new places, cook, read, nature, and just try and enjoy the simple things really. That's what matters the most to me. 
Top 10 albums? Well that's a difficult one! I don't know if I could pick just 10 albums, but maybe I could pick some of my favorite bands and influential albums by them. In alphabetical order:
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Carcass - Necroticism
Death - Human
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
King Diamond - Conspiracy
Megadeth - Rust in Peace
Mercyful Fate - Melissa
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
Rush - Hemispheres
Sepultura - Arise

Thank you very much brother for the interesting conversation. Last mythological occult thoughts are yours!

- Cheers and respect to you, your comrades, and the readers! Thank you all for your time and interest. Hails!

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